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9 pdf templates to build your supersized Constellation Dice set.
9 pdf templates to build your supersized Constellation Dice set.
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Constellation Dice - Voyager Edition - Papercraft



The goal of this 1 week campaign is to offer a print & cut papercraft version of my latest dice project as my contribution to the March '17 Kickstarter initiative "1s and 0s" for digital rewards.

Constellation Dice - Voyager Edition were successfully funded in December 2016 and are currently under production, but can still be pre-ordered: please click here if you are interested.
Please note that if you pre-order the dice you will also get the PDF for free, if funded.

Only 100 sets per color are left, as well as 30 glow-in-the-dark and black+silver sets per color.

Constellation Dice Set prototypes
Constellation Dice Set prototypes

Since it will take a lot of work to do nine print & cut templates, I would like to see if there is enough interest first, then I will be happy to proceed. This is why the funding goal is just €100.

All polyhedrals will be scaled up to a size of about two inches (5cm) for enhanced effect and easier assembling. Each template will be delivered separately on a standard A4 PDF sheet.

A version with light background will be included, to save you some ink!

Some background and examples

When I read about the "All in 1" Kickstarter initiative for March 2017, promoting the creation of simple campaigns with digital rewards, it came to my mind that a papercraft version of my 1st edition Constellation Dice has been used as a learning tool for kids, and my other papercrafts for Halloween and World Dice Day have been also well received.

Model built and animated by Greg Principato
Model built and animated by Greg Principato

It's up to you to decide if a papercraft Constellation Dice set will be made!

Stretch Goals

  • €200 - antique parchment style for all 9 templates
  • €350 - one additional papercraft: Uranometria d12

(please note the Desired Constellation dice d6 is missing in the following picture)

Rendering of the full set
Rendering of the full set


Risks and challenges

The designs are ready and I will have time to prepare the PDF templates while the 'real' dice set is being manufactured. Since this is a digital reward only I can't foresee any immediate risk to the successful delivery of this reward.

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    9 Polyhedral Dice Templates (PDF)

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