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Companions of the Firmament is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible supplement that focuses on flying adventures.
111 backers pledged $4,781 to help bring this project to life.

Death From Above: Flying Monster Sheets Stretch Goal

Posted by Geek Industrial Complex, LLC (Creator)

A multitude of flying monsters (400+) have emerged over several books in the current Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system. This vector of stretch goals is designed to get as many flying monsters set up with their own tailored sheet that is ready to be used with the Companions of the Firmament rules. Each monster sheet has:

  • The creature's stat-blocks
  • Special abilities
  • Flying graphic keyed to the creatures maneuverability rating
  • Visual Breakdown of Hit Points with multiple creatures for quick tracking
  • CR and XP totals to quickly create encounters and award experience
  • Condition area to keep track of effects in combat

The flying monster sheets reward will come as a PDF so that you can print out whatever sheet you need at the time. I like to put them into plastic page protectors and then use wet/dry erase markers to keep track of the creatures during combat. Afterward I put them into a binder in case a similar encounter will occur again.

You can download an example of what the sheets will look like here. The graphics and layout are not final, but this gives a good idea of how it will work.

Starting at $2250 and for every additional $500 after that 50 monsters will get this flying monster sheet treatment, all the way to $6000 where every last flying monster that can be found will get it's own sheet.

  • $2250 – 50 flying monsters
  • $2750 – 100 flying monsters
  • $3250 – 150 flying monsters
  • $3750 – 200 flying monsters
  • $4250 – 250 flying monsters
  • $4750 – 300 flying monsters
  • $5250 – 350 flying monsters
  • $5750 – 400 flying monsters
  • $6000 – Whatever flying monsters remaining will get this treatment.

This PDF will be available to ALL BACKERS. The aim is to deliver it around the turn of the new year. I will aim to deliver these to you before the holidays.

Why the flying monster sheets?

These sheets are designed to cut down on the amount of prep and in-game bookkeeping for gamemasters.

One thing that came out in playtesting was that infographics were a huge help in finding the sweet spot between ease of play and using some of the more complex flying options. Having a graphic on mount sheets really helped the players and GM to quickly decide how they wanted to make aerial moves without needing to consult a book. These stretch goals will allow every backer to receive more of this specialized content for use with their games.


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