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Companions of the Firmament is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible supplement that focuses on flying adventures.
Companions of the Firmament is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible supplement that focuses on flying adventures.
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    1. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      I apologize for the long delay in checking back in. I'm on spring break at the moment and my bandwidth has opened up a bit to tend to a wider range of things.

      Yes! More is planned!


      After CotF came out two big life events occurred for me. First I became a parent, and second I finally landed a permanent position as a high school social studies teacher. Just one of those status effects is enough to make one's free time implode and I got both within months of each other. GIC design work has continued, but in fits and starts, mad scribbling on construction paper, or late afternoon geeky fugues as the daylight dimmed in my classroom. I've even been able to do some playtesting in afterschool programs.

      Parenthood and teaching seem to share a similar time burden in the first five years. With parenting you have to raise a completely helpless person to a state of semi-independence. With teaching you have to learned skills, students and develop a massive amount of content and processes. The good news is that I am in year four with both endeavors so more free time is, tantalizingly, on the horizon.

      The general plan is that my summer vacations are going to be the time when the heavy lifting of a project happens, so scheduling and output will be built around that period. During the school year will be playtesting and refinement. Will there be something appearing in the summer of 2017? I doubt, it as my time is still consumed by a 4 and 2 year old, and I have yet to fully develop four years of curriculum content.


      This is a lot harder to give details on as I have several design pots simmering right now, which is quite different from full commitment to a project. I've gotten feedback about more conventional projects, such as a flying adventure path, or a 5e version of CotF. Both have merit and they are not off the table, but there are other ideas that have a strong pull on me. I'm hesitant to mention those ideas right now as I wouldn't want to get anyone's hopes up, or make them disappointed, before giving a strong case for what I'm committing to.

      One nice thing is that Social Studies dovetails nicely with gamemastering and world building, and so my teaching has definitely had an influence on my design over the last couple of years. I strongly believe that if you are going to make something, make it useful. So expect something comprehensive and with a lot of scaffolded material to help make things happen at the table. Ultimately I want to make things that are useful to me and provide an argument to others as to why I want to play things the way I do.

      I hope that helps a little.


      Sorry Imban, I have been poked and prodded! It will likely be when summer hits that I'll be able to bear down on some updates. Thank you for reminding me.

    2. Chris

      Any plans for future products?

    3. Imban

      Insert standard poking and prodding.

    4. Imban

      Ah, good to hear. They added a new thing to "check off" completed projects and I was going through and checking ones I no longer expected anything from, and then I remembered your last update mentioned revised Dragon sheets and an adventure, and went "Oh, yeah."

    5. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Hey Imban,

      Yes! The adventure is on the way. After some testing it needed more maps and a few other tweaks. The maps are being worked on so I'm hoping soon it can all be bundled together and off to everyone. I'm doing all of the cartography and figuring out how best to use Illustrator to the best effect with my growing skill set.

    6. Imban

      Did anything ever come of the stretch goal adventure?

    7. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Hey Brett and Craig,

      Good to hear and thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Brett Charlton on

      Just received my book and it is superb. Was really stoked to see it signed and including the small card inside. A great job and a fantastic outcome - well done!!

    9. Craig Johnston on

      YAY! My CotF arrived safe and sound to day. Looks great. Thanks :)

    10. Chris

      Thanks, good to know.

    11. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Hi Chris,

      The immediate plan will be for Companions of the Firmament to be available through DriveThruRPG/RPGNow with the option of PDF/Softcover/Hardcover options. I also intend to have it available through Paizo's store. In terms of a brick and mortar presence, I'd like to have it available in traditional distribution but it will be a tertiary priority for the time being until the POD channels are fully laid out.

    12. Chris

      Just got my book and the rest of the rewards today. I've started looking through. It's looking good so far.

      One question: Will the hardcover or softcover be available for purchase at game stores or book stores?

      I may want to pick up an extra copy at some point.

    13. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      I've probably refreshed my browser a thousand times to check on the print status updates. Right now it's at "Title in Premedia A1 - 1001 - Preparation of supplied content files has begun" which is progress from previous status. I hover over the keyboard... waiting to dive!

    14. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Almost there... everything is waiting approval on their servers. I'm just waiting to fire off an update once I know books are getting printed.

    15. Praemus on

      Did OneBookShelf print the books?

    16. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Hey Chris, I was holding off on an update until it was crystal clear but One Book Shelf is hoping that by the end of the week we'll be ready for print. Fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I can cross are being crossed!

    17. Chris

      Anything new?

    18. Francois Michel

      Thank you.
      Well, let's hope the computer gets better soon then :)
      I received your survey too. Thank you for your time, and I can't wait to get the book

    19. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Hi Francois,

      In layout right now, or rather I was until today. I just got back from delivering the computer to be repaired after it kept freezing up. Aside from the irritation in the delay everything is fine, all of the data is backed up, but layout will have to be suspended until next week when I get the computer back.

      In the downtime I'll be putting together another update along with sending out the surveys to everyone who backed for a hardcopy of the book.


    20. Francois Michel


      So where are we now ?

    21. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Good catch! I find plastic miniatures a lot easier to mod as it is far easier to cut, shave and glue bits together in new ways. Having all of these dragons and now a griffon in plastic is going to make it a lot easier to make a cool mounted character setup.

    22. Brian Leet on

      For anyone who hasn't seen (and happens to read this) the latest stretch goal for the Reaper Miniatures Bones drive is an amazing griffon figure, with the option to buy more for only $4 each. Thought it might interest backers of this project, so check it out!

    23. Brian Leet on

      WOOT! We have an angel! Come on folks, three hours to go and five more backers for this last minute stretch goal. We can do it!

    24. Sarah Devier on

      Glad to see another rider spot has been taken!

    25. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Thank Jay! I'm glad you think so. For years I've been using wooden disks for mounts. Functionally they really work well, but I'm really happy to be able to now have a whole range of illustrated counters to use on the tabletop.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jay Collins on

      The flying monster sheets look great. It was an outstanding idea to put that together.

    27. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Heh.... that's what makes the mystery "magical" ;)

    28. Michael Salt on

      Nice to see that the Mystery Rider has been taken. Can't help but hope that whoever has it has done so on the basis of the 'flying pony' option :)

    29. Geek Industrial Complex, LLC Creator on

      Hi Spencer,

      I haven't seen the DLCS. I'll have to check around with my friends to see if anyone has that book on one of their shelves. It wouldn't be OGL material, but it would be interesting to see their particular spin on the whole issue.

    30. Spencer Giffin on

      I'm curious if you've ever looked at the Dragonlance Campaign Setting sourcebook put out for 3.0 (3.5 ?) which had an appendix on aerial combat? It's the only reference I know of that currently exists which expands aerial combat.