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Obliterate your enemies in this tactical war game of epic robot battle. What’s left of the world is yours for the taking.

Obliterate your enemies in this tactical war game of epic robot battle. What’s left of the world is yours for the taking. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on March 28, 2014.

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Kingdom Bots WILL RETURN!

Keep up to date at Giant Monster Games.  And thank you all for your amazing support!


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Kingdom Bots is a fast-paced competitive game for 3 to 4 players developed by Giant Monster Games. Each player controls a unique faction of robots with the objective to build a civilization while attacking and defending against other robot armies. It's a 3-4 hour, constantly evolving game of world domination that rewards aggressive gameplay and clever strategy.

We've made the game and now we just need enough funds to cover production and distribution!

Stunning comic book style artwork immerses you in this world of hack-and-slash robots. The art is showcased on the revolutionary new Command Card mechanic, which brings a level of strategy to the game that even new players can pick up only a few turns into their first game. 

The world of Kingdom Bots is set far into the future. Mankind has vanished, leaving behind only relics and rubble. Machines that were once built for menial service have developed self-awareness and evolved to become the new form of dominant life upon the earth.

Like-minded robots found new kingdoms. Diggers who now worship rocks. Maintenance droids who now assemble patchwork monstrosities and builders who can only see one blueprint for the design of new bots. The different ideologies fall into conflict. But instead of learning from the mistakes of the fallen empire that created them, the robots find themselves driven by the old programming. To build. To grow. No matter what…or who…is in the way.

Kingdom Bots brings a lot more to the table then the traditional domination game. Although similar to a lot of the classics in the genre, Kingdom goes above and beyond in several ways. Each aspect is designed to keep the player involved in the game every moment of every turn, while also allowing them to play the game how they want. Everything in Kingdom Bots comes down to player choice and making sure that you're able to play how you like!

ECONOMY - Kingdom Bots makes use of a very interesting economy and resource management system. Each player starts the game out with three units of troops in different regions on the board, guarding three separate Mining Settlements. Mining Settlements end up providing you with Resource Tokens, which you can then use to construct more Mining Settlements. Once you have a surplus going, your options really start to open up. You may want to upgrade a Mining Settlement to a Factory, which instead of producing Resource Tokens actually produces additional troops. There is a cost though, as a Factory will cost you Resources to keep running so you'll have to balance out your income with your expenses. Will you keep your costs and expenses even while generating a huge military force? Or will you stockpile up your Resources to make a big play that could result in dozens of upgrades and troops?
 This mechanic also gives players another way to attack their opponents. By eliminating an opponent's Resource generating buildings, they can keep them from funding their costly Factories. This leads to those buildings being decommissioned and destroyed, slowing their empire down. There are several building options in Kingdom Bots, each with their benefits and drawbacks. It will be up to you to decide what you build and destroy.

COMMAND CARDS - One of the biggest innovations in Kingdom Bots is the Command Card mechanic. There is a lot you can do during a turn in Kingdom Bots and the Command Cards streamline your options. 
 Every player gets a small deck of identical Command Cards which represent the various options you can take during a turn, and contain bonuses for all those actions. At the start of each Command Phase, players go through their cards and choose three of them, eventually choosing more as the game goes on. These cards could be anything from Attacking to Defending, Moving, or even generating extra Resources and Troops. Once everyone has selected these cards, they take turns playing them one at a time. Command Cards allow players to tailor the style of play they want to engage in, and then rewards them for making those bold choices. If you focus on building troops for a turn, you'll find yourself loaded with spare robot warriors, but leave yourself more vulnerable to attack. If you do nothing but storm your opponent at the gates, you may find yourself lacking functioning Bots at the end of it all. We've also included secondary options on all the cards, so you can fall back on them if your strategy changes because of pesky opponents. Command Cards are designed to reward you for the way you play. We want to make it so that an aggressive player can stand equally on the same tier as an economic hoarder. It's your game. You should be able to play it how you like. By being easy to learn and keeping their options in front of the player we've found that this lowers Kingdom Bots learning curve significantly. Rookies to the domination genre have been able to pick the game in a few short turns, and found it helpful to streamline the choice, without limiting themselves. To really succeed though, you'll have to learn to read and bluff your opponents.

INITIATIVE - Kingdom Bots is a fast paced game and the difference between going before or after another player can be pivotal to your plans for conquest. We have included a way in the game to shift that order up at crucial moments. The Initiative Command Card allows you a couple options. Played just like a regular Command Card, it can change your position in the turn-order from a defensive one to an aggressive one. With a clever play or two you can jockey yourself into the most dominant position on the board simply by seeing what the other players are doing, and then jumping in front of them to upset their plans.

  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board (Each side with a different map to play on.)
  • 4 Sets Of Robot Armies (Each a different colour)
  • 4 Turn-Order Identifiers (Each a different colour)
  • 1 Turn-Number Identifier
  • 60 Resource Tokens 
  • 4 Sets Of Command Cards 
  • 40 Custom Dice 
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 4 Army Specific Play-mats

Watch all 9 Gameplay Overview videos on YouTube.

We've launched this Kickstarter project to drive down production costs by making more copies. If Kingdom Bots is the kind of game you'd be interested in, check out the various pledge levels on the right. We'd appreciate any help we can get!


Risks and challenges

Giant Monster Games is not an endeavor undertaken lightly. Game development requires passion — a resource that we have untold reserves of — but release requires a lot of careful planning and forethought. Fortunately, Giant Monster Games is supported by a team who have many talents ranging from financial planning, marketing, and design.

Our goal was not chosen lightly and instead is the culmination of months of planning. We know exactly what we need to succeed down to the penny, while making sure that we have left ourselves ample leeway to handle whatever may come down the road. We have kept our costs as low as we could and have prepared to execute each of our stretch goals. The benefit of proper financial planning is that we are prepared for worst-case scenarios and will be able to handle them swiftly and without issue. Our only goal is to get this game into your hands and onto your tables, and nothing short of the robot apocalypse can stand in our way.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Kingdom Bots is an epic robot board game in the domination genre that focuses on fast and aggressive play.

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  • It falls somewhere in between. At first glance, Kingdom Bots appears to be a very hardcore game for hardcore gamers. Extensive playtesting has shown us that almost anyone can pick up and play it, even making grand strategies only a few turns into their first game. Despite appearing intimidating at first, several playtesters commented on how easy it was to learn and play.

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  • Although it looks like a classical domination game, Kingdom Bots is so much more. We've looked at all the elements that people traditionally don't like in their epic scale war games and done our absolute best to work around them. Our turns are faster, our economy system is simplified, and our turns are more engaging. We didn't want to have people sitting around waiting on their next turn for twenty minutes.

    The Command Card mechanic helps speed all these elements along exponentially. With each player choosing their turn options before hand, then playing cards one at a time, we've found a way to keep the game interesting and challenging, while still having the choice and strategy that people love about the genre!

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  • The game will be $70 (shipping included) for North America, and $90 (shipping included) for everywhere else in the world. Our suggested retail price of the game will likely be along those lines as well, but the only place to lock in with free shipping included is on Kickstarter!

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  • The price is a necessity as the game itself will include roughly 350 pieces that are unique to Kingdom Bots. We have done everything we could to cut costs and still create a premium game that you can feel great about buying. Maybe you could try splitting the cost with a friend? Kingdom Bots is much better when played with others!

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  • Shipping covers all customs, taxes, VAT, as well as the cost of it arriving at your door. When we say all-inclusive, we mean ALL-inclusive!

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  • We are currently sourcing people to translate the rule book which will be hosted on our website for free download when the game launches. Let us know which language you would prefer and we'll do our best to make it happen!

    Are you able to help us with translation? Hey, we'd love that! Send us an email at

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  • We hope that one day we'll have our games in every store all over the world but at the moment, we're only capable of a limited release. For now, and the near future, online will be the only place to pick up copies.

    If you would like to see Kingdom Bots show up in your local shop, tell the counter jockey to get in touch with us ( and we'll figure something out!

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  • Yes! We are currently sorting out our distributor prices as well as wholesale. Send us an email at and we're happy to work something out!

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  • Making a game with this many unique pieces and parts can be really expensive. We need to have tooling made as well as custom molds, special dice, etc etc. Unfortunately, these things don't come in short production runs, so we need to produce a minimum amount of games. Not only does Kickstarter allow us to raise the necessary capital, but the idea of putting our game right into someone's hands really appeals to us.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! If you're naming something in the game and its not profane, it will show up in every copy of Kingdom Bots. All names will be limited to twenty characters however. The board is only so big!

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  • Giant Monster Games is a group of passionate gamers who started to make games in their spare time and now want to share them with the world!

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    Monster Namer! - See that big green monster in our logo? (It's in our pitch video at the 1:37 mark if you missed it, or check out our website and facebook page.) It totally doesn't have a name yet! We don't even know its gender! You would have the honor of choosing these things! We'll also throw in a complete copy of the Kingdom Bots game with a poster and mention!

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    You just have to get here on your own!

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    Giant Monster!
    A lifetime subscription to Giant Monster Games. We will send you a complete copy of Kingdom Bots in advance of its release, and then proceed to send you advance copies of every game and expansion we make for the rest of eternity.
    You will be credited in every credits section of every game and will never have to pay for another GMG ever again. You'll also be welcome to join us at our offices in Vancouver whenever we host playtest sessions!
    (We are aiming to ship at least 3 games a year but can make no guarantees.)

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