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Treacherously fun 1-4 player, semi-cooperative fantasy battle board game. Read more

pledged of $12,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 18, 2012.

Treacherously fun 1-4 player, semi-cooperative fantasy battle board game.

About this project

10/17 UPDATE: We're RELAUNCHING our Storm the Castle! campaign (check out the info in our 2 recent project updates). This was based on the great feedback we've received to make an even better launch. You can still pledge on this page until later today/tonight to qualify for a special promo as a gift for your patience and continued support.  Tentative relaunch date is this coming Sun/Mon. Thank you for your patience on an even better launch! Follow us also on our Facebook page for news/updates.

10/15 Update: Check out our NEW player game review video below.
10/6 Update:
New updates to pledge levels $49+ get 2 new Fantasy Defender heroes and $65+ now get 2 bonus promo cards! Prestige Elites now get both promo sets + expansion free! Check out the pledge infographic below.
10/5 Update:
We're giving away a copy of STC + T-shirt on our Facebook page - you must be a backer to enter.
10/4 Update:
Check out our Dark Force army video preview - scroll down. 10/3 Update: Pledges at $49+ get 2 Heroes Archpriestess and the Paladin. US shipping included for pledges at $55+. Get many of the stretch rewards at $65+ and 2 promo Boss cards.

Before you pledge - please see our updated Pledge Infographic below as it adds  bonuses to pledges $49+ that's not reflected in the text pledge levels to the right. International Retailers please email me for pricing.

Finally a game where it's GOOD to be BAD! Welcome to world of Storm the Castle!, a 1-4 player (yep you can play solo) semi-cooperative game, where you take the exciting role of 1 of the 4 marauding Dark Forces armies in a race to breach Castle Storm Haven’s defenses to be the first player to enter its mighty keep first. Players have only 8 turns to slug their way through its nigh-impenetrable forces. If the Dark Forces are unsuccessful, the Fantasy Defenders (comprised of chubby Halfling Archers, Musketmen, Dwarven Pikers, armored Warrior Knights, and Battle Mages), are victorious in repelling back the vile invaders.

The Dark Forces (Dark Elves, Arcanists, The Green Tide which are comprised of Giants, Pirate Orcs and Goblins, and Undead Horde) each have unique units, power cards, upgrades, abilities, and ways of winning. Though the Dark Forces share the same goal of defeating the Fantasy Defenders, players are allowed and encouraged to use treachery and cunning to further their goal of total victory.

Each turn, players have a wide range of choices to customize how they want to play. Do they buy cheap pawns to throw against the castle walls or summon devastating siege machines, lumbering giants, equip strange equipment, or use arcane magic to turn the tides of battle? A host of choices (without brain burn) give the game a unique flavor allowing players to try multiple and varied strategies each game is played.

We've demoed this game at many gaming clubs/groups and conventions and have had tremendous positive feedback and excitement to getting this game made. Who doesn't want to be the bad guys? :)

Storm the Castle! is not a heavy rules game. It's actually quite easy to learn and was developed to give depth to the game mechanics. This allows for players to use card and ability combinations along with unlocking the hidden subtleties of the strategies of the game. The game also has almost no down time as you'll be activating the castle's defenders or resolving event cards on other player's turn - your always in the action!

We developed the game to be humorous and challenging that can be played in about 1.5 - 2.5 hours and has a quick setup. We wanted to make the game semi-cooperative giving players a sense of uncertainty if their ally is going to help or hurt them. There are no "run-away" winners in this game. Players who may seem to be doing horribly can make a winning move from out of no-where. Keep your eyes open for those sneaky players!

The game comes with 2 sets of rules (basic - for the smaller kids and those wanting a lighter game) and the standard rules. The tokens in the game are thick and detailed (similar to Small World). 

Check out our 2 videos below:

The first video is from our recent journey to the iCON game convention- see what players are saying!

Tom Vasel's game preview.

Which Pledge Level is right for you?

We've created multiple Pledge Levels (see pledge graphic below) to fit different budgets and interest levels for the gaming community. One of the best and affordable ways to get the game is at the $55+ level as it includes US shipping. If your a gamer that loves promos consider the $65 level as you get 2 Promo Boss Cards + all Stretch Rewards marked "Everyone". At $85 (save $15) you get both promo sets + our mini expansion + more. Check out our Elite levels for even more and if you want multiple copies you'll save even more. Stretch rewards, at qualifying pledge levels, are given as we unlock each one.

Our ELITE Pledge levels allows those who pledge access to ALL Stretch Rewards (see below) + more bonuses! + US shipping included. We've packed in a bunch of awesome rewards that will add to the game and experience.

Prestige Elite allows those who pledge to contribute to the game either via adding flavor text, using their likeness in the game, etc. Includes US shipping + Both Promos + Mini Expansion + ALL Stretch rewards + more!

INTERNATIONAL RETAILERS: Please message me - you can get the same great prices as US retailers.

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions!

We would love to exceed our funding goal. If we do, we want to give our incredible fans bonus rewards. If you've bought the basic game - awesome. We'd love for you to upgrade to help us offer more Stretch Rewards to you and help get the game published. We added a ton of perks at only 5k intervals to give as much value and goodies back to you guys as possible.

Each game turn is wrapped up into 6 phases. To avoid writing a lot of text here, a simple break down is given here.

1. Collect: Players collect gold and magic and draw 1 of their power cards. Gold is very limited so players will have to make smart choices in what they use it for.

2. Who's the Boss: Players bid on who will be the "Boss" for the turn. The Boss has access to unique Boss cards giving them powerful benefits. Here the players will also determine their turn order. Sometimes you want to go first, sometimes last, and sometimes somewhere in between depending on the situation on the battlefield.

3. Let's Buy and Deploy Things: The Dark Forces will buy and deploy their units, ladders, and buy extra power cards.

4. Fantasy Defender Reinforcements: Each turn the castle is reinforced by its Fantasy Defenders. One defender is added each turn except on turns 4 and 7 where 2 are added. Event cards to be drawn this turn are determined by how many intact castle sides remain plus 1. It will behoove the players to smash down these walls quickly!

Event Cards allow the defenders to attack the Dark Force's, rebuild walls, pour burning oil, unleash knightly charges, gain courage, raise castle buildings (such as a wizard's tower, church, armory, or dwarven engineering guild), etc. Players control how these events are resolved and who is targeted, meaning it will always be in your best interest to resolve these against players who seem to be doing a little too well in the game :). It also allows for players to always be doing something and in the action, even on other player's turns.

5. Player' Turn: Before the first player takes his turn the first event card is drawn and resolved by another player. The player then begins his turn. Each army gets a total of 5 army moves with each unit allowed to move up to 2 moves. Player's can attack, play power cards, climb ladders, play Boss cards, capture battlefield locations defended by peasants to gain bonuses, etc. At the end of the first player's turn another Event card is drawn and resolved by another player. The next player starts his turn but with the event cards now being drawn at the end of that player's turn.

6. Wrap Up: Players discard down to 3 cards, Fantasy Defender units unflip,  the highest Onward March event card is reshuffled into the event deck and the game turn marker adjusts.

Should the player's get to close to winning, a mighty hero will rise to further strengthen the defenders. The game includes the Wizard Lord. We're hoping to add the Arch Priestess and Paladin to the game if we reach our stretch goals.

Storm the Castle! comes with four playable Dark Force armies each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Dark Elves: Masters at long range combat and treachery. Great ranged units but weak on melee with low health.
The Green Tide: A loose tribal alliance of goblins, giants, and orc pirates. Strong at melee battle and strange technology such as "rocket boots" and the famous "pirate ale". Great at brute strength but units cost a bit more.
The Arcanists: Wielders of forbidden magic and steam punk monstrosities that fuse metal and magic. Amazing magic powers and interesting abilities but many weak front line units.
The Undead Horde: Zombies, Ghost Fiends, Skeleton Warriors, Necromancers, Skull Battering rams + they use dark magic - nuff' said.

Watch the Dark Force unit overview below.

1 Gorgeously detailed and huge game board.
88 Dark Force Power Cards.
8 Boss Deck Cards.
54 Fantasy Defender Event Deck Cards.
5 Fantasy Defender Magic Spell Deck Cards.
5 Reference Cards for the Dark Forces and Fantasy Defenders.
4 Custom Dice (1 Burst Dice and 3 Battle Dice).
1 Beautiful art rich Rulebook.
35 Unit Damage Tokens.
25 Structure Damage Tokens.
10 Dark Force Equipment.
12 Ladders.
30 Gold Tokens.
14 Magic Tokens.
4 Battle Field Upgrade Locations.
4 Castle Buildings.
4 Player turn markers.
1 Game Turn marker.
16 Castle Walls.
20 Fantasy Defender Units (Including 1 Hero the Wizard Lord).
52 Dark Force's Units comprised of Dark Elves, Arcanists, Undead, and the Green Tide.

$18 (save $2) Get a rockin' STC tshirt - add the amount when you fund. No extra shipping costs - we'll include the shirt in your order.  We have small, medium, large, xtra large, and elvish.

PROMO SET 1: Add Promo Set 1 for $10 - 4 new and exclusive Dark Force Power Cards (1 for each army). Power cards are special abilities unique to each Dark Force army that players can play.

PROMO SET 2: Add Promo Set 2 for $10 - 4 new and exclusive Fantasy Defender Event cards. Event cards add additional misery to the invaders in their glorious attempts to overrun the castle's defenders.

MINI-EXPANSION (Hardcore Nights) Add for $15 - Hardcore Nights tests the castle storming strategies of players. With a new deadly exclusive hero (the Dwarven Anvilsmasher) to the game, expect brew and brawn to merge into a deadly force. This exciting expansion includes new hardcore, tournament and alternate rules, Anvilsmasher with tokens & card, new stats for the Fantasy Defenders w/ reference cards, 2 new magic spells for the Fantasy Defenders, 1 new Boss Card to deal with this madness, and 4 new and deadly Fantasy Defender event cards.

Got a gaming site, pod cast, or magazine? We're happy to do interviews and more. Contact us at

Thanks to everyone who pledges and helps get Storm the Castle! made. We sincerely appreciate you all. It's been years of getting the game polished and perfected to bring to your gaming tables.

A special huge thanks to all our artists (you know who you are) - w/o them the vision of Storm the Castle! could not have been done. And a big thank you to all our playtesters - you've made the game better and better!

And now -- time to work on that big STC expansion and our "secret" game.

SHIPPING: US please add $5. Canada +$15. International $20. For multiple copies add an additional $3 for US and +$10 for everywhere else.

1. When will STC be released? December 2012 is our goal - just in time for Christmas and the Holidays.

2. Are there expansions planned? Yes. We've already got one almost finalized.

3. Does the game play differently with 1-3 players? The game scales perfectly as you decrease the number of players. Some slight rules changes occur w/ solo and 2 players.

4. Is the game hard to play and how long is it? No. Its actually fairly easy to pick up after turn 1 and then it just "makes sense". STC is not a "heavy battle game" nor rules heavy. We're releasing hard core rules w/ the KS campaign which will add new rules to advance it past our standard rule sets for "serious" gamers. Like any new game it takes a turn to understand the flow. After repeat plays you'll start grasping the subtle strategies and myriad of combinations to win. The game setup is very short 5-10 minutes and plays in about 1.5.-2.5 hours we've seen games go shorter and longer - depends on who your playing with.

5. Are the Dark Force Armies balanced? Yes. Each of the 4 Dark Force armies have their own unique strengths and weaknesses with their units, power cards, and strategies.

6. Is the game challenging? Yes, from a "winning" perspective. The castle's Fantasy Defenders are not push overs. They are deadly and persistent. The event cards drawn each turn will further add to the invaders misery as they have to deal with a myriad of challenges. Couple that with not knowing if one of your "allies" may be getting to jealous of you getting to close to winning. There are a host of choices, strategies, and options for players each game played to enjoy repeat playability.

Why KickStarter?

Kickstarter ROCKS! It allows small publishers a shot of getting high quality games made. The funds received will go to production, shipping, and distribution costs and of course get Storm the Castle! into your hands! We're even helping fund other KS projects, $500 worth, if we reach our stretch goals (see rewards graphic below).

Risks and challenges

Once the funding is successful, we'll get the game manufactured as quickly as possible with an anticipated release date of late December 2012. We're working w/ manufactures to get this to you ASAP. Depending on the amount of stretch rewards reached the date may be pushed back (i.e. to get new art etc).

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter



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    A special mini-help donation to help us out. We'll list your name in the rulebook, a page on our website dedicated to all backers at this level and a special YouTube thank you video. THIS IS ALSO a SHIPPING NOTICE for those who buy the game. US shipping is included for all pledges $65 and above, under that pledge please add $5. Canada +$15. International $20. For multiple copies at all levels pls add + $3 for US and +$8 for Canada +10 International.

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    EARLY Bird Special. Save a dollar! Get the Storm the Castle board game.

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    US RETAILERS ONLY (case of 2 copies of Storm the Castle!). You may only pledge this amount if your a retailer and you must provide a copy of your business license, ID, etc to validate. Add $5 per Promo Set and/or $7 for the mini expansion. Add just $8 to shipping to US.

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    $55 reward

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    THE GAME: Budget Friendly - Get the Storm the Castle! game in all its bloody glory. We're looking at a retail price of $60 - save $10! + stretch reward (2 Fantasy Defender Heroes Archpriestess & Holy Paladin). Get even more stretch rewards by upgrading. US shipping included.

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    Get the Storm the Castle! game in all its bloody glory + all STRETCH REWARDS that say EVERYONE and also US shipping is included for EVERYONE at $65 and above. Save $10 off retail.

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    Get the Storm the Castle! game in all its bloody glory + all STRETCH REWARDS that say EVERYONE + US shipping is included for EVERYONE at $65 and above + PROMO SET 1 or 2 of your CHOICE (4 New Dark Force Power cards or 4 New Fantasy Defender Event Cards). Sets will be selected at campaign's end. Save $10 off retail.

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    GAME + BOTH PROMOS + EXPANSION Get the Storm the Castle! game + Mini Expansion (Hardcore Nights) and Promo Sets 1 and 2

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    ELITE UPGRADE + ALL STRETCH REWARDS: Get a Signed and Numbered Storm the Castle! game that's shipped first + Receive all the Stretch Rewards (if you want all the cool extras get this one for the most value/savings) + A new promotional Fantasy Defender Unit (the Elven Sniper) + First to get full color rules via PDF + 4 Special stickers including the beautiful Arch Priestess + 4 High Resolution Screen Savers of the Dark Forces+ Your name in the rules, website and special video for Elites + Sneak preview at our next game!

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    US RETAILERS ONLY - RETAIL ELITE (case of 4 copies of Storm the Castle! + x4 promo sets 1 and 2 ). You may only pledge this amount if your a retailer and you must provide a copy of your business license, ID, etc to validate. Add just $25 (save $3) for x4 mini expansions. Please add $8 for shipping.

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    Get the ELITE UPGRADE (see above) + Mini Expansion (Hardcore Nights).

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    ELITE UPGRADE (see above)+ EXPANSION (Hardcore Nights) + BOTH PROMO Sets 1 and 2 and save $5!

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    MULTIPLE COPIES x2 and BOTH PROMOS: Save $8! Get 2 copies of Storm the Castle! + both promo sets 1 and 2 (x2) + 2 Promo Boss Cards (x2) (see reward graphic) + all Stretch Rewards that say "Everyone" + US shipping included.

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    $150 reward

    7 backers Limited (68 left of 75)

    PRESTIGE ELITE: Includes ELITE UPGRADE (see above) + you'll work w/ our designers on coming up w/ the flavor text of an event, boss, power or magic card, name of a Hero or Champion. You'll be specially credited in the rules for helping with the flavor text.

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    MULTIPLE COPIES x2 and BOTH PROMO SETS x2 AND EXPANSION x2: SAVE $18! Get 2 copies of Storm the Castle! + promo sets 1 and 2 (x2) + Expansion (Hardcore Nights) (x2) + 2 promo Boss cards (x2) + US shipping + All Stretch Rewards that say "Everyone". See Reward Graphic.

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    ELITE UPGRADE ( x2 Copies of Storm the Castle! at Elite). Save $18! Get everything at ELITE + 2 Copies of Storm the Castle! + ALL Stretch Rewards (x2) + bonus rewards (x2) + 2 Boss Promo Cards (x2) US Shipping Included. See ELITE reward graphic.

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    ELITE UPGRADE - Get Everything x2 and Save $40! Get x2 Copies of Storm the Castle! at Elite + EXPANSION "Hardcore Nights" (x2) + both PROMO Sets 1 and 2 (x2) + 2 Boss Cards (x2).US Shipping Included. See ELITE reward graphic.

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    $350 reward

    2 backers Limited (3 left of 5)

    PRESTIGE ELITE: Includes ELITE UPGRADE (see above) + you get to be a Hero, Champion or Unit - we'll use your likeness from a photo and you'll be immortalized in gaming forever. You'll also be specially credited in the rules.

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    $600 reward

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    PRESTIGE ELITE (get the original game board prototypes and components): Get everything at Elite x5 + promo sets 1 and 2 + mini expansion Hardcore Nights (x5) + we'll give you choice of 1 of 4 of our very first prototypes (first backers get choice of which version). These are one of a kind and can and will NEVER be made again. We have 4 different versions from the first board to latest prototype. Signed by the designer w/ a special letter to you and phone call to relay the history of the game and its evolution. You'll be owning Storm the Castle! history. You'll also get a numbered and signed poster of 1 unit from each army (the goblin sappa, magenaught, necromancer champion, dark elf infiltrator) and 1 poster of the heroes and defenders (Wizard Lord, Archpriestess, and Paladin, warrior knight).

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    $1,000 reward

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    GIANT GOBLIN PRESTIGE ELITE: Get 10 signed/numbered copies of Storm the Castle! w/ all the upgrades, expansions, rewards, promo sets 1 & 2, Mini Expansion, etc x10! We'll develop the art for a mega Fantasy Defender Hero, boss, unit or Dark Force champion that only YOU will have. This will be completely custom with anything you want. Original art with YOUR face (or a concept you have), stats, powers etc, token, cards etc. This is total bragging rights here! We'll come up w/ a back story of your character to share on our site and share your hero's art. We'll put this unit up on our site for others to download and print and play with.

    You'll also get the VERY FIRST copies of the game + you'll get a very special mention in our rulebook + signed art poster of your custom hero + You'll also get ALL our games and expansions for free for life. You'll get the prototypes for these for your playtesting and feedback + Help develop our next Dark Force race and be the first to playtest that (help name/abilities/etc) + 10 tshirts + be the first to receive the prototype and finished product of our NEXT game to playtest/feedback (hint it involves the greatest war of all time). You'll also get a numbered and signed poster of 1 unit(x4) from each army (the goblin sappa, magenaught, necromancer champion, dark elf infiltrator) and 1 poster (x4) of the heroes and defenders (Wizard Lord, Archpriestess, and Paladin, warrior knight). And one last thing...we'll give you a custom soda/beer holder that has your hero's art and name on there to show off when your playing games!

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    $1,700 reward

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    PERSONAL VISIT: Get everything at GIANT GOBLIN PRESTIGE ELITE: + the designer will personally go to your home/gaming store (within US only) and run Storm the Castle! for you and your friends as many times as you want that day. We'll have the best pizza on us and we'll personally discuss the next expansions and games coming out and get your feedback. And, if you beat the designer, he'll buy you any game in your local gaming store (up to $100). We'll also bring along some exclusive posters of the artwork you can't get anywhere!

    Estimated delivery:

Funding period

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