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The authentic Octopus City simulation for Windows, OS X and Linux. A surreal adventure game about everything and nothing.
The authentic Octopus City simulation for Windows, OS X and Linux. A surreal adventure about everything and nothing.
The authentic Octopus City simulation for Windows, OS X and Linux. A surreal adventure about everything and nothing.
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Throw Momma from the Centipede


Dear Mr. President,

My name is Henrietta Rotwang, a hard-working mother of four living on space colony Pluke. I wanted to write to you regarding your corporation's upcoming Octopus City Simulation Software, Octopus City Blues. You see, my ten year old daughter is fascinated with the simulation you are developing. Posters of Kaf, Daisy and the Conman are all over the walls on her room. She prints and memorizes all of your press releases, and she even wants to be an "Octoblood junkie" when she grows up.

Now, I view myself as a fairly modern and open-minded parent. I appreciate all the great things your corporation has done for us and for everyone in the colonies. I am also aware of the historic significance of the Samarduk octopus city ruins and your ambitious project to simulate what it would be like to live in and explore such a city. I can see the educational value of the simulation, and I am happy when my daughter shows genuine passion and interest in any subject. However, I am a little concerned about the nature of your simulation.

This is an image from an article in the latest Electronic OctoSim Monthly, the one titled "OCB Goes HD: Fatter Widescreen Tentacles Confirmed". In this image, a homeless young girl describes symptoms of "Octoblood addiction". Now I know that Octoblood no longer exists, and maybe it's silly to even bring this up, but... I am worried about the message your simulation is conveying to my children. When my daughter saw this image, she told me being an Octoblood addict must be exciting: living on the edge, bleeding a thick dark blue liquid, and having to consume the same liquid to stay alive. It all seems very graphic and disturbing to me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

This is another image from the same article. It apparently depicts a dark and dangerous slum area in the lower part of the city, a place so perilous that even the local police force doesn't dare to patrol. I am ashamed to admit not knowing much about history, but it almost seems like your simulation is highlighting the darker, seedier elements in order to sell more copies. All this talk of drug abuse, crime syndicates, ambiguous moral choices, and corrupt government is starting to worry me. What kind of role model is Kaf Kafkaryan? He may have been an important historic figure, but it seems quite irresponsible having children assume the role of an ugly middle-aged man who talks to tentacles, consumes forbidden substances, and commits heinous crimes. Are they supposed to identify with characters like a crafty swindler, a childish mad scientist, a deformed horse, or a jealous tentacle-wife?

This one is from your own marketing material. What is Kaf doing to the poor man? Did he kill him? What is he planning to do with the body? Why is a rat watching them? Does that graffiti show a cyborg blowing their brains out? It's all very dark, gritty and amoral. What happened to good old values? Why doesn't your simulation emphasize more positive things about our past? How about the ingenuity required to build something as impressive as the Samarduk octopus city, or how the actions of one insignificant and cowardly tentacle cutter changed the course of history? Our past was not perfect, and an authentic simulation would have to show a lot of dark and questionable things. I think you should definitely portray all the negative aspects of the city, but it's one thing to show the destructive effects of Octoblood consumption and the consequences of overpopulation and greed, and another thing to focus on these things and make them "cool" and acceptable, using them to market your purportedly educational package.

One more thing, I am very concerned about the release window of your simulation. My daughter started following your simulation over three years ago. So far all we have seen is images, videos, press releases, and the occasional demo. It must be difficult to make something this ambitious, but I want my daughter to have closure already. I'm just saying... people are getting tired of your excuses. I hope you make some concrete announcements regarding that topic soon.

Yours truly,

A Very Concerned Mother

PS: I am sending this message anonymously because I heard strange rumors of people disappearing and something called a "spider-bot". Naturally I don't believe such things, and I'm confident that Ghost in a Bottle has our best interest at heart, but it doesn't hurt to be a little prudent...

The Lives of Mothers


W00t! an early holiday gift 2 all u spiffy c0mRadeZ in armz!! teh entire Gho$t in a Bottle email archive haxd and leak'd by urz truly, ~=ShadowDaHedgefund92=~!!!1 pathetic p0zerz liek DharmaAndGregFanboy1 said i couldnt do it & here i prove every1 wrong again. Bow 2 ur l33t senpai as she exposes teh evil mega-mega-corporation, this 1 is 4 u MAGI (Momz Against GiaB Inc, duh!)

see, all it took was a Protocol 7 botnet tunneled thru a visual BASIC reverse proxy... once the MDOS took the GiaB auth gateway, a 0 day buffer overflow in init daemon allowed code exec & GiaB gets epic haxorz pwnage! i couldn't believe it myself. . . n00b sysadmins didnt even configure crontab magic quotes to block sql injection 8-)))

tons of sweet digz in this gold mine, stuff 2 bring GiaB down 4 good. u can dl teh entire 14TB encrypted file, but heres somethinto get u excite:

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muzak too! ch-chek it out teh skillz:



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Moar evil, twisted, immoral arts #camrip

now u know what this tasteless corp does with ur precious private Data!!!!1!and u thought Googl$ was bad... at least this transaction doesn't involve any "monies" xD

what can i say??  look at this here, this... this will NOT be tolerated! Say NO to GiaB & NO to Octoblood. capitalism and nihilism and all i$ms are teh sux0r!

there's plenty moar where that came from. dl teh archive urself and dig thru millions of similar emails. so far i couldn't find much about teh mythical demo, let alone full version of their octopus wareZ, maybe it doesn't even exist... looks liek they're pushing that demo release back several months, prob to add even more crappy Contents. As for teh full thing... who knows, maybe next year is teh year of desktop octocity sim, they're cranking out all teh arts & musics & stuff, so we gotta do our best to stop it before its 2 late!!!

N'joy & till neXt time, DoritoLeHedgefund93 over & out 8-^) (in ur face DharmaAndGregNo1Fan)

Daisy from 5 to 7


To those who partake in arcane substances,

Almost 3 years have passed since we've launched this Kickstarter campaign, and it's about time we've had a heart to heart chat about the future of our relationship. In the words of a great Octopus City poet, "Nobody tells me it’s them not me, if it’s anybody it’s me."

We've already talked about our progress in previous updates, including the obstacles we've faced and the things we've tried. Today I'd like to focus on what's done, what needs to be done, and how long it'll take to get there.

Development has been obviously slow, but the good news is that we now understand our own limitations and pacing better, so our expectations are more grounded. Financially we're still within budget thanks to your generous support and also the people who pre-ordered after the campaign. There's still a lot to be done before the simulation is ready, so let's dive into some details.

Main Quests

Octopus City Blues is composed of 9 major chapters or main quests, where each chapter is about the size of the demo we released. Each of them consists of an Octopus City part (e.g. the Professor's mansion) and a number of dream segments (e.g. the beetle war.) About half of these chapters are more or less complete, and the other half should take less time due to shared areas and elements. This includes some of the biggest scenes such as Clock Tower Plaza, in addition to stuff like a large number of animated sprites, tentacles, menus, arcade games, the intro, and all of the major systems.

We've also become quite good at reusing assets, which you can see by watching some of Marina's pixel art videos. Most new scenes start with elements from other scenes, and entire locations such as offices or apartments take little time thanks to the tiles and existing props we've already developed.


In addition to the main story quests, we also have smaller side quests, random events (e.g. a band playing in the park or a giant tentacle exploding,) arcade games, and full screen animations (e.g. Kaf stepping on beetles.) Two of the four planned arcade games are done, but the smaller quests and side events have a less priority at the moment, and will have to wait until we're done with the main content. The way it works is that we have a minimum number of such content planned, so for example the four arcade games are a minimum, but we can have more if we can afford it. Having the minimum number of such content is an essential part of the experience, even if it takes a little more time.


Everyone in our team has a full time job in addition to Octopus City Blues, so unfortunately we can only dedicate so much time to the project every week. I don't like giving estimations because every time I tried to I was flat-out wrong, and unexpected things happen all the time. But we have two plans at the moment: the first is to release a more polished and complete demo to better represent the final product and give us some more feedback. We've been working on this simultaneously with other stuff that's beyond the scope of the demo. We want to do it properly, however, and not rush it out like the previous one. I think it's safe to expect this demo later this year, probably around October or November.

The other plan concerns the full simulation. I think it's clear by now that it's not happening this year. My own current estimation, based on monthly progress since last January, is 9-10 additional months of work. While this estimation does include some buffer time, it has quite a few assumptions that could be optimistic. That's why I want to revisit it early next year and give you a more accurate one.

I know this is a lot of time to wait, and you've heard similar stuff in the past. Everyone has been very patient and we appreciate all the support. We will continue to do our best, and we will keep you updated. If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions then don't hesitate to contact us here, on twitter, or by email

A molting centipede shredding its fungi infested exoskeleton


Kaf's Ladder


Octopus City does not exist.

I've been trying to tell you for months now. I made the whole thing up: Ghost in a Bottle, centipede trains, tentacle puns. Yes, I realize how crazy I sound right now. I know that Octopus City is important to you—it's also very dear to me, but you can't continue living this delusion. It's just a stupid video game, fictional images and words and ideas inspired by some bad 80s movies.

How many times have I told you this story? And yet you continue to confine me in this small cell, relentlessly asking me the same questions. Sometimes I think about simply giving you the answers you want. It would be easy to admit that the city exists, that it's not some silly game that I, the raving conspiracy theorist, came up with. Doing that would doom Octopus City Blues. I still have to finish it after all; something I've been doing poorly for the last few years.

Look, I am trying my best here. All of my team is. People count on us out there in the real world. We had a lot done recently, but there's still plenty to do. You still don't believe me? In my briefcase you'll find a folder with some work in progress pictures. Here, check out some of the stuff Marina did recently:

I challenge you to find these places in Octopus City. You won't find them because I didn't add them to the game yet. Still not convinced? Recently we got a new addition to the team. He's not a stranger to this project, as he was involved in a very early iteration years ago. Frankie has already started working on several sprites and animations, and you can find a few of his film reels in the briefcase.

What's that? Pictures and films don't prove anything? Well, I was working on something myself. You'll find some pictures showcasing the new font rendering system, which allows us to display text for complex scripts such as Arabic and Japanese.

You never asked yourself why text hovers over your head when you speak? That's not how people talk in the real world! What I'm trying to say is that you don't exist. You're a character in a game, a game I intend to make if you let me out of here. We're slowly getting there, and it will all start with a new demo to be released in the coming months. Now if you're wondering about the full game, the planned release date is the 8th of-

Where are you going? I'm not done talking to you. Huh? Who are these people? Where are you taking me? No! Not room 101... not the spider bots again! Please, anything but that... I will do whatever you want... I will say anything... I lied, I lied.. Octopus City is real, you're real... I'm a liar... please get this thing off me... no, not in my ear... no....

Ghost in the Bottle 2: Innocence


Ohayou! It's been a while since I posted here... gomen ^^;. I was really busy lately. I recently moved to Akihabara which has always been my dream. Now that I'm back on my feet it's time to update your favorite anime review blog! This time I got something special just for you. It's a review of this obscure Nihonese series you probably never heard of. 俺の妹は瓶詰幽霊。マジで! or My Sister is Really a Bottled Ghost! (the name doesn't translate well into an inferior language like English >_<) has easily become my favorite slice of life / magic girl anime, and I'm happy to finally get a chance to review it!

Last Season Recap

Ghost-chan is a chuunibyou high-scholar who recently inherited her family's multinational business empire, Ghost in a Bottle Inc. Ghost-chan struggles to run a successful business while dealing with the ramifications of her newly acquired magical powers. However, it will take more than a heart of gold and a natural aptitude for driving giant mecha to organize a successful cherry blossom festival and put PROJECT OCTO back on track.

Ghost-chan being moe
Ghost-chan being moe

Last season Ghost-chan took the initiative of overhauling the project's introductory section. She also oversaw the creation of many new locations within the GiaB-sponsored virtual world OCTOPUS CITY, including a full-fledged game center and playground. She had a lot of help from her best friends, a hikikomori artist and a washed-up composer. With that said, some things didn't go smoothly for Ghost's family business. Distracted by the kaiju invasion and their full-time jobs, Ghost-chan and friends couldn't dedicate enough time to their growing enterprise, and the road to authentic Octosim simulation was a bumpy one.

Season Premiere Review

Since last season, the multi-national zaibatsu has been working on a variety of new locations and content. Most of it is too spoilery to post here, but one cool new virtual environment is the Conman's House of Wonders in the slums of the Robot Graveyard. As you probably remember from last season, the Conman is a sleazy cyber agent who helps Ghost-chan navigate the virtual maze of Octopolis. His so-called House of Wonders is the one-stop shop for all sorts of weird gadgets and contraptions.

Conman's House of Wonders
Conman's House of Wonders

 This episode highlighted Ghost's struggle with the company's performance -- a recurring theme in this series. Progress is being made, but things take much longer than estimated. Last season she tried a lot of different ideas to improve the process, but things are still difficult with a small team. So Ghost-chan set out to enlist the talent of a master tentacle artist. The name of this wise guru wasn't revealed in this episode. Whenever he showed up, his face was covered in the shadow of his samurai takuhatsugasa (traditional straw hat). Ghost-chan had to fight the enigmatic man in her magic girl form, and while she failed to defeat his dragon transformation, he was still impressed by her effort. I'm sure the next episode will tell us more about this mysterious geezer and his role in the future of the fictional conglomerate.


This season continues some of the ideas from last season, including some big changes to the G.O.S.S.I.P system. Ghost-chan had to rework large parts of the simulation to incorporate the system, but the end result is definitely worth it. The premiere also introduces a new and creepy opening theme. Check it out:

The episode ended with a little chibi animation asking viewers to vote for their favorite horse-Kaf design. Kaf is Ghost-chan's avatar in TENTACLE WORLD, and apparently he will transform into a mutant horse in a future episode. I am posting the proposed designs below, so that followers of this blog could vote on them. Which one do you like the most?

Design A
Design A
Design B
Design B
Design C
Design C

To conclude, I really loved the season premiere, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. Next episode should air in April, and you can expect another anime review from yours truly, Jason "Girugamesh" Masamune.