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Sheepo is an iPhone/iPod touch top scrolling platformer, that weaves the story of multiplying bunnies and their sheep creators. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 29, 2012.

Sheepo is an iPhone/iPod touch top scrolling platformer, that weaves the story of multiplying bunnies and their sheep creators.

About this project

Sheepo: A Top Scrolling Puzzle Platformer with Encompassing Narrative

Sheepo weaves the story of the first, super smart, cloned sheep, crafting their own creations, cloned bunnies. But as they experiment on their own clones, someone is still experimenting on them. As game and story rolls along, various mischief and mayhem unfolds. Sheepo is an iPhone/iPod touch top scrolling puzzle platformer. Created for casual players and serious gamers alike, but either way, we are crafting a delightful game.

Sheepo, the Facts

  • Move multiple bunnies with single touch controls
  • Initial 72 to 108 levels across three settings
  • Planned release of subsequent levels
  • Over 40 Narrative Illustrations
  • Natural progressions for casual players
  • Timed and min jump challenges for serious gamers
  • Improve your high score for all the golden carrots

The Team

Sherol Chen is a PhD Candidate at UC Santa Cruz, in the Interactive Story Telling and Playable Media group. She conceived Sheepo and is the driving force for the unfolding story and game/level design.

K. Kral. is an MFA graduate from UC Santa Cruz and was the character and setting artist for Prom Week, an IGF Finalist game. She also comes with many years of game animation and art experience.

Greg Holsclaw is a 5 year Silicon Valley profitable engineer turned iOS game developer. Experience includes numerous successful iOS apps, including a New and Noteworthy Favorite and several Staff Picks.

Skejo Studios was formed because of Sherol's pitch to make Sheepo. But due to some scheduling and studies conflicts, Greg created a different game that launched earlier in the year, but now is the time for us to come together make this game.

Where we are now

Sheepo has been in development for many months now, and we were hoping to have a planned release by the end of Summer or early Fall. We have completed 36 levels, game art for one world setting, and sketched out our the initial story.

But, due to time constraints, our concept artist is not be able to transform the artwork into game ready illustrations. Hence the one need for this campaign. The following are a few of the many pieces of art for Sheepo, in various stages from concept art to beta quality.

Because a game like this also deserves more than a re-used soundtrack, we have enlisted Daniel Brown, who is working on his procedural music Doctorate at UCSC. He has kindly offered his services for one composition, but we would like to also pay him for two more musical scores.

Why KickStarter & How Will We Use the Pledges

Even though some of us at Skejo Studios are working for the reward of future revenue, a few of our sound and art collaborators have the current pressure of expenses. With your help we can include more collaborators, as well as ship the most polished, and a great looking game.

To make Sheepo the best it can be, musically, visually and technically, we will use the Kickstarter pledges in the following ways:

  • Transform our concept art into game ready story illustrations

  • Expand our music from one song to three original compositions

  • Help us actually pay our student level design interns


As a team of grad students and former students, we solemnly pledge 5% of the profits from the finished product back to the Kickstarter community to help fund other students' dreams. 

More information on Kicking it Forward.

Above and Beyond - Stretch Goals

If Pledges total Over $8,000 we will:

  • Add iPad (and Retina iPad) support, making Sheepo a Universal app

  • Add iCade, iControlPad, and other controller support

  • Temp Hire a Level Designer to quickly build many more levels

  • Add two more original music scores to the game

If Pledges total Over $13,000 we will:

  • Port to Mac, with a possible Android Port

  • Add Two More Chapters, with new level art and level designs

  • We will consider animating portions of the story, instead of just illustrating it!

  • The possibility of full EP set of original music (will be offered as an award as we close on this stretch goal)


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    $2 reward

    2 backers

    With your initial $2 pledge, you will receive a free copy of the game for iOS (Generation 3+), and all future level packs will be unlocked for you as they are delivered. A $3 value!

    Estimated delivery:
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    $7 reward

    0 backers

    All supporters at this level will be listed as a game Supporter on our website. Also A FREE copy of the game and all future content also included.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $15 reward

    5 backers

    Receive a KICKSTARTER SUPPOTER ONLY in-game Trophy/Achievement. Will also receive a mention in the Game Credits, along with the FREE game and all future level packs.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $25 reward

    2 backers

    EARLY ACCESS - Be apart of the limit Beta Releases of the game. Test the game, provide feedback and leave your fingerprints in the game. ALSO received credit in the Special Thanks section of the Game Credits.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $50 reward

    0 backers

    ARTISTIC HIGHLIFE! Receive a digital package of all our, concept, in-process and final form artwork and music. Will include brief commentary of the visual and audio progression. Also includes everything at the EARLY ACCESS Level.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $50 reward

    0 backers

    DEVELOPER HIGHLIFE! Receive Alpha testing access to the game, including access to in-process level design as it happens. Also includes everything at the EARLY ACCESS Level, with credits as a tester.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $100 reward

    1 backer

    NAME in the GAME! Your name will appear in actual playable levels. Think "Ship To: [Your Name]" and "Made By: [Your Name]" among others, in level background art. Also you will be listed in the special SUPPORTERS sections of the Game Credits.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $250 reward

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    All the above, plus have a Trophy/Achievement Named after you.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $350 reward

    0 backers

    All the above rewards (minus the limited Trophy award) and listing in our exclusive GOLD SPONSOR listing int the credits, PLUS YOUR NAME will also appear in the illustrated stories.

    Estimated delivery:

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