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A universal mecha system about big heroes, fast pacing and dramatic plays for fans of mecha anime.
A universal mecha system about big heroes, fast pacing and dramatic plays for fans of mecha anime.
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Countdown to Release Previews: Part I (Characters)

This week and the next two we'll be going over the changes to the game, with today's post being about changes to the Character rules, next week is for Mecha, and the week after that for NPCs.

Working Miracles

The biggest change here is that Miracle Specializations are getting changed rom being souce-based to being effects-based. As of the V2 Preview, the list of possible Specializations for Electricity include (but are not limited to):Thunderstorms, Powering Objects, Frying Electronics, Tesla Performances, ‘Tuning in’ to Digital Communications. Now the list is: Offensive Tests, Electronics Tests, All other uses.

What this means is that you no longer choose to specialize your Electricity power on zapping baddies with lightning, you now choose Offensive Tests. This changes very little for Offensive Test users and nothing at all for Generalists (obviously), but it is very useful for other Miracle users. A character with a focus on Intellect can use Electricity with a specialization on Electronics while one with Fitness is more interested in making things go boom.

Here's the list of new Specializations.

  • Electricity: Offensive Tests, Electronics Tests, All other uses.
  • Force: Fitness Tests, Intelligence Tests.
  • Fortune: Equipment Tests, All other uses.
  • Matter: Improving or breaking items, All other uses.
  • Phantasm: Offensive Tests, All other uses.
  • Phasing: Passing through objects, Self-Defense.
  • Probing: Telepathy, Mind-reading, Hypnotic Suggestion.
  • Sight: Investigation, other uses of Awareness.
  • Somatics: Offensive Tests, All other uses.
  • Temperature: Cold, Heat.

Notice the exception to the rule at the end. Temperature makes more sense if you divide users between fire and ice powers. There is a sidebar right below the text telling you to that it works just as well if you change both options to “Offensive Tests” and “other Charm Tests” though.

Four specific Miracles also got changed slightly:

  • Matter: It no longer makes all Craftsmanship Tests instantaneous, instead it reduces the required time for Extended Tests by one category (from one Week to one Day to one Hour to one Minute to Instantaneous) at the cost of one Disadvantage per tier you’d like to decrease. Craftsmanship has enough raw power and utility value already as is without removing its only weakness in being time dependent.
  • Phasing: Instead of making you immune to attacks on a high enough result, Defending yourself via Phasing adds your Fitness to your Defense then rolls a Fitness Test to inflict a Disadvantage to attacks against you for each multiple of 5 met with the result. Still very good at shielding you from multiple weak enemies, fairly strong against meaningful enemies, and not enough to completely make you invincible against giant robots.
  • Sight: No longer a Help Test targeting yourself, instead it adds an Advantage to any Awareness Test. This is mostly to streamline things and to solve things with a single roll rather than two.
  • Somatics: No longer a Help Test targeting yourself, instead it adds an Advantage to any Fitness Test. See above.

The final thing to note is that the list of sample tests has gotten touched up a little too to make all miracles be closer in power to each other.

Speaking of Power...

...Some Genre Powers have been tweaked since last year. Here's the list of modified Powers along with the reasoning behind the changes:

  • Believe in Myself: This Power's Antimaim lasts 3 rounds now. Five health is not a lot (though every little bit helps) and the extra effect was not even worth remembering it existed with a duration of just one round. It is not going to win any compettions with Invincible Alloy anytime soon, but it is one of the better defensive Powers in the game now.
  • Come at me Bro: Now it has a range of 5 Zones around the user. This Power is meant for a tank out front to attract aggro, not to let a sniper way out of reach of all enemies to get free attacks.
  • You are Going Down: No longer reduces the target's Defense by 5, instead it grants an Advantage to all Might Tests against the target within a 5 Zone radius from you. The rationale behind making this power so strong originally was that it is only worth it against solo Bosses and that you had better options against other enemies. At least in theory. In practice it more or less was a death sentence for anything it got pointed at. So now it adds up to a quite sizable chunk of damage but it is more between the range of 4 to 10 than 10 to 25.
  • Trump Card: Grants you one Weapon until end of operation but can now be repeated. In light of recent discussions involving Antimaim effects, this revealed itself to be a fair bit stronger than originally intended. Turns out that choosing how to spend your 15 MP on the fly on cherry picked Weapons that would stay with you until the fight is over was a little better than buying your swords and guns the old fashioned way. Now For 15 MP you are getting one Weapon but you can repeat the Power if you think you'll need more than one. You can very much build around using this Power exclusively and not buy any Weapons at all which can make for an interesting way to play.
  • Mind Over Matter: It loses the Antimaim effect but, instead, it protects everyone in a radius of 5 Zones from stat debuffs. It has a singular powerful effect instead of having two mediocre ones. It graduates to being a very, very powerful effect for Squads of Power Suits.
  • Take One for the Team: It inflicts a Disadvantage to all Might Tests made against the Ally you just shielded for a Round. This Power was always kind of just okay, but it couldn't be made much better than it was or it'd be really irritating to deal with when the enemy uses it. A single Disadvantage helps with keeping Grunts away from the person you are protecting, but you can still overpower it when a tank uses it against you.

That's it for today, next week we get to the really juicy stuff with Mecha Upgrades and Weapons. See you then!


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