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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.

Time Steel Is Shipping and Post-Kickstarter Reservations Are Live

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Howdy everyone,

It’s a big day, so let’s get down to business:

  • Pebble Time Steel Is Shipping
  • Pebble Time Steel Reservations Now Live
This Time means business.
This Time means business.

Pebble Time Steel Is Shipping

The ball is rolling, no stopping it now: Pebble Time Steel is shipping. Our distribution centers are sending out tracking numbers as we speak. This Time, we mean business :)

As we’ve done in the past, Pebble Time Steel production and deliveries will ramp up as fast as possible, in a way that preserves the highest quality of the final product. Based on the latest progress reports from our factory and distribution centers, our revised estimate is for all backers to have tracking numbers for their Pebble Time Steel rewards no later than the end of September (sooner, if we can).

We will continue to post regular updates about how Time Steel production and deliveries are doing, until every reward has shipped. We’re super excited for you to be the first in the world to welcome Pebble Time Steel home.

Pebble Time Steel Reservations Now Live

Today, Sara!
Today, Sara!
Your wish is our command, Kaya :)
Your wish is our command, Kaya :)

Well friends, feel free to tell Sara, Kaya, and the rest of the world the good news: anyone can now reserve Pebble Time Steel for $249 at!

Gunmetal Black rocking the Uber app (click to download).
Gunmetal Black rocking the Uber app (click to download).

Traditional Pebble Time Steel orders come standard with a genuine Italian leather band. The matching steel band backers get as part of their rewards will be available later this year as a separate $49.99 accessory.

Brushed Silver paired with the TH3 watchface (click to download).
Brushed Silver paired with the TH3 watchface (click to download).

Pebble Time Steel orders placed on will start shipping in 6-8 weeks, after backer reward shipments are complete.

Gold + Pebble's new timeline interface.
Gold + Pebble's new timeline interface.

Who will be the first person you recruit into the Pebble family? Be sure to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or wherever you like to post. Got a story or idea you’d love to share with the team? Let us know on our Ideas page!

Until next time, Happy Pebbling!

Team Pebble

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tony J Park on

      When will the steel band backers get, as part of their rewards, the separate $49.99 accessory option?

    2. Missing avatar

      riro on

      I got my pebble today :-)

    3. Richard Kern on

      Received email sayng PTS is processing August 22nd. No change since then, and I paid for expedited shipping. Not happy.

    4. Missing avatar

      Venkat J Kanithi on

      How long do we have to wait for our PTS!!!

      Not fair.. Not at all.

      Thought to be a birthday gift, and the birthday is long gone!

    5. Missing avatar

      Schicker on

      I read on 6th Aug. That PTS is shipping... Today we have 11th Sept and nothing happens. Is Pebble still alive?
      ds from Germany

    6. Jino on

      I've to admit that it's very hard to stay optimistic when team Pebble is mum on updates. The silence is deafening.

      C'mmon guys - Please get on the updates and provide useful information so that we are a part of the Kickstarter effort rather than bystanders. We put in our $ to express our trust in you to execute in a timely manner, and keep us informed of challenges and delays - at this time, we don't have timely execution nor transparency.

    7. Kenji Au on

      Still waiting alone.... Sad ... Shipping in July? but now is September and still no news

    8. Missing avatar

      Roy sanchez on

      Well April I paid for a time and steel time here we are in September and no Steel pebble. I read that sometime in September. Why do I have little hope that I will receive the watch in 22 days.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Wong on

      IMO, Pebble is stalling its backers by sending email message about PTS order being processed and will receive tracking info later...i received 2 such emails in August and yet i am still waiting for PTS which is still "being processed" as Pebble put it in such a nice tone but not very much genuine way!

    10. Missing avatar

      David Wong on

      Backing Pebble Time Steel is the biggest mistake ever made to support this small start up.

      Their commitment was delivery in July, now it's almost mid-September, there is still no definitive timeline for the delivery. When I wrote in to enquire about the delivery status, Pebble response was very much a standard response without even bothering to provide specific update to my order status...

      "Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately, we have already processed your order and cannot make any changes. It has been queued to be sent out with the next batch shipment.

      Pebble Time Steel watches (with leather bands attached) are now shipping and we expect all backers to have tracking numbers for their rewards before the end of September."

      I see Pebble doing very little or no effort at all to keep their promises, not to mention customer satisfaction even when it is a relatively small startup now, i cannot imagine how arrogant it can become if say it could become the size of say HP, Amazon, Samsung, etc...

      Good luck to future Pebble customers...i won't be backing any of its future products any time soon!

    11. Missing avatar

      Miguel Ten on

      I'm backer #3022 and PTS is still missing. PT is fantastic, but my wife's.
      I think I'll try to cancel my order for PTS and refund... :(

    12. Uli Boehnke on

      I am, too, getting a little frustrated... no more updates for a month and still no trace of PTS.... :-(

    13. Paul Allen on

      My time steel came in the mail yesterday.

      I'd like for the next smart watch I buy to be titanium, and a half inch more active screen size in both directions.

    14. Missing avatar

      paul charnaud on

      Still waiting for mine.... Pathetic ... Shipping July? It's now September and still no news

    15. Missing avatar

      Bauranda on

      Backer #17426. Backed 2 PTS. One was delivered, the other one and the metal straps are still missing...

    16. Joe Weber on

      I completely agree with Joel's comment below… I am very frustrated and disappointed with the situation! :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Hui Yi on

      Just received an email that my order of 2 Gold PTS has been processed :)
      Email regarding shipping will follow in the coming weeks.

      Backer #34258

    18. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      So we were very excited to receive our 2 PTS watches today...

      Except we only got our Black PTS... Despite a specific e-mail letting me know that both watches had been shipped!

      Look, I love my original Pebble and I have high hopes for the Pebble Time, but it's time for a little rant from someone who has tried to hold it in for a long time.

      In hindsight, this Kickstarter campaign was a bad idea to support. I'm going to give a short list of the reasons why I feel this way. It starts with a pitch that includes "No Compromises".

      -- Estimated Delivery Date: July 2015... no wait August... NLT end of September...
      -- Q&A clearly states two watches will ship together. That didn't happen.
      -- Shipping E-mail: "2 item(s) have shipped" See above.
      -- Metal Bands included in backer package. Eventually.

      It was six months ago to the day since I backed this project. I sat on my couch listening to the naysayers tell me of the botched first campaign and I listened to the Pebble CEO tell me that they had learned their lessons and would hit hard this time around.

      So I'm not writing this to curse Pebble to the grave or anything like that, but I am here to say that I've learned a lesson here too. I've learned that if I could go back six months and tell myself about these changes in the plan, I would not do it again. I love the Pebble and I support it in the smartwatch race, but the kickstarter has left a sour taste in my mouth. I hope to praise this hardware whenever it is finally shipped to me, but for now I'll just have to ask my wife how she likes hers instead.

      Anyways, /rant and happy Monday to everyone!

    19. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Bangera on

      There has been no update after Aug 6th :(. I ordered a gold time steel with expected delivery in July. No update on the order yet. Since the statement says end of Sep, I guess we just wait till end of sep before we ask around.

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas Barrett on

      What is happening I seem to be one of a number of people who paid for expedited DHL shipping but got sent trackign numbers indicating it has now been sent by Singapore post?!?!? I really dont want to have to wait 4-5 weeks nor pay customs fees again... even if you refunded me the expedited shipping fee I would lose out as royal mail charge £8 extra handling charge.. can you confirm please you are correcting this, a holding email really doesn't cut it...

    21. Christopher Moritz on

      I guess the tracking # I got that said delivery would be today, August 22, is complete BS! Still says the watch is sitting in Cali. I'm in Chicago.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Barnes on

      Backer #17XXX and still not locked. I am assuming gold is nowhere to be seen and that's why mine isn't locked. . Why did they ask us to give an idea of what we were going to want? Wasn't that to ensure they had production levels set appropriately? And now backers are basically paying the same as someone pre-ordering - so what was the point of the kickstarter project?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tiffani on

      Wouldn't mind the delay so much if someone would actually reply to the email I had about my order..

    24. Cameron Paull on

      Glad you listened to those people on Twitter. Now how about responding to to my messages???

    25. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Voron on

      Be careful the watch is not waterproof. Had it in one foot of water and it hazed up permanently and doesnt respond. Left three emails to support no answer. Poor service, poor workmanship. Sorry i backed this.

    26. Andy H. on

      That said I do still believe in Pebble, the product and as a PT owner (and loving it) I can't wait to get my PTS.

      It won't stop me supporting Pebble again in the future - since launching this campaign the Smart Watch market place has changed drastically and I'm not surprised Pebble had to take some kind of action - it just would have been nice to feel respected as a supporter.

    27. Andy H. on

      Let me start off by saying Pebble has my full support, because thanks to exchange rates, I got a good deal, and I believe in the product. But I'm under no illusion that I helped to create it - I didn't. I just paid Pebble (via Kickstarter) to make me one (well two actually.)

      @Jamie, if you purchased in the UK, you would have paid something around £170 for the watch and about £30 import duty. Compared to the £299 retail (with both straps) that's still around £100 saving - not a bad deal at all!

      U.S. Backers are the ones who have been kicked in the teeth here - $250+$15 shipping+taxes ($50ish depending on state??) - that's pretty much the same as the $299 model with free shipping.

      @Ecki - no, Pebble said $299 retail WITHOUT the steel band at launch (check the campaign page if you don't believe me) - so based on today's prices, the equivalent would have been $349, so they've shaved $50 off - in good faith Pebble should really refund all PTS backers that $50 difference as they've effectively inflated the retail price, making Kickstarter look like a good deal.

      Pebble Time was never about us helping to create a product. It was "we've already made a product but we need some quick and easy money to mass-produce it" - hardly in the spirit of Kickstarter. And we were effectively buying a product that had already been made - why else are they referring to it in all their communication as an "order" and we're having to pay sales and import taxes on it?

      No it's not a good move at all, and I sincerely hope Pebble are reading this or wondering why so many backers are requesting refunds.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Price on

      A couple of months delay in nothing for a KS project to ship. I am still waiting on one that is over TWO years late. Anyone that has ever been in any kind of product development knows that production delays happen and generally can NOT be predicted. I would much rather Pebble get it right and send out a nice finished product, than rush it and fail. Keep up the great work Pebble, but please remember we backers.

    29. Hans Bennink on

      I fully agree with Paul K. Keep doing great things Pebble, You've my full support also.
      And to all those who are complaining, be just patient and not so greedy.

    30. Jeremie Lariviere

      Awesome! I'm looking forward to my Pebble Time Steel!
      It'll be nice to get the metal band later as well. Between it, the original, and my Hammer watch coming, I'll have options :-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul K. on

      Thanks for the update. I understand people getting a little antsy, but that's also the way this works on KS. I've funded many projects where I still wonder if I'll ever receive the product. I invested in one project 19 months ago and still no deliverable. That's not the case here. Pebble has truly created something great here and they have earned my support, even if I would have loved the product sooner. If you want something sooner, go find something on Amazon.

      @Michael Jones, great point about Pebble being an underdog. I don't care how many products they have or how much money they have raised, they are an underdog among some very large dogs (Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.) I'm so looking forward to a phone-maker agnostic smartwatch, with great battery life, that I'm willing to wait longer.

      Keep doing great things Pebble. You've got my full support.

    32. Missing avatar

      BB on

      Thanks for the tip about the HAMMER band (all caps mandatory), Craig.

    33. Craig Nicholas on

      BB.... I bought the HAMMER band. It'll be dusty on my desk by the time the PTS comes.... It is disappointing.

    34. Missing avatar

      BB on

      I'm sorry, but you can't hide behind the idea that this was a normal Kickstarter. We were not backing an unrealized product or a plucky startup. At the start of this campaign, Pebble already had fully functioning prototypes AND enough of a reputation to secure a multimillion-dollar bank loan. Pebble is an established company that didn't need our money up front to "bring this project to life." (The fact that their product rolled into Best Buy within days of the Pebble Time Kickstarter completion should tell you something.)

      Pebble masterfully exploited our enthusiasm to generate buzz in the tech press. That would be fine if they had treated the backers with respect afterward, but instead it has been one half-truth after another. Will the July backers get their PTS in August and the August backers in September? Or do we all get lumped into September? Nobody knows yet, because Pebble has been weaseling around in their updates.

      Also, what is the good of receiving a water-resistant watch with a leather band that can't be exposed to water? Should I go buy a 22mm steel band while I wait (probably until December) for the PTS steel band to be sent?

      Here's a suggestion: refund all the PTS backers $50 and don't send them the PTS steel band. That way, backers can buy the steel band later when it comes out if they want it, and those who never wanted it will be happy with their deal.

    35. Russell Ho-Aitken on

      Some really interesting comments here today. Remember they effectively sold a pre designed, already built, device through the kickstarter platform. This is why (unlike the OG pebble) there were no stretch goals. There was always a fast timeframe. This is why people are annoyed at the timeline for the PTS. If they owned up, or showed us production pics (like they did for the OG pebble) we'd feel like part of the journey. Instead, if you havent been involved in a kickstarter before, it feels like you;re being taken on a ride. Communication has been INCREDIBLY poor this time round.

      I for one, hope that the delays are because they're refining the PVD process, to stop them getting as scratched as some of the PT's are! But if they were honest about that, then fine! The pebbletime dock people had their workshop broken into recently. they released pictures and advised the impact this would have on production. clear and honest communication. Like we got with the OG pebble that helped make us the community we are.

      Theres a reason theres so many comments on here! We're a vibrant community that loves discussing pebble. Lets hope pebble learn from this and get back to the chatty ways we used to love!

    36. Allan Hancock on

      I'm ok with having to wait a little longer, no as cool with the retail price being so close to my backer price. But really all pebble has to do to make everyone happy is throw in a little something extra to make up for the delay. Maybe a voucher for another band? Add in a free smart watchband, or maybe a charging dock. Just a little more to say "thanks for your early adopting and patience. IMHO.

    37. Paul Ellison on


      The nature of kickstarter has not changed to the extent that you are "literally buying it". In fact the 'What is Kickstarter' page on this site states (as of today): "Backers are supporting projects to help them come to life, not to profit financially." The key in this statement is the supporting of projects to help them come to life!

      The second part of this statement leads to my other point. I backed this project to see a product brought to fruition, by a company who's ethics I believe in. I have no intention of using this campaign as an opportunity to 'profit' so the issue of selling it is entirely immaterial, and I don't therefore see how I (or any legitimate backer) would "be at a loss".

      I can't help but feel you have missed the point of Kickstarter entirely.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ecki on

      This is so annoyg:
      Yes i know pebble did bad littleication, but
      1. The Pebble you get (both Bands) has a retail price of 299$ not 249$ so the Reward information was correct!
      2. The September timeline is a conservative statement, wich is likely meant for august bakers.

      If you are just a greedy consumer, without understanding the true meaning of the word backing, then you should have never entered kickstarter!

      Calm down, if your final cost is above the retail price, you can still consider to ask for a refund, or sell both straps and use a cheaper one, that will get you even below the retail price.

    39. Missing avatar

      Salvador Marino on

      What really offset me is the fact that we the backers did not have the option to choose if we want two bands or just one, I personally don't like the steel band, and since they may not be ready now, I would ask Pebble to keep it and refund me $50.

    40. Michael Jones on

      For those that are upset, and won't come back, good riddance. Kickstarter is for those that want to back the new and upcoming thing, and not for those that demand a strict timeline of delivery. Whether or not Pebble used KS correctly, they are the first, but now underdogs, in the Smart Watch field. I don't mind helping ensure that they have the money ahead of time to build me my PTS. That's the great thing about Capitalism, if you don't like it, put your wallet away, and move on.

    41. Luke Morse on

      I wonder what I should expect first. MY PTS or my Coolest at this point!!!

    42. Max Leonov on

      Surprised to commitment of Pebble to generate positive news when things are not going well. A lot of frustrated people with angry comments, and this is compounded with each Kickstarter update. Thinking about choosing something else.

    43. Missing avatar


      @ Paul - Before Pebble launched the campaign they were a successful company because of their first watch. Yes we backed it, but the nature of kickstarter has changed since it was created. We are literally buying it, warranty which all pebbles come with are for purchased products.

      You don't actually see how you lose. Everyone sees it except you.
      The pebble time was shipped practically on time. Go on ebay you'll find most people selling their watches for over $100 they paid for on kickstarter. Most have actually made alot of money.

      They are just about to begin shipment of the PBS and for offering a retail price practically at the same price kickstarters backed for. You want to sell your watch for whatever reason expect to be at a loss my friend.

    44. Paul Ellison on

      I can say with absolute certainty that they haven't managed to "PI$$ OFF" everybody.

      And for clarity, we didn't 'order' the Pebble Time (Steel), we backed a Kickstarter Campaign.

    45. Matt Hull on

      Still not heard if we have to pay the duty on the steel bands that are shipping separately. if this is the case it's cheaper for me to go and buy an apple watch...and I could've had that in July

    46. Missing avatar






    47. Missing avatar

      Gerald Sorko on

      Having waited for my OG Pebble for close to 15 months (German customs throwing quite a spanner in there back then ...) and having backed a few more projects on KS since then I personally never expected the PTS to arrive in July.
      Even for having supported mainly production (less development) of a new product in the "technology" section delivery in August/September feels like decent turnaround.
      I understand a lot of people are upset but the way I see it we all assisted a small company getting a complex product mass produced and they completed the job with a small amount of delay which is perfectly acceptable to me.
      That being said, the retail price of 249 USD makes me wonder what specific benefit I get for providing the aforementioned assistance. The metal band looks overpriced at 50 USD and it just does not sit right with me to get that as a bonus others will have to pay extra for - it just feels to be not enough.
      Going back to my long wait for the OG Pebble I still have high hopes since I loved that device from the moment I got it into my hands (and more and more with every software update). I hope they can repeat this moment of love at first sight for me ...