Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises

by Pebble Technology

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      wraptinweb on

      @jon Allen The newest release of software provides ability to change backlight intensity. Mobile phone screen or bigger still the best way to read and respond to email. Just get notifications. Don't give up yet.

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      Henry on

      So happy to hear that the PTS will soon be on my wrist!! Hoping that Pebble will be picking up the tab for the metal bands and have it sent via expedited shipping (normal shipping always seems to disappear in my Country's postal black hole.)

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      Vladimir Kouznetsov on

      >>While we can’t currently provide a 100% exact timeframe for when metal bands will arrive<<
      >>ut we can still get Pebble Time Steel shipments completed by the end of August<<

      Why I back'ed Pebble (actually 2) instead of buying Apple Watch?
      I could have a working watch right now, instead of waiting for some more and some more.

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      Justin O'Neill on

      Thanks for the update guys, really looking forward to getting my PTS. I'm ok with not getting the metal band right away as long as we don't start seeing emails saying "get your PTS now at Best buy and Target!" I do expect to see a metal band on my wrist before they go to retail.

    5. Persinickity on

      @Jamie, I would really like to see you start up a business, invent a product, and go through your set timelines/goals with NO hitches whatsoever, because in a perfect world, that MIGHT be the case. But we all know this is far from a perfect world. Things happen. Things change. Improvements are made sometimes. Sometimes you just need to shut up and wait. It's not that hard. Would you rather a product that is of better quality and use, or a product that was rushed because of impatient people like you that doesn't work worth a crap?? Easy choice if you ask me.

    6. Craig Nicholas on

      PTS Backer 78466 here.... I'm happy waiting for a GOOD product. Go Pebble GO!

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      Thanks! This needs to be read by other kickstarter projects! This is how you communicate with backers and keep them informed.

    8. Paul Ellison on

      Nicely put @nigel.

    9. MWoody

      I greatly appreciate the update, and thank you for opting to increase your shipping costs to avoid too much date slippage. Looking forward to my Pebble Time Steel!

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      Curtis Brown on

      Thank you for the update...please keep them coming in a timely manner. Any idea how large the batches will be and what is the total PTS Kickstarted count? Thanks.

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      Todd Carr on

      @Jamie White i don't work for pebble but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night. how can i help you :)

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      Todd Carr on

      @Vladimir Kouznetsov go ahead and cancel your order and get the CRAPPLE WATCH. who cares they made 20 million. enjoy your ALWAYS OFF watch.

    13. Alex on

      @Curtis Brown said:Any idea how large the batches will be and what is the total PTS Kickstarter count?

      Seconded. If we'd know that, we'd be in a very good place when it comes to predicting our estimated shipping dates. I'm hoping for mine to have shipped before Aug 30, but I don't see it as I'm backer #60972

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      Jaber on

      Amazing, Arabic please. Still waiting !!

    15. Jamie White on

      @Nigel Foster
      Thanks for your concise and above all neutral post, I can understand that they may be a delay but as a PTS Backer it would have been nice to have been told the reason why production did not start until the middle of July, it would have also been nice if they gave us a reason why the metal band was also not ready on time, we only heard about both of these in the last update that was inside the *estimated* shipping month. Surly Pebble must of known much earlier than that?

      @Jennifer Kimball
      Hi, Yes I'm part of a very large multinational company that designs and builds All in one Point of sale systems and automated kiosks, they are designed by us in the UK, built in... China... and sold world wide.
      And yes even we get the occasional problem here and there (mostly with delivery times) but at least as a company we bother to tell our customers Exactly what's going on.

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      Rob Meekings on

      @Curtis Brown, @Alex
      I'm not sure how knowing the total PTS number helps, but looking at the backers by reward tier from the campaign page there appear to be:
      $250, PTS: 26,040 backers
      $400, PTS + PT: 4,998 backers
      $480, PTS x 2: 2,951 backers
      Adding these, and doubling the $480 tier, I get 36,940.
      Note: there may be some variation since some backers may have switched from PT to PTS and vice versa, and/or requested refunds, etc. This also doesn't give us any indication of the distribution by colour.

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      Tiffani on

      I was an early backer, still never received an email with a shipping update, never received any acknowledgement that my PTS was going to be coming at all or was confirmed. We're entering the first week of August, we were supposed to have our watches by now. Delays happen, I understand completely. But, I'm disappointed by the lack of update to my account about when I could expect my very long awaited Pebble Time Steel..

    18. Guy Hindle on

      ditto (except not such an early backer)

    19. Chimi Kyo on

      Thanks pebble for the update. I can't wait to get my PTS. Keep us inform. Glad that the first batch already on its way.

      Congratulations for the backers that gonna received any tracking information in the mid of next week.


    20. Christopher Moritz on

      Does anyone know how many PTS watches are in the first batch being shipped out? I'm #5405 so i'm curious if I'll be part of the first shipment to USA.

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      Pete B on

      Just got my email saying my black PTS is being processed :) However, they confirm the metal strap will be sent later. Maybe an issue with the coating as I can't imagine producing a standard 22mm metal band was all that hard compared to the actual watch hardware and software. Anyway, on the last lap now... (Backer no. #14*** in UK)

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      Amy Wong on

      @Pete B, I'm happy to hear this news. It means my black PTS should also being processed soon. =)

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      Eded Khosma on

      Glad to have received Pebble Time last week, sadly local custom fee is one third of Pebble Time price. Waiting for PTS and i don't mind for the delay. I would rather received the shipment in one full shipment with the metal band, to avoid additional local custom fee.

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      TD on

      How long after it's in processing does it take to ship (so I can track) ?
      Backer no. 90xx

    25. Garrett Olin [GOdesign] on

      Backer #337, no email yet.

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      Derek Sullivan on

      Why do some blank out digits in their backer number? Is there some sort of fraud or is it just paranoia? :)

    27. Milton Reid on

      Anyone had a gold PTS locked yet I'm from the UK no #80***

    28. Andre Schlüter on

      Backer #39963 Silver PTS located in Germany and still not locked

    29. Sean Tilley

      The wait is seriously killing me here. I'm so excited to get this thing.

    30. René Sebastian Shabastari on

      Pathetic that the bands are shipping separately. Now I have to wear my Time for that much longer until the band arrives. I'd rather have them be delayed and come with metal bands. It's going to be so annoying having my Time Steel sit there and not being able to use it because it only came with awful leather. It's called Pebble Time STEEL not Pebble Time animal skin for now and sometime soon Steel.

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      Dave Nelson on

      @rene go buy a metal band for it then, any 22mm band will fit if it means that much to you. I'm not sure what you're whinging about anyway...... what's the difference between delaying the whole thing for the metal band, and the PTS just sitting in it's box while you stay all picky over the band and wait for it to arrive? Either way it's going to be unusable to you.

    32. Matt Hull on

      By covering delivery costs you mean customs and duty charges as well?

      I'd hate to have to wait this long and then pay twice.

    33. Игорь Шардин

      it's a pity to hear this...

    34. Игорь Шардин

      i'm from Russia
      when i backed Pebble, i choose shipping to Russia
      then i was notified it's not possible
      so, i should use mail forwarding? wich costs about $50
      if you send 2 packages, i'll pay two times...
      will yo cover it?
      i'm disappointed

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      Daniel on

      Got a bit of a scare reading about how bad the Pebble Time screen is. Bad as in sunken too far into the device with a huge air gap.

      I was simultaneously looking for return policy information while searching if this is better with the Pebble Time Steel.

      I now found information on closer bonding of the screen on the Steel. So I'm happy I didn't have to wait months just to cancel my order after I should have it in my hand by delivery date originally promised.

      For a product that is only avalible with pre-order online you really should try put more honest pictures instead of all these glam shots and product renders from the optimal angle. Not cool Pebble and if what is promised with the Pebble Time Steel doesn't hold true I will still have to return it.

      I was already worried about the 0.5m bezel on the thing. This screen issue near pushed me over to edge.

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      Andrew Johanns on

      Seeing Time Steel reviews on the Verge and Gizmodo. HOPEFULLY that means people that actually paid for one should be seeing it soon.

    37. Welsey Snipes on

      hello there ... are you planning to do something crazy cool for the microphone & iOS issue ?
      I wish I can try & use it as android users does ...
      cheers !

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      Scott Kendall on

      Got my Black PTS last night...took a little over a week to get mine after getting the tracking # from the website. Got everything configured and it is working great. I am currently using the LCARS watch face!

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      callmemike on

      Hey Scott, how long was your order "processing" until you got a tracking #?

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      Aidy Yusop on

      I just read Update 24/25 regarding the metal bands. Sorry I wasn't updated before.
      Can't wait for it to arrive. Loving the Time Steel !

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      Ty Bailey on

      Still no tracking number or eta for me in terms of when I will get the watch :(

    42. Missing avatar

      Pims on

      End of August and still no news of my Pebble time steel being sent.

    43. Jenee McCusker on

      Just got my steel, only leather band though.

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      carnavides on

      No Update since July, No tracking number and stiull waiting... Any good news? Or bad... Any news?

    45. Missing avatar

      Melody Ng on

      I haven't receive my steel yet. No news as well

    46. Goh Ang Keong on

      I haven't receive my steel yet. No news as well

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      Dario Clemente on

      Received my Pebble Time Steel and love it. Also metal band was already with the watch so very awesome!!!

    48. BenJoe Markland on

      Received watch but no metal band...any update when they are shipping?

    49. Missing avatar

      Emiliano heyns on

      September has come and gone. Still don't have the steel band I paid for. Still no updates on the sites when I can expect the band I paid for. Emails to "support" go unanswered.