Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

by Pebble Technology

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    1. David Abel on

      I've been anticipating this shipment forever. In the mean time iPhone 5 has replaced the iPhone 4, and I noticed on the CES2013 promotional video that the iPhone 5 was not listed as a compatible device.
      Can this be true?
      Will there be an update?

    2. David Abel on

      answered my own question.....the sight does list the iPhone 5.
      The CES video promo packaging does NOT.
      I'm going with the ''

    3. Kevin Keller on

      First, it was great meeting you guys at your Meet N Greet at CES. The watches look great and your team was really cool.

      As much as I like my fitbit, I'm wondering whether the accelerometer in the device is sensitive enough to work as a pedometer. If so, a partnership with Fitbit, or just doing your own native app would be great - it would eliminate another extra device from my pocket.

    4. UKJIN YANG on

      Hi Pebble and Erick team...
      I know that you guys are doing hard to keep it busy for updating, but I am kind of fed up waiting for pebble and it is almost 4 month later than your original shipping date. There are quite a few similar compatitors out there in the market and it is already for sale. can you let us know briefly when we can expect the good?
      US exchange rate gone down and it is also bothering...

    5. Frank Spencer on

      @ Seth, I think that maybe the problem here ? It is clear that the English language is not Ukjin's first, feel free to translate in Korean though !!

      He will get a nice surprise when he wakes up to his Pebble in a few weeks time though !!!

    6. Marcelo Zani on

      "Without any further ado, the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived – we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll begin shipping Pebble on January 23rd"

    7. Frank Spencer on

      Don't you just love cryptic messages ! and your point is Marcelo ??

    8. Sawyer Pangborn on

      @David Abel: There's no reason it won't be compatible with the iPhone 5 - it's BT 4.0 capable, and runs iOS 6.

    9. Missing avatar

      Terrence Iwamoto on

      Good Grief! Even with the announcement you guys gave with a ship date starting Jan 23, there are still people complaining. These complainers should buy another smart watch. The Pebble is the best one out and with the best price point compared with other ones in the $300 range. Let these guys waste their money, if they want I will buy their Pebble with no questions asked.

      Keep up the good work, looking forward for more updates from you guys!

    10. UNITI on

      Hi Ukjin Yang and all of the disgruntled Micro-Funders,

      You invested in a company and you want results, I get it. However, you all are Micro-Funders and you all are acting like consumers. You all are investors and you all are not taking advantage of the opportunity that you all have to be positive as you shape the micro-funding industry.

      Micro-funding is a new financing phenomenon. As such, we, the Micro-Funders, have a very unique opportunity: We get to define what being a Micro-Funder means.

      Micro-Funders have an extraordinary and unique opportunity to change the world. The fabric of a capitalist society is innovation and new ideas cost time, energy, and money. All of us have experienced how predatory the financial industry has become and our economy is stalling because grass-root innovation is being weeded out of the business cycle way too early. Micro-Funders can change that. We have the opportunity to responsibly invest in ideas that represent our wants and needs, not the ideas or wants and needs that multi-million dollar investors believe represent us. We now have a hand in the production cycle. We have an opportunity to control the outcome of supply by defining demand at the concept stage and that’s revolutionary!

      However, we must maintain reasonable expectations and be companionate. Some of these guys are not going to succeed and some of us may lose our investments. That’s the risk that each of us should accept and embrace because through micro-funding, we no longer have to let the moguls define what we want or needs to be. We get to empower each other to make the difference in the world. We get control.

      Now, I understand that you want your Pebble, but please step back and appreciate the ride that you’re on because it’s a revolution. By the way, how you would want to be treated or responded to if you invented something and were given the opportunity to make it?

    11. Frank Spencer on

      Could not agree more @ Daxton,

      but how many times can you fit the word Micro-Funder into one post ? Did you get a new word for Christmas !!

    12. UNITI on

      @ Graeme: As an innovator and Micro-Funder (there it is again;), I live on both sides of the fence. As a leader (Marine vet), I guess I couldn't stand by and read some of the negative comments without chiming in. As a teacher, I had to define my terms. And, as a hyper-analyzer, I take everything way too seriously.

      Thank you for affirming my commentary!

    13. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Daxton Lyon, your comments indicate high chi actvity. Wordly and worthy, but wordy. I challenge you to express yourself in haiku form. Only then, will you see the power of focussed chi and the world will start to become a better place for all mankind and other living creatures.

      How do marine vets find time to write all this stuff? Aren't you busy saving whales out there?

    14. UNITI on

      @ Peter Cartwright: How's this, "Confucius say, 'Wordy tongue makes it hard to swallow.'"? I would be saving the whales out here if I spent less time surfing for the whales in here. Do me a favor and lookout for the launch of my own Kickstarter campaign coming out in the next few months.

    15. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      --- haiku alert ---

      Whales spotted ahoy
      As lyons dream tonight. Say
      Chinese: rotsa ruck

    16. Missing avatar

      Zak on

      When did the trend start,
      Of commenting in haiku?
      It'd odd, but pleasant!

    17. UNITI on

      @ Peter:
      Thoughts exchange—
      The sands of time are flowing
      Up, up and away.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Bray on

      miniature storm?
      micro funder enlight'ning
      sea vets know dead fish

    19. Thomas Shields on

      Shipment confirmed: yay!
      Now, wait is unbearable.
      My wrist is lonesome.

    20. Caroline Luu on

      I can't wait for it.
      Waterproof watches are great.
      I never know time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      --- haiku alert ---

      Luu timeless, Shields ships
      Zack stunned that Lyon thinks. Still,
      Chris Bray's crapping on

    22. Missing avatar

      the_Doctor on

      Flying in Tardis
      Getting Pebble in future
      It is beautiful

    23. Missing avatar

      Li Jiaqiao on


    24. Missing avatar

      Li Jiaqiao on


    25. Jesse Fullen on

      My mom is a hoe.
      She will sleep with anyone.
      She paid for my watch.

    26. Missing avatar

      Cal Ng on

      have people received their address confirmation emails yet?

    27. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Jesse Fullen, hope you said skanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      P on

      I'm with Chin, has anyone received the shipping address confirmation email? I backed on 4/11.

    29. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Chin and P, suggest you read posts on Comments thread, not this Updates thread. Lots of recent stuff there about emails but, as usual, much confusion too.

    30. Kao Pao-Tang

      Daxton Lyon
      seeking permission to repost your comment about Micro-Funder on my facebook.

    31. Patrick Keogh on

      *** Haiku alert ***
      The last complainer
      Angry words in forum fall
      Post man at the door

    32. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      --- haiku alert ---

      'nother ACT-ocker!
      Past transgression confessed, sweet.
      Abbott calm: haiku?

    33. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      --- haiku alert ---

      “Daxton” M or F?
      MF, MF, MF, yes
      MouthFul of marbles

    34. Nach on

      Today is January 23rd, aaaaaaaaaaand SHIP!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Sally Giancola on

      I would like to review my color choices. How is that done?

    36. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Nach, I'll be damned. Didn't know that Chicago was somewhere between Pakistan and New Zealand :) Here in Australia it definitely is 23 January and only 3 days to go to Australia Day.

    37. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Sally Giancola, as per Update #25 (which showed the final colours) you had until 14 December to finalise your colour choice so I think you are locked in. You could try emailing to see if they will do something for you but I guess they're pretty busy. Or you could try swapping with another backer through

    38. Missing avatar

      Davy Timmermans on

      Ok, 2weeks after the last update. Time for a update ;)

      I'm curious about the shipping. Are they able to give us a tracking number when they are shipping? What about the warranty conditions for the backers? Software progress? SDK? Pebble apk for android? Manual for android?

      Many question to answered. But Pebble keep up the good work.

    39. Nach on

      Peter, my wife is in Thailand and said I should request my Pebbles to be shipped now! :P

    40. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Thanks Nach. I hope those of us in the Eastern hemisphere cut Pebble some slack on shipping expectations. Having said that, I fully understand the need to do whatever the missus says :)

    41. Nelson Pecora on

      Holy white balance, Batman!

      In all seriousness, it looks pretty great. I can't wait for mine to ship!

    42. MightyMeeple on

      Happy ship day Pebble!!!!

    43. Tony on

      Any word on shipping tracking numbers?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      How many Pebbles will you be able to ship before March?
      I am asking this specially because the Chines New Year Holiday will most likely make the February production extremely low.

    45. Paul Kiejdan on

      Charger kind of looks like cheap plastic based on the picture

    46. UNITI on

      @Kao Pao-Tang: You can quote and link the source, permission granted. Thank you for asking.

    47. zoglog on

      Clearly a large portion of backers here have no idea how kickstarter works... Let the amusing comments commence!

    48. Missing avatar

      Priyank Gupta on

      With approximately $10 million from the backers and pre-orders and 80,000 customers, Eric + Team - it would be a good idea to pick up some customer service skills too.
      You're doing good with your regular updates but I believe you can not longer behave like a rookie company. You need to provide all the backers with approximate dates on when their most awaited watches would be delivered and stick to those dates. Some professionalism required here.

      Believe it or not, you guys are now in mainstream business and soon you'll be completing against Apple Waches, Samsung Watches. You can't complete with them with your current rookie attitude.

    49. Missing avatar

      lecorvaisier cedric on

      je voulais savoir ou en était la production, vous aviez annoncé que les derniers e-bakers seraient livré fin mars.
      Le calendrier est-il respecté ou doit on attendre plus tard?
      j'aurais aimé avoir une réponse, au lie de compter les jours avant le 31 mars 2013.
      Il me reste au plus tard 25 jours normalement.