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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pebble, live from CES!

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Just a quick reminder that we will be streaming our CES press conference live through our website at 9am (PST). Please tune in to watch a full Pebble demonstration and get answers to some of your most FAQs. To view the stream, click the link from

 Don’t worry if you’re unable to watch it live; we will make the full video available for review online shortly after it wraps up so you can (re-)watch it at your leisure. 

If you have any questions that you’d like to have answered, please send them by Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter using #PebbleTime to possibly have them answered by Eric during our open question period. After the event, we will randomly select one submission to win a super rare, limited-edition Clear Pebble! Thank you, once again, for your support! 

All the best,
Sarah + the Pebble Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Marcia Kelly on

      Should I have received my Pebble by now? We've been away, and no package was awaiting???

    2. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      @Louise: It was for a contest. The clear Pebbles were very few and only created so the build team could easily inspect the inner workings of the watches after they were sealed shut. That's why it was a contest. Only one was ever going to be released to the public at large.

    3. Missing avatar

      Louise A. Bergeron on

      I'd also like to change my order to two clear ones. I must've been sleeping during all the updates because I missed that one. Your Pebble people are GENUISES, to have it all together, it's like magic. Just in time for CES. Who isn't getting the storyline here?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dantagnan bennett on

      Will pebble work on the ipad mini 4 G LTE
      And will it work with the app LINE 2 phone app?

    5. John Burns on

      So, who was the lucky backer that won the watch?

    6. Missing avatar

      Annie D Smith on

      I reviewed the past couple of pages of comments to see if I missed how to chose a color. Can't find any information. I am a $125 backer. Help please.....

    7. Missing avatar

      Corman on

      Me too the clear watch look COOL : P

    8. James on

      DANG!!!!!! I missed the clear one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that!!!!!

    9. Bernard Tang on

      i want a clear one :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Leonidas on

      although originally ordering a red, seeing the final products I think I too would prefer a black.
      any chance for a downgrade with a little store credit for a future purchase of some sort?

    11. Sawyer Pangborn on

      @David Smith: Doesn't look like you should be able to. Pebble is only good up to 5atm.

      That being said, stoked to get my Pebble!

      The transparent plastic looks awesome too - any chance of being able to buy another watch that's clear?

    12. Missing avatar

      Minuk Choi on

      ...rats, now I wanna change my color selection to clear :(

      keep up the good work!

    13. Nicolas Van den Eynde on

      I applause the fact that you are building a "futureproof" hardware, other might have seen it a way to make more money on a "Pebble2" who would have featured things like bt 4.0, mag charging, magnetometer, etc... You guys rock !
      I also think that you might get a ton of people wanting the transparent version of this watch, it is awesome !!

    14. Aisa Joseph Burke on

      @Andrzej it looked like the "ghosting" that you are referring to was produced by the camera and not an issue with the display. The reason I say this is when Eric would move his hand there was some "ghosting" in the image.

    15. Andrzej Haskiel on

      one bothering thing is ghosting on animations. I hope it won't get worse in cold temperature...

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Batchelor on

      Now that a shipping date has been provided, I've pre-ordered one intended to be a gift. I did note that Eric said they have started full scale production, but that they won't ship until January 23rd, which means they'll have about 30,000 (at the rate of 15K/week). My guess is they've accounted for bulk freight, customs, and general logistics. Nearly 70K Pebbles - simply astounding - Great Job Team Pebble!

    17. CaffeineJunkie on

      @David Smith. No, it doesnt. As you move through water even more pressure is appled to the watch. 5 Atmospheres is suitable for swimming at the surface.

    18. Fred Raimondi on

      Why are the people in the stream blue? If you send me the file I can fix the color and repost it for you

    19. Trond Solberg on

      Great presentation!
      I am almost shaking with excitement after seeing the demo!

    20. Ian H. on

      @Chris Mcnally - Nav would be a great addition - directions on your watch for walking or biking, so you don't have to have your phone out in front of you...

    21. Shawn

      Great presentation!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Connie on

      Love the filters on the video to show off the colors. The clear one looks really awesome. I wish that the Kickstarter Green had made it to be the bonus color. But I can't wait for the Pebbles to arrive. New toys!

    23. FriarNurgle on

      Nice job on the presentation. Looking forward to receiving my Pebble and showing it off around the office.

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      Remco Koster on

      Just left the Pebbles presentation@CES Room 228, great presentation! Happy to see the actual product in live action! Pebbles Team keep up the good work, this is just the start!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Here is a thought about shipping order, all the rabid crazies get theirs last. That way the people who actually will like it get it first, get to gush about how cool it is, and the nuts won’t spoil the awesomeness (by plugging up the message boards with their drivel) for the rest of us.

    27. Missing avatar

      David Smith on

      Water Resistant to 5atm, does that mean I can scuba dive to 40m in it?

    28. mark taylor on

      Too late to switch to a red one?

    29. Missing avatar

      raxitron on

      Will the Pebble have seamless switching between multiple bluetooth devices? I use two phones because of my job and it would be extremely useful to be able to swap at a single button press.

    30. Gregg Langer on

      Actually, thinking about it, I'd really love to know if one can order a spare magnetic USB cable. I always lose cables.

    31. Missing avatar

      The Adams Family on

      I agree with Simon... clear option for backers!

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fouchard on

      Good presentation, especially for a first! And as said earlier, nice touch to actually use the product during the Q&A session. I really can't wait to receive mine! :o)

    33. mayfair2005 on

      A question thats been on my mind is you say that bluetooth will use 5-10% more battery but i already leave bluetooth on, will it still be affected i that case?

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Mcnally on

      That was a great presentation. I am so impressed with Pebble! You really pulled it off. The watch faces look great. The email and sms integration is just what we would want. IFTTT integration is a bonus. The potential for apps is huge! I hope to get Google Navigation integration asap. Great work!

    35. Buddy on

      I want Transparent also, for the Backers... Just Do It....

    36. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Reid on

      Really hope there is some rapid movement on use of Pebble with Android smartphones/tablets. Demo only showed iOs app.

    37. pezhore on

      Is there a way to determine what backer number you are (and thereby get a better estimate of shipping dates)?

    38. John H Gruver on

      Blues were cool! But I still cannot wait for my white Pebble... just a couple more weeks... Wahooo!

    39. Gregg Langer on

      I hope you guys take a look at the colour-shifted livestream. The blue shades for the watch are beautiful.

    40. GuyFromTrinidad on

      Excellent work folks, can't wait!!!

    41. demure on

      Next time you guys live stream anything, a low bandwidth version would be nice... my internet isn't bad... (pandora, netflix, etc work fine) but this is pausing every 7-10 seconds, for about 10-30 seconds...

    42. Fairmount Bag Co. on

      Nice-looking packaging.

    43. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      OK folks, it's time for me to GTFO and GBTW. Have fun!

    44. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Here comes Abhishek asking a question that has already been answered... Pay attention folks

    45. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Here's the hard question... "Why the delays?". Eric owns up to the original September ETA and is explaining how Pebble exploded on day 1 with the help on Kickstarter. Their original timelines were based on their experiences with making watches in the past. The pebble team feels the extra 3.5 months of wait will be worth it for the product we are going to get.

    46. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Can we please have a TRANSPARENT colour options for backers-only!!!! It's not too late, I saw it in the demo.

    47. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Please all just shut up and leave to miguel!

    48. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Once us Kickstarters (85 thousand of us) have watches on our wrists, the Pebble team has tens of thousands of people expressing interest from the pebble website

    49. WhyIsThisOpen on

      Answering questions read off the Pebble itself is a really nice touch. Good move Pebble team.

    50. Missing avatar

      The Adams Family on

      BTW: I'd so much rather have the blue (camera color) Pebble than any of the other colors (red, orange, grey, or white). Any chance of a timetable for that color or even a Kickstarter green?