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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

User Interface Preview + Updates

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)


Bit of business before we get to the cool demo. I'd like to apologize for the abrupt way that I mentioned we would not be able to begin shipping Pebbles in September (in Update 17). It's clear now that this information should have been highlighted and discussed more thoroughly. 

Planning and scheduling a major manufacturing project is complex. We're working hard to complete the interconnected tasks that make up the production process. For me and the hardware engineers on the project, a large percentage of our time is spent exchanging complex spreadsheets filled with components specs by email, Skyping about the dimensions of minute hardware requirements and IMing our manufacturing team and factory. Not super exciting. That's why we've decided to share the more interesting stuff (photos, video and more!) in updates.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate information and interesting examples of our progress via these updates. We're working quickly, but we don't want to compromise on quality. While we won't be posting a shipping date until we're extremely certain that we'll be able to meet it, our feeling is that by monitoring our progress by the updates you'll have an excellent feel for how the project is going. When we do share the ship date, it won't be too surprising because you'll have seen the project come together in these updates. 

Ask-Me-Anything about Pebble today at 11am Pacific!

I can only go into so much detail during these updates. That's why I'll be hosting a thread on Reddit ( today at 11am Pacific (2pm EST, midnight Mumbai) where you can ask me any other questions you might have about Pebble.

User Interface (UI) Preview

Martijn is Pebble's User Interface designer and iOS developer. Check out the video in high resolution (full screen for best effect) for a preview of the Pebble UI. Keep in mind this is just a preview and subject to change as we continue to develop the software. For example, the font size is customizable, eg you can select to have emails shown on screen in arger print. The next step is to implement this UI for the watch itself and test it thoroughly on a prototype Pebble.

Martijn used iOS to create a prototype Pebble for quick designing. Here is an example of an incoming email on Pebble.

Incoming call

Music control - You can skip tracks by double tapping the centre button

Other random tidbits from the Pebble world

  • Starting a shipping test. Volunteer Pebblers around the world will receive an empty shipment from us to determine how long the shipping process will take. Thanks Twitter followers!
  • Started working on the Manufacturing Test Plan (MTP)
  • Ran into an antenna issue. Working through it with a bunch of antenna experts. We'll figure it out.
  • Started tooling on a bunch of simple components like the USB charge cable and shipping box
  • Tested tons of different watch strap samples to make sure we get the texture just right
  • Ordered 500,000 more resistors. You can never have too many resistors!
  • We're working on a Pebble Account page where backers can update their shipping information.
  • In the next update, we'll post more info about the software development progress.

That's it for now. Thanks again for backing us, Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble team.


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    1. Surya Narayanan on

      Hey Guys,
      These things happen, I'd rather get perfect late than shoddy on time.
      I suggest that you check out the Sunnto watches for great quality which does not sweat and is comfy even in humidity, heat and rain.
      this would also ensure spares are available at high end stores.

    2. Geof Aberhart on

      I don't want to run this into the ground or anything, but can you at least say whether you think you'll be shipping this calendar year?

    3. Casper van Heck on

      Concerning the shipping box: how about minimalistic? Instead of the standard massive shipping boxes that seem to be more decorative (even though they're thrown away immediately) brings not only extra costs and pollution, but also annoyance. Just a small cardboard box with no plastic rubbish that we're going to throw away anyway is more than enough.

    4. Eric Kevitz

      In the Pebble music app, I think the middle button should be to skip to the next song, not to play or pause. How often do you need to pause a song? How often do you want to skip to the next song? Obviously a skip track button would be more useful than a pause button.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Archer on

      Good deal on the 2:00PM Eastern conversation! I hope I can figure out how to use Reddit in time...

    6. Martin Donnelly on

      @Tae-Jin Moon because it's not just for iOs devices..

    7. Mohsin on

      Taking longer is better than for you guys to hurry and ship a 2nd class product.

    8. Peter Edling on

      Please do take the time that you need to make it work! I'll longing but holding it together...

    9. Baccchus on

      Seems the caption under the last photo was missed by the majority: "Music control - You can skip tracks by double tapping the centre button".

    10. crashtestdummy on

      Nice to see Martijn still likes Dutch songs

    11. Missing avatar

      Niclas Nilsson on

      I really appriciate that you take the time you need on this really exiting watch and don't compromise! I'd rather wait a little longer following your progress knowing it's really going to be a '"geek treat" receiving the final product.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tae-Jin Moon on

      @Adam// what about this? like other remote

      play button one click->play & stop
      twice->next song
      three times -> previous song.

    13. Missing avatar

      SmashD on

      Embedded video for an iPhone (at least some) watch not viewable on an iPhone. Smart :P

    14. Daniel Breslan on

      Id rather track control that volume!

    15. Missing avatar

      Adam Zovits on

      My opinion on the volume issue: single press: volume up/down, long press: track skip/rewind.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Appleton on

      Thanks for the update guys. I like the user interface sneak peek, makes me want my pebble even more!

      I agree with Miles - an option in settings for the music control to have the buttons as next/previous or vol+/vol- would be perfect!

      When will those of us who took the "choose a colour" level of reward be being sent out the survey to choose what colour we'd like to have out pebble in from the white/red/black/orange choices?

      Can't wait to get the final survey "please confirm your shipping address" 'cause that'll mean my pebble is almost ready! :D

    17. Miles on

      Just wanted to speak up for the current volume controls. I almost never use skip forward/backward on my iphone and would much rather have the current volume up/down controls left as they are.
      Perhaps a user option for volume up/down or next/previous is the most pertinent solution?

    18. Missing avatar

      Travis Quiller on

      I have to agree with Matthew on that volume comment. I will set the volume once on my phone and forget it. However, I am constantly changing tracks that I listen too and skipping things that I'm not in the mood for. I think it is much more important to have a next/previous button and pause/play. It will be a much more useful tool and gaget that way.

    19. Mark McCorkle on

      If this were a live keynote, you'd get a hearty round of applause. Looking forward to my next step digital integration.

    20. Missing avatar

      weblog20 on

      Shipping test - great idea. If you want to help with shipping - try to contact , they are the biggest mailforwarder in U.S. and have huge discounts on Fedex and other carriers for international shipments.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matthew Jones on

      I'd like to add to the feedback on the volume control. I mainly listen to podcasts, and I never change the volume. But play/pause and skipping back or forward is my main UI. From my point of view, those should be the primary functions available. Volume is something you set and forget.

      Perhaps some research on how people use their media players and the most common controls is worth doing.

    22. Missing avatar

      Shirley Tomsic on

      Thanks so much gang for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule to update us. I'm looking forward to the next one. Keep up keeping up! Namaste, Shirl

    23. Simon Smith on

      Can you give a ballpark figure for shipping? This year?

    24. bonmot on

      Thanks for the update. This is the kind of progress report that I've been craving since the project was funded. Please keep them coming regularly.

    25. Roger Green on

      I appreciate your recognition that you need to keep your MANY backers informed about delays and the like. If you do that, and put out an item worth waiting for, you'll minimize the grumpies.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ken A on

      Yes please - make sure it's right! I am also hoping some kind of iPhone SDK data comes out soon!

    27. Luis Bermudez on

      Keep up the good work. I appreciate the updates and the progress. The finish line is almost there, good luck!

    28. Darrin Carver on

      Awesome! Really cool to watch the manufacturing process develop. Really looking forward to the watch delivery date.

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hewitt on

      awesome job - thanks for the update guys!

      As many are saying: take your time - happy to wait and get a better product as a result - those that are being impatient will forget the delays shortly after the watch lands on their wrists!

    30. David James on

      Raising 10.2M and then leaving a ship date open ended is not good. Where is the accountability for you guys coming from. I don't want to be negative here, but if you raised 10M from VC, they would not allow you to say you will get a ship date when we feel confident. I think you owe it to your investors/customers to set goals, and do everything required to meet them. Your working with our cash now, and I would never give someone my money and let them tell me that they don't know when I will see a return, but watch through my windows and maybe you can guess when that will be.

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickering on

      Thanks for the update. I think some of the "negative" feedback you may have gotten from folks is that people are starting to get a little gun-shy about Kickstarter projects and losing their investments. With a project that has over $10M invested, then you have delays, it makes folks nervous. This is some of the bad press I'm talking about:

      This can easily be combated with updates showing you're still there (like this one), even if they are mundane updates. Other projects I've "invested" in provide weekly, or even daily updates. While some folks may not like that frequency, it at least shows progress.

    32. Pebble Technology 3-time creator

      @Ryan, yes this is what we have it set up as now. Double tap the centre button to skip track forward.

    33. Jay C on

      Excited and patient. Take your time, no need to rush to make unrealistic deadlines. Keep up the good work. I would rather wait longer for quality.

    34. Anne Rieke Angersbach on

      Dunno if you already integrated this, but please include the label of the phone number in the caller ID. For me - and I'm sure many others, too - its important to see if someone calls from their home or office or mobile phone. ^^

      Otherwise: Thanks for the update, and I can't wait :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Jacent on

      This looks awesome and I cant wait to develop for it!

    36. Aaron on

      Thanks for the great update! We are all clearly very excited for the Pebble and any news is appreciated.

      Since you're playing around with iOS 6 has there been any discussion around SMS integration?

      Thank you again for the update!

    37. Missing avatar

      Ryan Robicheaux on

      I assume a double tap to skip forward and tripple tap to skip back, like the apple earbuds?

    38. Sergio Sancho on

      Thanks for the update! I'm really excited. I want have my pebble and try all this things by myself.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ron Rule on

      Thanks for your hard work, informative email updates, and puting quality of product more important than a shipping date. We can wait . . . You and your team just keep doing what you're doing, and the release to shipping will take care of itself. I'm proud to be a contributor to the project.

    40. Jason Alexander on

      Great update -

      Side note: In the demo you're showing an email that talks about how Pebble will be a guarantor on a house + pay $1k/month for parties and socializing.

      You guys should probably watch exactly what you're demo'ing.

    41. ChrisC on

      ooOOOO... nice! AND a great update! Thank you!
      As long as its done right... I seriously do not mind waiting.

    42. Siddharth Pradhan on

      I like the way the update has come this time around. Looking forward to more of such updates.

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    44. Mads Cordes on

      The UI is even better than I imagined :D

    45. Miles on

      Hugely excited for the Pebble - those animations look buttery smooth and completely professional! I can't wait to stuck into it! eehehehehehehehe :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Edwin Tuijn on

      Great clip. The UI should be OK with a Dutch guy working on it and listening the a great Dutch group Spinvis. You could add this music to all Pebble bf shipping :-)

    47. Syco54645 on

      I hope that track control rather than volume makes it into the music player

    48. Missing avatar

      Philipp Eigenmann on

      In the video the pebble interface on the iOS App scrolls really smoothly from one menu point to the next, however, since you're using an e-paper display, there won't be any of that on the actual pebble, no? I assume the refresh rate will be much too low... Wouldn't it be smarter then to design the interface with this limitation in mind? Or am I misinformed?

      Aside from that: Can't wait! :)