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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

User Interface Preview + Updates

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)


Bit of business before we get to the cool demo. I'd like to apologize for the abrupt way that I mentioned we would not be able to begin shipping Pebbles in September (in Update 17). It's clear now that this information should have been highlighted and discussed more thoroughly. 

Planning and scheduling a major manufacturing project is complex. We're working hard to complete the interconnected tasks that make up the production process. For me and the hardware engineers on the project, a large percentage of our time is spent exchanging complex spreadsheets filled with components specs by email, Skyping about the dimensions of minute hardware requirements and IMing our manufacturing team and factory. Not super exciting. That's why we've decided to share the more interesting stuff (photos, video and more!) in updates.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate information and interesting examples of our progress via these updates. We're working quickly, but we don't want to compromise on quality. While we won't be posting a shipping date until we're extremely certain that we'll be able to meet it, our feeling is that by monitoring our progress by the updates you'll have an excellent feel for how the project is going. When we do share the ship date, it won't be too surprising because you'll have seen the project come together in these updates. 

Ask-Me-Anything about Pebble today at 11am Pacific!

I can only go into so much detail during these updates. That's why I'll be hosting a thread on Reddit ( today at 11am Pacific (2pm EST, midnight Mumbai) where you can ask me any other questions you might have about Pebble.

User Interface (UI) Preview

Martijn is Pebble's User Interface designer and iOS developer. Check out the video in high resolution (full screen for best effect) for a preview of the Pebble UI. Keep in mind this is just a preview and subject to change as we continue to develop the software. For example, the font size is customizable, eg you can select to have emails shown on screen in arger print. The next step is to implement this UI for the watch itself and test it thoroughly on a prototype Pebble.

Martijn used iOS to create a prototype Pebble for quick designing. Here is an example of an incoming email on Pebble.

Incoming call

Music control - You can skip tracks by double tapping the centre button

Other random tidbits from the Pebble world

  • Starting a shipping test. Volunteer Pebblers around the world will receive an empty shipment from us to determine how long the shipping process will take. Thanks Twitter followers!
  • Started working on the Manufacturing Test Plan (MTP)
  • Ran into an antenna issue. Working through it with a bunch of antenna experts. We'll figure it out.
  • Started tooling on a bunch of simple components like the USB charge cable and shipping box
  • Tested tons of different watch strap samples to make sure we get the texture just right
  • Ordered 500,000 more resistors. You can never have too many resistors!
  • We're working on a Pebble Account page where backers can update their shipping information.
  • In the next update, we'll post more info about the software development progress.

That's it for now. Thanks again for backing us, Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble team.


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    1. CaffeineJunkie on

      My shipping email arrived last Tuesday. I don't know if they're doing it in stages, but I would expect if you havent received a notification yet then you may not be in the test.

      I don't actually know though.

    2. Anton on

      When do we find out if we are one of the ones testing the distribution system thingy?

    3. CaffeineJunkie on

      That Citizen is more of a competitor to the Cookoo. Limited alerts and BT4.0 only, with the advantage over the Cookoo being that the time syncs on the Citizen.

    4. Jeff Gordon on

      I don't know if this is the first competitor, but a "fall" launch will be interesting to see:

      Granted, it's 5x the cost... and was designed by one of the most recognized watch companies... and isnt programmable. But this is what I'm talking about when I say that you eventually have to ship a product to even be in the game.

    5. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Yusli Don't know where you're based so can't comment on your local Duty or VAT laws, but if any is due then you will have to pay it. This is the usual process when importing goods and our Pebble pledges don't cover our local taxes. Usually, if customs have determined that duty or VAT is due then the shipping company will pay it, and then invoice you for it, plus a handling fee, which will have to be paid before the goods will be released. I've had to pay this twice in the past when ordering goods from the USA to the UK and it is nothing to do with Pebble.

    6. Yusli on

      i hope you will take care all the tax for international shipping so we're not burden with any additional cost on receiving it.

    7. Mike Mac on

      I hope your next update has some more firm numbers in it, I am very much looking forward to getting my pebble

    8. Missing avatar

      Darragh J Delany on

      I'm usually inclined to extreme impatience but being in the business of delivering large complex programmes myself I'd vote for take your time over quality and don't rush out an inferior product. It's looking like the wait will be well worth it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mick vale on

      I just want it ASAP as I'm getting a bit inpatient and like to get my hands on it to play

    10. Mitchell Fruecht on

      I would love to see the backlight! How have we not seen this in action yet?

    11. Sean O'Connell on

      I just get more excited with every video to have this device!

    12. Sophia Luu Pham on

      I hope it ships by the end of this year! If you guys do ship by September that would be so AWESOME since its my gf's bday that month

    13. Wayne Moulton on

      I am at the edge of my seat waiting for my Pebble. Any updates on shipping?

    14. Missing avatar

      Doug Brashears on

      Finally had a chance to watch the video...looks like things are really coming along. Keep up the great work, Pebble team!

    15. Jennifer Savage on

      Reasonable delays are expected with any new product development. Looking forward to the day Pebble ships. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    16. Missing avatar

      Trevor Cotton on

      Any updates on expected ship date? Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Saurabh on

      Eric/Martijn, I hope there are multiple fonts available for the display interface.

    18. Fabio on

      I would like to know how far does this delay goes on. You must give us a projection, otherwise, as others have already said, pebble may be obsolete by the beggining of 2013 and all these new features that we see compared with the first sketch will be minimized by the long delay of the project.

    19. Wim on

      Just to clearify, my post was PRO patience. Now that I am reading it again, I am not so sure whether a too german english shined trough. Anyway. Me, still excited. Cheers n beers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on

      Well, let's see...they set out to raise $100K and to produce the watches four months after the campaign ended. They made 100X 100K, so I guess that means that the watches will be done in 400 months, so...September of 2045?

    21. Ironclover Photography on


    22. Missing avatar

      Skip Stein on

      As an early 'backer' I have been really looking forward to the two Pebbles I ordered. Don't want to rush things but one of them is to be my Grandson's 18th birthday gift in late December 2012. I know you can't promise anything, but do I have a change it will arrive in time or should I plan an alternate gift?

    23. Wim on

      Seems to me, some people are forgetting, that they are not on on ebay, but on kickstarter.

      Yes, failed promises do bother, but you funded a development and not bought something polished and finished. To get this you better wait till something is available at a store of your choice, you go there and get it. If you do not like it, leave it.

      Please do not get me wrong, I am really looking forward to have the cute watches delivered, better yesterday than tomorrow, but I think people forget what kickstarter is about.

      Maybe media does its part in having some paperware products promoted, as if they were available in two weeks. For me it is important, that people know what they do: they invest and they do not buy.

      Hopefully these wrong expectations and resulting disappointments are not working against kickstarter and alike platforms and we keep seeing innovations with passion.

      Looking forward. Thanks.

    24. Jeff Gordon on

      While I understand delays, both in design and manufacturing, we ARE in fact, very much like Venture Capitalists. Only here, we actually expect results - not just promises. I gave money to get a specific return, namely a Pebble. If it "never" arrives (including delay which makes it a second, third, or worse player in the marketplace), then I will feel as if I didn't get what I was promised.

      It is not unreasonable to ask for expected dates. Even if they have to change (with reasons for the changes), it's better than an indefinite date. Again, I'm willing to be flexible, but there is a point where it looks like shipment is simply never going to happen.

      As for those people who argue increased features/functionality deserves extra time, I'm not swayed. I invested based on a specific feature set. That they're attempting to increase functionality is nice, but if it ultimately prevents timely shipment, then those add-ons aren't valuable. Look to any hardware manufacturer and you'll see that they eventually HAVE to lock the hardware spec. Otherwise, feature creep will kill the project, as it seems might be happening here.

    25. Noor Ahmed Qureshi on

      When are the test shipments expected to reach their destinations or in other words, what is the targeted timelines that you guys are looking for?

    26. Chris Russ on

      I read a statistic yesterday that 75% of Kickstarter projects run long.

      Having designed and shipped hardware and software I must say that I'm not in the least bit surprised.

      It takes a very good plan and pre-existing cohesive team to get things out on time, and to even properly project what that deadline really should be.

      Next time, right guys?

    27. Missing avatar

      cristian marchina on

      Con you do it for 2015?

    28. Missing avatar

      Nick Yates on

      I wish 'Est. delivery: When it's finished' was an option when creating Kickstarter projects ;) It might cut down on people getting upset over 'missed' shipping dates. This is the 5th project I've backed and not the first to miss the originally expected ship date. So far everyone of those products have been well worth the wait and I'm positive that the Pebble will be the best yet. Of those 5 this project ranks #2 on level of communication, which is way more important to me than hitting an unrealistic shipping date. We are getting valuable insight to the design/development/manufacturing/fulfillment process that is worth more than the price of admission and we get a free smartwatch at the end of the lesson. Just be patient folks and you will be rewarded.

    29. Bahram Kavoosi on


      I understand that it will be late and I am prepared to wait, but if I don't have it by Christmas time I will certainly not be feeling very confident nor satisfied.

      You must understand that, while pebble was and still (atleast for now) is for now the best option for this type of product. There are companies working on very similar devices. If pebble cannot get us our products by spring of 2013. Then they won't have enough watches to begin selling to others by even summer of 2013. I guarantee you by that time another better project will emerge and that will be the end of pebble.

    30. JacoB on

      Funny how people forget that when they said "Ship in September" they were talking about 10,000 watches that were not waterproof nor were bluetooth 4.0. Higher funding meant a better project but it also meant longer delays. As a long time kickstarter backer I will be amazed if I get my pebble by May 2013

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      But having said that. It will be Apple proprietary and not allow open code. The very same reason I got an android phone in the first place.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      Apple can't beat them to it if they've been able to patent the idea.

    33. Robbie Bone on

      I have that feeling too... Apple may beat them to it unfortunately! It's success depends on whether they treat it as a 'hobby' like the Apple TV or something as revolutionary as the iPhone.

    34. Jeffrey Bower on

      Apple is set to announce a competing product with their new iPod nanos they are going to launch.

    35. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Sue Lingl The early 2013 date is for people now pre-ordering via the Pebble website, not kickstarter backers.

      @Corey Machado There shouldnt be any problem switching phones, its just used to send data to the watch and I guess you can switch as often as you like. The communication protocols will be the same and there wont be any software difference on the watch itself.

    36. Corey Machado on

      Will there be support to switch Operating Systems? i.e. if I decide to switch my iPhone for an Android?

    37. Sue Lingl on

      I read in the Wall Street Journal that you " hope to start shipping" to your Kicksyarter backers in early 2013. Please say it isn't so. My Pebbles are Christmas presents!!!

    38. Tom Ryan on

      Thanks, @muyiwa.

      The point by @DavidJames is good too. Technically we aren't investors like a VC, but I yield the point that having a set of goals can be motivating for employees and encouraging for customers. I agree with that point too.

      Kickstarter is an awesome platform (I was trying to imagine how anything remotely like this would be accomplished 15 or 20 years ago - answer: it wouldn't) and it's cool to be a part of it. Pebble is going to be a great product and I'm excited to be along for the ride!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ric Valentyn on

      ok starting to get a little worried... sorry guys just have seen a lot of schemes.... like reacting to not getting the shipping date updated - it is like you are reacting to a lot of responses after the fact instead of thinking ahead... I and my friend are really interested as backers but at least having a shipment date would be good - and saying you are testing shipments to see how long it takes? thats a quick message to postal, ups or others to get an answer right away. Hope to hear a better update soon.

    40. Chris Gray on

      Some friends of mine and I are interested in the Bluetooth wire protocol for a slick project idea, earlier it was mentioned that we could get acess to these? Any update?

    41. Missing avatar

      Colm Lynch on

      Looks great guys, keep up the good work.

    42. Thed Weller on

      I'm a backer, I'm waiting... just am extremely excited about this product! And I'm completely sick of my brother who currently has the WIMM and loves to show off! ;-) Ahhhhh, sibling rivalry.

    43. Alex Balcanquall on

      Actually davidjames comment about VC is not a good counterpoint and shows that he doesn't understand the VC process, where while a VC expects results they realize there are delays and realities of the world that need adjustment. That is no different from kick starter.

    44. Missing avatar

      jean-luc on

      It is ok for me, i waiting ...Rome wasn't built in one day

    45. Missing avatar

      muyiwa on

      I was just reading some other comments, and there is a brilliant point made by @TomKleven -

      "I spent $115 backing (NOT buying) a product, which means I don't get it immediately. I'm happy to watch the product take form, influence design decisions (e.g., packaging, color), and be part of a larger process that major watch manufacturers didn't want to be part of. That's what Kickstarter is! If I wanted a product now, I'd go to Target."

      It's a great point. As a counterpoint, here's an excerpt from @DavidJames

      "...if you raised 10M from VC, they would not allow you to say you will get a ship date when we feel confident. I think you owe it to your investors/customers to set goals, and do everything required to meet them." - which I also agree with.

    46. Missing avatar

      muyiwa on

      Im a first time backer, and I'm disappointed. However, I would prefer they take their time and give us a product at the level we expect, or even better. Much better than them shipping a buggy beta. I do wish I had a revised delivery date though.

    47. Missing avatar

      William Peterson on

      +1 to @Tom Carlson. Like some of you think you would have done any better & are owed everything in life right when it's promised. Well, my infant child, life sucks, things happen and you are only guaranteed one thing in this life and it's death. Get over yourselves and support some guys who are trying to bring you a superior product. Keep kicking @$$ team Pebble.

    48. Tom Carlson

      Oh how I wish there was a way to filter out comments by first-time backers.

    49. Jim L on

      @Alessandro I cannot speak for the Pebble crew, but have you backed any other projects from the ground up before? Any new project, that has not been created before is bound to have some snags, even with the best planning. I am not giving them excuses, but the Pebble team has been giving us great updates comparatively to the projects I have backed in the past.

      I am sorry you feel this way, and I understand your frustration. I was an i'm Watch pre-order-er (lol) but got my money back after MONTHS of delays. The straw the broke the camel's communication at all. With the amount of watches they have to make, I can only imagine the amount of work they need to do for us Kickstarters.

      Just take this with a grain of salt. Again, not giving any excuses, just the reality of the world we live in.

    50. Missing avatar

      Alessandro on

      What is the delay? You should know it,i Bet you have a planning in ms project. Since we backed the project i think we should have all the milestones of this project. I backed the project because i could accept a delivery date in september, of i know it was later than september i wouldn't have given my money.