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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Color Voting is Now Open!

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Vote on the 4th Pebble Color

After the dust settled from our #ColorMyPebble campaign, we whittled the color list down to 12 options. To check them out, head on over to:

You'll notice that anyone can vote on this page. Only the votes of the Kickstarter color backers will count towards the 4th color option, but everyone is free to make their voice heard! 

If you're a color backer, in order to ensure that your vote is counted, please use the same e-mail address that you used when backing Pebble on Kickstarter. 

If you vote multiple times, only your last vote will be counted. You can vote as often as you like until the closing date on July 21, 2012. Please help us out and complete the survey after you vote, as it helps us get a better idea of our Pebble user base!

Don't worry about the strap color, this survey is focusing on the color of the watch body.


Eric + Pebble Team

(Want to see what Pebble looks like in each color? Head over to the voting page

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    1. Seth Page on

      What watch are you thinking of?

    2. Jay Javeri on

      And having too many backers is just a bad excuse and greed on your part. You could have limited that number if you wanted / needed, so I don't buy that one...

    3. Jay Javeri on

      There are other watches which are now doing similar things - some of them better, some of them for less.
      Over a month late & still no definite shipping dates.

      You guys should seriously consider throwing in some added goodies to us backers, if not offering refunds to those who want them!

    4. Missing avatar

      elobos on

      I want a refund. If you can't give any updates after failing to deliver on a promised shipping date, you don't deserve my business.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joe Napolitano on

      just sit back and forget about it ... when it comes it will be that much more of a surprise!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jon Mulligan on

      Oops, old update! :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Jon Mulligan on

      Is there any chance of another update coming soon? I'm just interested to see whats going on!

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on

      There's a really easy solution for any self-professed "professionals" too stodgy and dull to rock a color: Jet Fucking Black. Boom. I just blew your mind.

    9. Tjp - The original one on

      I missed the actual vote as well. But yes folks, the change from producing 1000 units to 85,000 units would delay the ship date as the scale of manufacture is much larger, delays on slots for the manufacturing are longer as they are a much bigger deal, and even component supplies may have longer delays. The plus side is their profit per device will be higher, and that means more money to spend on longevity and new features like BT 4.0 and water resistance ... as well as advertising to stay viable long term! Kudos and keep going!

    10. Missing avatar

      Herpaul Lee on

      MetaWatch STRATA can received SNS from an iPhone. Why can't the Pebble?

    11. CaffeineJunkie on

      On June 8th they said they would update us every 3 week. Thats 21 days.
      The next update was June 29th (21 days). After that was July 6th (7 days), and the most recent was July 24th (18 days).
      The latest update includes some detailed photos of the work they've been doing.

      If you look next to your pledge it says "Estimated delivery September". Thats not a promise, or a deadline.

    12. Michael Rygaard on

      1) you promished update every 14 days - that is not really working for you.
      2) you promished shipping in September no you go " we wont make it" and do nothing to tell me when i will get my watch .

      It is not hard to du an update every 14 days - so get it done
      I hope you have a timeplan ? - lets see it, I would like to know when i get what i payed for

    13. Jody on

      I never saw the invitation to come vote. Hopefully you'll beat us over the head when we're allowed to actually choose the color for what we ordered. Please be as naggy as possible so that I don't end up with 10 black watches.

    14. Gary Duerr on

      What is the ship date? Am I going to have to give my Step-Son a song and a dance for his birthday on Aug 15th, or a Pebble?.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Sayers on

      Come on Pebble voting closed 4 days ago tally up those votes and let us know.

    16. Dotan Saguy on

      Are we still getting our watches for September as promised?

    17. Missing avatar

      MD on

      Dear all,
      can you also send me my watches to an US adress?
      Who could I contact?

    18. Ben on

      There must have been a lot of votes for it to take this long to tally them all....

    19. Missing avatar

      Phillip Lamb on

      +1, what's going on?

    20. Saurabh on

      What's the new update guys? Have you set any date in September for our deliveries?

    21. CaffeineJunkie on

      Well I guess they must have been using UTC as it's still the 20th where they are as I post this, and it was still the 20th everywhere else is the USA when you posted, however a cutoff must be made, and as you say the vote is now closed. I think the two weeks we had was more than sufficient.

      I am sorry you missed out however.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lynn M on

      I've been busy, but dropped by to finally vote. The info above states voting is open until July 21. But i can't vote because the link tells me voting is closed. I assumed this was being done on a US calendar; my calendar say today is the 20th.

    23. Allen S Miller on

      Blue for selfish boyfriend market-with kickstarter logo.

    24. Kim Lasen on

      Actually Pink (lets avoid legal stuff and dont call it magenta) would work perfectly for T-Mobile!

    25. Kristopher Buxton on

      pink for the girlfriend market, then I can justify my purchase

    26. Jeff A on

      I too vote for either a kickstarter logo or backer number.

    27. Jesse Hawkins on

      We all know that Orange is going to win. :) And that's fine by me.

    28. Robert Brown on

      I still wish the side panels and buttons of the face could be white on the white face to give it a cleaner presentation.

    29. nockgeneer on

      @Steve that wouldn't work for this design esp. as it would make it harder to waterfroof, not to mention more expensive to redesign / manufacture / test / etc...

    30. Steve Carleo on

      interchangeability of face plates would be nice

    31. Jaime Gonzalez Martinez on

      What i would like to get is the white sphere and the black wristrwap, kinda like the red one (red sphere and black wristwrap).

      I hope that's possible when the time comes to choose my color.

    32. David Henry on

      Agree with Caffeine Junkie. Keep it simple and small. Also, I hate phone cases, I would likely also hate a watch case

    33. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Juan Carlos Santana Pebble team have already said they could not do this and keep the same size and be waterproof. Personally I dont mind if a case makes my phone a bit bigger, but I dont want my watch any bigger.

    34. Juan Carlos Santana on

      they should make detachable colored covers to put on top so that we could change the colors of our pebbles, that way we can change the color without actually modding the actual watch just like a the hard cases used on the iPhones that snap on.

    35. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      My whole idea to make this exclusive is to have each Pebble engraved with our backer numbers.

    36. Shaun Brown on

      I agree with this, would be great to show off and nice to see and think "I helped this happen" =]

    37. Jason Wyn on

      I really like the idea of a Kickstarter logo on the pebbles ordered through kickstarter. On the back nice and discreet would be fantastic.

    38. Eric Martens on

      I think the whole first batch of Pebbles should have a limited edition kickstarter logo on there (maybe on the back). that would be a very cool "thank you" note!

    39. Donald Kalasardo on

      If the kickstarter green wins is it possible to get a limited edition kickstarter logo on it as well?

    40. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      btw, I share his opinion.
      especially distributers who only pay 100 dollars per wahtch shouldn't be granted "no.of pebbles x 1 vote"

    41. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      @andy: one of roberts key arguements is, that backers of multiple pebbles pay less per pebble. you could see the reduction as a loss of multiple votes e.g. one pebble cost 125 dollars, the double pack only 240 dollars (which could brake down to one full priced pebble at 125 dollars and one reduced pebble at only 115 dollars laking the vote.)

    42. Andy Huang on

      Actually, those are 100 units, so the 31 backers w/ 100 pebbles only maks up for 3,100 units/votes. There are over 55K individuals for 1 unit/votes, which alone by itself dwarfs the 100 unit backers. The idea that their say will wash out yours is not valid, at all.

    43. Andy Huang on

      Most names were albeit a bit unique to this project so it may not be as overly useful, but the idea is that they can relate the color to something that is closest resembling to what is known.

      Not entirely true. There are 31 backers w/ 1000 pebbles with intention to market them for the pebble project. They speak for 31,000 units/votes. There are over 55K individuals for 1 unit/votes (all backers can vote for color not just those who selected color version), and over 4900 for 2 units (around 9K total units/votes), and over 900 for 5 units (around 4500 units/votes). Those that ordered more rightfully deserves to vote more. And as you can see from the break down, they do not by any fetch water down your vote's importance.

    44. zoglog on

      for multi watch backers, still 1 vote?

    45. David Daniel Wouters on

      orange should be the one to win!

    46. Kris A on

      Yeah, honestly I don't think we should have 3 shades of grey here — this is a color option, not a tint option.

    47. Douglas Shieh on

      Please show names along with the colors.

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on

      Beige, blight gray, dark gray and bluish dark gray all made the final 12? Really? A full third of the "color" options are bland, mild variations on black and white?

    49. Rahimi Rusli on

      I don't think the closing date for the voting should be that late.

    50. Missing avatar

      Robert Jordan on

      I pledged for two color Pebbles as well, but fine with having just one vote. I mean seriously - each level, the cost per Pebble dropped. If you wanted two votes, you could have done two $125 packages. I did the $240 and am fine that it just comes with one vote. I would shudder to see the 31 who did the 1000 Pebble packages just overwhelm the rest of us...