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Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
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Open, Collaborative, Crowdsourced: Meet the Pebble Health Wellness Platform

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Introducing Open Health, for Healthier Habits

Since releasing Pebble Health with step- and sleep-tracking last year, we’ve been hard at work evolving our health offerings on Pebble. Today we’re introducing our vision for a suite of health services to help you develop and maintain healthy habits. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, we believe we can all stand to be a little healthier and happier--whether that’s by coping with stress, staying active, getting the right vitamins and nutrients, or checking in on your mood.

The world of health on wearables is unknown territory: no one yet knows what services will work best for people, or how to deliver a good experience that doesn’t try to be one-size-fits-all. In order to build the best health experiences imaginable, we’re taking some exciting steps to make our platform more open and collaborative: we’re publishing our activity tracking algorithms, releasing an experimental app to give you feedback on your mood, and announcing our plans to collaborate with researchers to bring the benefits of cutting-edge science directly to our users. 

Publishing Pebble Health’s Activity Tracking Algorithms

Published algorithms are the missing piece in making wearables useful to developers and relevant to healthcare researchers, but no wearable device maker has opened the black box--until now. Providing greater visibility into how these algorithms work will allow others to expand upon our offerings, validate our output, and recommend improvements--making for better products and stronger collaboration all around.

A writeup of our approach is available on our Research Blog. We’re excited to take this first, critical step towards a more transparent, comprehensive health development platform! 

The Happiness App

Health is bigger than steps, sleep, and workouts: your mood, energy, and stress levels have a huge impact on how healthy you feel. Our experimental Happiness App leverages the convenience of having Pebble right on your wrist to check in on how you’re doing throughout the day.

Available on the Pebble appstore now.
Available on the Pebble appstore now.


During this one-week program, you can give input on other factors in your environment to get feedback on how those factors correlate to your fluctuating mood.


Download the Happiness App here to start using it with your Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, or Pebble Time Round. Just click the link from your mobile phone and follow the prompts to install the app. For help getting set up, visit our support page on Help with Happiness App Set Up.

We’ve been testing the app internally and generating some fun results and insights. Read about our experience with the Happiness App on the Pebble Research Blog

Study with Mobilize Center at Stanford aims to motivate physical activity 

We’re working hard to foster collaboration with the experts who know what it takes to effectively and sustainably improve your health. To start, we’re working with the Mobilize Center at Stanford University, a research center funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Big Data to Knowledge Initiative. With Mobilize, we are developing an app that encourages people to be more active throughout the day.

“Long periods of inactive, sedentary time are associated with greater incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes,” says Jennifer Hicks, Director of Data Science at Mobilize, “but relatively few interventions specifically target this behavior.” As one of the largest studies of its kind, the proposed study has the potential to deliver groundbreaking insights towards solving this widespread, complex problem.

By working with research groups, Pebble can improve and extend our existing developer toolset to make it easier for researchers to build health-related apps. In the long run, we hope our users can reap the benefits of these learnings as we make these apps and studies available to our community. 

Pebble Research Blog

We’re publishing our algorithms along with our own research studies on our new Pebble Research Blog. Check it out as we add more content from the medical research community! You can also join our Health Mailing List for updates on our progress and new apps from the Pebble team.


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    1. Mark Warren on

      @Creator, will Pebble provide source code that implements the "Open" Health algorithms? (asking again in hopes that you'll see and respond this time :-) ).

    2. Missing avatar

      Gordon Cameron on

      The happieness app needs, on the main notification screen, an option to turn off the notifications. Say I work an overnight shift and my watch quiet time ends 7 A.M. , when I get home I don't want my watch to buzz on my wrist because I dont fill out a survey. No matter what button combonation the watch will never stop asking or stop buzzing. That is a problem when I was planning on waking up at 4 p.m. but cannot sleep with a buzzing watch every 7 minutes. If I left the watch on amcounter with any other app it would last a week. After the happienpss app went off for 5 hours the watch was dead. This app is poorly designed with too wany options and questions for how many times a day it asks you to fill out the survey, and the lack of a permanent dismiss button ruins it completely.

    3. Guy Raz on

      @Creator - RK and I asked the same question: do all Pebble apps work on both Pebble 2 and Pebble Time, or are some - like those in color - restricted to Pebble Time? If some apps are not Pebble 2 compatible, do you maintain a list of apps for each model? Thanks!

    4. Atanas Mishev on

      Hello there and thank you for such a great product!

      Question: It is possible for Time 2 to track cycling?

    5. Missing avatar

      RK on

      @ Creator,
      I ordered only a Pebble 2. Does this app also work on Pebble 2 as well?
      As your update said "Download the Happiness App here to start using it with your Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, or Pebble Time Round.".

    6. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      This new app sadly ignores the "dnd" mode of my pebble watch and it is way to persistent when it wants its hourly input, constantly vibrating, untill i press some button...

    7. Marsha Tyszler

      As an academic, I totally dig this news! Neato!!

    8. R Travis Brown on

      @Creator will pebble health still sync with google fit?

    9. R Travis Brown on

      @Hugo....think you might have missed the part about software being a part of the product.

    10. WNJ85 on

      @Creator what with the additional resources of the Pebble Time 2, will it be possible to have more than a single background app that is currently available?

    11. Hugo Silva on

      Isnt this update space for news about the kickstarter Champaign ??? Why informações about other things ??

    12. Pebble Technology 3-time creator

      The Happiness app works fine without being set as a background app.

    13. Ronald Wong Ho Hip on

      @Guy yes it should work on Pebble 2 because it's the same operating system.

      I see this Happiness App is a background app. And Pebble Time only supports one background app... Now I have to make a choice to get rid of Letsmuv which I run in the background. I guess this is an easy choice since those guys in Spain haven't updated their app in months. Pitty though since I have so much data on Letsmuv I paid for it as well. Maybe they will share what they have on the open platform stuff but some how I doubt it.

    14. Ammar Dukhan

      As a researcher, that sounds good to me..... That's the reason why I love Pebble!!!! Go ahead!

    15. Whyman on

      welcome to SHENZHEN

    16. Guy Raz on

      @Jeff McLean - I ordered the Pebble 2, but the update only shows a color screen Pebble Time app, and no mention of Pebble 2 compatibility, so I hope someone can tell me.

    17. Jeff McLean on

      @guy raz. I have the app running now on my pebble time.

    18. Mark Warren on

      Will Pebble also provide the source code used to implement their "Open" Health algorithms? While Nathaniel Stockham covered them briefly from a mathematical point of view, it would be much more useful to review the actual implementation. Thanks!

    19. Guy Raz on

      @Creator - do these apps just work on Time 2 or also Pebble 2?

    20. Collin Gowdy on

      Wow this is really cool information! Very glad I came around to Pebble the second time around! Looks like there's going to be a lot of really good self evaluation potential and I love me a good self evaluation! Time to streamline and enhance my life with DATA! Very excited for my Time 2!

    21. Missing avatar

      Pete B on

      App link not working here in UK...