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The press-your-luck bluffing game with simultaneous play that will blow your mind! From the creative mind of Anthony Burch.
The press-your-luck bluffing game with simultaneous play that will blow your mind! From the creative mind of Anthony Burch.
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World Championship Russian Roulette by Anthony Burch




Congratulations! You've made it to the World Championship! Unfortunately, it's in Russian Roulette. In this press-your-luck bluffing game with simultaneous play, you (and up to 5 other players) are the team captain of your nation's Russian Roulette team. Be the first to win 15 victory points or be the last captain with your brains still in your skull to win! Players earn points by bidding on how many pulls of their gun's trigger they can survive. Get 1 point for every pull that doesn't kill you!

x6 Bidding Dice: 6 different teams/colors (Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Grey)  
x6 Pocket Reference Cards: 6 different teams, indicate the game phases)
x48 Gun Cards: All with identical card backs
      x6 Red blank cards
      x6 Blue blank cards
      x6 Purple blank cards
      x6 Yellow blank cards
      x6 Brown blank cards
      x6 Grey blank cards
      x12 Bullet cards
x6 Team Captain Cards: 6 different teams. If yours dies, you lose.
x18 Teammate Cards: 6 different teams worth
x40 Action Cards: You know they're fun because they are "action" cards.
x42 Victory Bullet Tokens: 18 golden bullets and 24 silver bullets.
x1 Full Color Rulebook: If you don't like our tutorial videos, learn the game the ol' fashion way...reading.
x High Quality Box: Keeps your game organized and safe from all sorts of catastrophes.
Some Baggies: To help allay your fears that components will escape the box.



Play happens simultaneously, so each player goes through each of the 6 phases of the game at the same time. The six phases are:

Each player looks at their 7 card gun deck, making sure other players can't see the face of their card. Each player chooses 1 of their 7 cards to place facedown on the table. This card is considered "pocketed." If a player places a bullet card (instead of one of their 6 blank cards), they are "cheating" within the game as they have a gun without bullets. Careful, while this is tempting, getting caught cheating has consequences (see Challenge Phase below).

Each player should shuffle the remaining 6 cards of their gun deck.

Players use their 6-sided die to privately rotate it until the top face shows the number of trigger pulls they intend to attempt during the Trigger Phase (see below). This is their bid.

Now is the time to catch a player you suspect is cheating. Officially accuse a player by flipping over your own pocket card and indicate which player you are accusing of cheating. That player must reveal the card they pocketed. If they weren't cheating (it was a blank card), then you get an extra bullet in your gun deck and they get 1 action card. If they were cheating, then the judge eliminates one of their teammates and you get 3 action cards!

All players place one hand on their gun deck and the other against their temple (like a gun). For each number they bid, they reveal a card. If you don't reveal a bullet card, congrats! You get a point for every trigger pull. If you do reveal a bullet, one of your teammates dies BUT you get an action card as a severance package.

Didn't die? Then grab yourself a victory point for every trigger pull.

The difference between this being just a game of pressing your luck and a game of skill is the ACTION CARDS! All players start with 1, and anytime a teammate dies, you always get 1 action card as a severance package. So what is an Action Card?

Action cards allow you to do incredible acts of bravery or skullduggery during the game. Aim at another player for a turn, peek at the top 3 cards of your gun deck before bidding, or bribe the judge to allow you to cheat for a round! The combinations of action cards make it possible for a player to plan the entire round to ensure their victory. But be careful, you will not be the only one with Action Cards!

Bang! Now that we're funded, it's time to reveal our roadmap to the river awesome. Every copy of #WCRR comes with all unlocked stretch goals. We've got more to come, so share and stay tuned!










Social goals are a way of rewarding people for taking interest in not only this campaign, but the company (Tuesday Knight Games) as a whole. So we thought the best way to reward your extra special attention is with extra special free games!!

We’re talking Print-and-Play games (PnP), comrades. Anytime any one of the below milestones is reached, we will unlock a free PnP game available to everyone!! Here is the coolest thing, these should be relatively easy to accomplish. At this point, we are reaching near 800 backers. So if every backer just contributed to each of the below social goals, you would unlock a shoot ton of PnPs!

UNLOCKED! We have a podcast, and some people think that it’s really good. Give us a good review! (currently: 51 reviews but you can still give us great reviews just 'cause, pretty please!)

Yeah, this about the podcast again, but some people don’t have iTunes or don’t want to write a review. Follow us on SoundCloud! ( currently 121 followers) 

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Yeah, six different categories means we have six possible free games to unlock. The first of which is...World Championship Russian Roulette PnP version! Maybe the print and play will be so good that everyone just reduces their pledge to $1. Or maybe, we hope, that it’s so good that everyone and their neighbor’s pet dog decides to buy 2 copies of #WCRR.

It took a lot of people to get World Championship Russian Roulette right and we're extremely proud of the team that worked on this amazing game.

Anthony Burch was the lead writer of Borderlands 2, as well as also writing for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands. He's the co-creator and co-star of the web series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin, and he currently works at Rocketjump. He can deadlift around 160 lbs.

Weberson Santiago is an illustrator for the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. He has illustrated numerous children's books, and has also worked with publishers at home and abroad, including Rolling Stone, Marvel, and DC Comics. In the boardgame world, he is perhaps best known for illustrating the Brazillian version of Coup, as well as doing the art for the recent hit game, The Bloody Inn.

Adam quit his big-time corporate graphic designer career in 2014 to do artwork for small-time board games full-time because he hates sleep and doesn't know how money works. He has worked on over 30 board game projects in the past two years, with no chance of slowing down anytime soon. 

Alan co-created Two Rooms and a Boom with Sean and co-founded Tuesday Knight Games with him as well. Outside of TKG, Alan is a psychology professor when he isn't designing games or starting fight clubs around the globe.

Sean co-created Two Rooms and a Boom with Alan and co-founded Tuesday Knight Games with him as well. Outside of TKG, Sean freelances as a graphic designer/writer/potato.

Tuesday Knight Games is committed to making games that are for gamers and non-gamers alike, bringing people together for memorable experiences. Our first game, Two Rooms and a Boom was funded on Kickstarter and has since garnered a fan following. Currently, the game is sold out in most areas, but new copies are on their way. We're also huge Kickstarter addicts ourselves! We fully support Kicking It Forward and the crowdfunding community. 







Risks and challenges

Tuesday Knight Games is a company run by two friends. Yeah, they get on one another's nerves due to trying to run a company, but they've learned a few things about publishing a game.

Delays are always a big challenge. But Sean McCoy and I (Alan Gerding) have learned from our previous mistakes publishing Two Rooms and a Boom. This time, we already have the art and design finished. Once the game funds, we will be able to send the files to our manufacturer and tell them, "Print, suckas! PRINT!" By having all art and graphical assets finished prior to running the Kickstarter campaign, we should be able to get World Championship Russian Roulette into your hands as quickly as we can.

However, no amount of planning can prepare for delays that are not in our control. For instance, the game must be freighted from one continent to another. A labor strike, storm, or any other catastrophe could hold the game up at port. Customs could take more time than expected when approving the game. There are obstacles that can arise that we, as two dudes, can't control.

No matter what, here is our promise to our backers. We will keep you informed. We learned through our previous campaign that the most difficult part of running a Kickstarter is sharing bad news with our backers. It's a double whammy. Not only are we bummed that there's a problem, but we also don't want to tell our most generous and excellent backers that we have bad news. But no matter how uncomfortable it is, we PROMISE that we will keep you informed of what is going on in the background via Kickstarter updates.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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