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The party game of hidden roles and social deduction that is always a blast! "4th Best Game OF ALL TIME" (Shut Up and Sit Down)!
The party game of hidden roles and social deduction that is always a blast! "4th Best Game OF ALL TIME" (Shut Up and Sit Down)!
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New Push-Your-Luck Game on Kickstarter Right Now!

Posted by Sean McCoy (Collaborator)

The gang at Tuesday Knight Games is up to again with their third game. Live now on Kickstarter is "That's Not Lemonade!" For only $10, you can get in on this super easy to learn press-your-luck party game. Game play is as easy as asking yourself: to drink or not to drink? Drink the most lemonade and you win... but watch out! Some people have seen Little Johnny, the neighborhood rascal, sneakin’ about, and you might end up drinking something... That's Not Lemonade!

  • Open Table Game: Join late, leave early, the game still works! 
  • Easy to Learn, Fast to Play: Takes one turn to learn and only ten minutes to play! 
  • Maximum Tension, Minimum Rules: Press-your-luck distilled down to its purest form. A card counter’s delight!

Designed by the incredible Matt Fantastic with beautiful art by Kelsey Cretcher, That's Not Lemonade! is a great addition to your table. It's fast, light, and fun and we really think you'll enjoy it. If you like games like:

  • Incan Gold 
  •  Pass the Pigs 
  • or Blackjack... 

...then you'll love "That's Not Lemonade!" The game plays 2-6 players in just 10 minutes! Or, you can combine 2 copies of the game to play up to 12 players! But that may not be the best part of this Kickstarter...


What?!? Yes. Huh? That's right. You can get your dirty mitts on:

  • Two Rooms and a Boom 
  •  World Championship Russian Roulette 
  •  and That's Not Lemonade... 

...for just $45. Now that is a steal, especially considering the money you'll save on shipping. You can get this by pledging at the TKG Bundle level of the That's Not Lemonade! kickstarter.

The First Expansion is Live on Kickstarter!

Posted by Alan Gerding (Creator)


If you haven’t already heard, the first expansion to the game you backed, Two Rooms and a Boom is live on Kickstarter! Think of it as Two Rooms and a Boom on HARD MODE! Or maybe think of it as H.P. Lovecraft being a fan of Two Rooms, tapping us on the shoulder, and asking us, “Can I make a few character cards?” We said, “Sure.” Then he made these wicked difficult cards and said, “By the way, you should not only let people color share when playing with few players, but encourage it.” We were like, “Whoa!” And then H.P. smiled with an inhuman sharped-toothed grin before disappearing before our very eyes. He left us with the terrifying understanding that there are such great and real horrors in the ghosts...that leave us with a most excellent expansion for Two Rooms and a Boom!

We wanted to make our first expansion special so we focused on four things that we thought would make the game incredibly fun for old fans and new fans alike:

  • Character cards inspired by the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft (we're talking the Cthulhu Mythos, here).
  • Enhanced tension and play for seasoned Boomers (peeps that enjoy playing Two Rooms).
  • Introduces and encourages color sharing when playing with fewer than 11 players.
  • Specifically designed to make Two Rooms just as fun with few players. Only have 6 players? NO PROBLEM!

Stay in Touch with Us

Want to know more about our projects or what we are doing? Here are some ways to do that:

  • Tuesday Knight Podcast - We do a weekly podcast in which we provide updates, insights into running a small independent game company, and other games we've been playing. 
  • Updates - If you back Necroboomicon, we answer questions and post info via comments and updates (kind of like this one that you’re reading now). 
  • Newsday Night Newsletter - Free games and updates straight to your inbox? Yep. With every issue we send a free game along with a big Tuesday Knight Games announcement. 
  • Facebook - Have you heard of Facebook? We have. #Necroboomicon 
  • Twitter - If you think we talk too much, Twitter is perfect for you. 
  • Board Game Geek - Play Two Rooms and a Boom online!

GAME 2: World Championship Russian Roulette is Live!

Posted by Alan Gerding (Creator)

Anthony Burch's World Championship Russian Roulette #WCRR 

Yep. We're at it again. Tuesday Knight Games just launched our second game on Kickstarter. Here’s the pitch: Congratulations! You’ve made it to the World Championship! Unfortunately, it’s in Russian Roulette. Anthony Burch’s World Championship Russian Roulette is a press-your-luck bluffing game for 2 to 6 players. You play the part of the team captain of a world-class Russian Roulette team. Be the first team to 15 victory points, or the last team with their brains still in their skull, to win! One of the best parts of the game is its simultaneous play, so players don’t have to wait for their turn. This game will blow your mind! 

Maybe you’ve played it at GenCon, BGGCon, or Origins. Maybe you heard about it on our podcast. Or maybe you heard Anthony Burch’s game mentioned by Shut Up or Sit Down. Regardless, this highly anticipated game is on Kickstarter right now! If you’re happy with Two Rooms and a Boom, we really believe you’ll be happy with our second game. They both scratch the same itch, but only if that itch was located on a table with 5 of your friends…instead…you know…and itch that is between you and 29 other people between two rooms.

Two Rooms and a Boom has gone mobile 

Missing Two Rooms and a Boom? Haven't been able to grab another copy since we sold out? No worries! The game will always be available for free as a Print-and-Play at the Tuesday Knight Games site. But perhaps even cooler, we are working on an app! Tuesday Knight Games suckered one of our fans, Nathan Ng, to start programming an app for us. It’s still in its very beta format, but you can use your mobile browser and go to to start playing today. As long as everyone has their own mobile device, you don’t even need the card game! Please, check it out and know that we plan on doing bigger and greater things with the app. We are even working on a Host Helper portion of the app to help you host the game when you do have the cards. In the meantime, give it a play and feel free to email us some feedback at

2nd Printing of Two Rooms coming in July

Speaking of people not being able to grab copies of Two Rooms and a Boom, it’s because we sold out. We, once again, we’re two bozos that didn’t think we would sell all of our copies so quickly. Since Christmas, we haven’t had a copy to sell. Well, more copies are coming and they should be available by July. JULY?!? What not the same month in which you sold out? Because manufacturing takes time, that's why. Think of it as ordering a sit-down meal at a restaurant, except every minute is like an hour…and in February all the cooking and wait staff just leave for a month, leaving you sitting there in the dark waiting for your meal. Then when your meal is finally ready, they put it on a slow ass boat instead of just walking it from the kitchen to your table. Yeah. That’s why not January, but July!

Tuesday Knight Podcast is a thing!

Tired of reading about us? Well now you can get tired of listening to us too! Tuesday Knight Games conned one of our fans, SBJ, to host a podcast for us. He pretty much does all the work while Sean McCoy and Alan Gerding just show up and talk about the business of board games. We are really surprised that SBJ agreed to help us because he already hosts a way more popular podcast about Pokemon (It’s Super Effective). Give us a listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, or even on YouTube (because apparently people listen to podcasts on a video service). Better yet, listen to us, write us a review, AND tell your friends to do the same. Apparently, we are doing something right because more people are listening all the time and we are starting to score special guests. For instance, Matt Lees of Shut Up and Sit Down was recently a guest host. Today’s episode features Anthony Burch. (Yeah, the guy that designed WCRR, the game that just launched today…this is not a coincidence).

Newsday Night Newsletter vs. Kickstarter Updates! 

Many of you awesome backers already got all this news because you signed up for our email newsletter entitled Newsday Night. Some of you opted not to sign up for the newsletter when filling out your Kickstarter survey for Two Rooms and a Boom. Hey, we get it. Emails can be annoying. That’s why we include a free game with every issue of Newsday Night. Sometimes it’s a print-and-play game, sometimes it’s just a folklore game, and other times some sort of other kind of game that we can send in an email. So if you’re interested, Newsday Night is just like this stupid update, but with a game to reward you for your time. Sign up at the bottom of any of our pages on our website.

Hey backers, thanks so much for sticking with us during the journey that was Two Rooms and a Boom. You'll always be special to us. Stay awesome.

Fulfillment of Promises

Posted by Alan Gerding (Creator)

Ideaspatcher Levels Up

Hey international backers, many of you are reported your games successfully landing at your front door. Excellent news! But what about those of you still eagerly awaiting your basic boom boxes? Ideaspatcher graciously decided to email our International backers with tracking information (check your spam folders)! On their own accord, they wanted to make sure our backers felt that their fulfillment was in good hands. So, if you haven’t received the email already, expect one with your individual tracking information soon.

Also, keep in mind that Ideaspatcher provided September 9th as the day in which international backers should receive their games. If you still don’t have your game by that day’s end, email them at

Narrative Playsets 

There are the 2 things we wanted to do for the Two Rooms and a Boom narrative playsets. We want to reveal a story and offer players the opportunity to “level up.” But...both of these are really difficult in Two Rooms and a Boom. Why? Because half the friggin’ players blow up after every game! How can someone have an ongoing story or level up if they get exploded most of the time?

Well, we think we figured it out and we hope you enjoy the following narrative playset. But what we really hope, more than anything, is that you enjoy the system so much that players will be inspired to use the same formula to construct their very own narrative playsets. If this happens, please share them with us so we can share them with the rest of the world. You can do this by emailing us at

Download the Playset Here!

Fair warning: I have a difficult time writing serious drama.

Almost Done

Posted by Alan Gerding (Creator)

International Backers

That's right, we are almost done. Soon we will be able to stop annoying everyone with these updates. Ideaspatcher (the international fulfillment company handling our account) confirmed that the last of the international orders of Two Rooms were shipped on Friday the 28th. If any international backers do not have their copies by Wednesday, September 9th, these backers should contact them at:

Narrative Playsets

I've personally been finalizing the narrative playsets. They are designed, tested, and now they are in their final stages of proofreading. The narrative playsets teach a completely different way to play the game. I'm 90% excited to share these with you and 10% nervous. When we release these files next week, it is my sincere hope that you'll give them a try and find them to add even more spice to your group games of Two Rooms and a Boom. Until next week, thanks again for your continued support.