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Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to
its purest form.
Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to its purest form.
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From the team that brought you Two Rooms and a Boom...

In this super easy to learn press-your-luck game, there’s only one question you have to ask yourself: to drink or not to drink? Drink the most lemonade and you win... but watch out! Some people have seen Little Johnny, the neighborhood rascal, sneakin’ about, and you might end up drinking something... That's Not Lemonade!

  • Open Table Game: Join late, leave early, the game still works! 
  • Easy to Learn, Fast to Play: Takes one turn to learn and only ten minutes to play! 
  • Maximum Tension, Minimum Rules: Press-your-luck distilled down to its purest form. A card counter’s delight!

Designed by the incredible Matt Fantastic with beautiful art by Kelsey Cretcher, That's Not Lemonade! is a great addition to your table. It's fast, light, and fun and we really think you'll enjoy it. The first time we ever played - we started at midnight and didn't leave the table until six in the morning. That's a lot of playing for a 10 minute game!

The goal of That's Not Lemonade! is to be the first player to earn three lemons. You earn a lemon by collecting the most lemonade cards in a round, but watch out! Some of the cards are That's Not Lemonade cards and if you draw one, you're out for the round. 

Overall, the gameplay is simple. All you have to do is decide whether to hit or pass. To keep it simple, there's only four kinds of cards:

  • Lemonade Cards: You want these. Collect the most of these and win your round.
  • DOUBLE Lemonade Cards: You want these even more. They're worth two lemonades (duh).
  • Ice Cards: These are junk cards that help break ties, they don't do much for you, but they're way better than...
  • That's Not Lemonade! Cards: Draw one of these cards and you're out for the round!

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is simple! But don't be fooled, this game is tough! Whoever gets the most Lemonade in the round gets to keep a lemonade card (putting them one closer to winning). This means there are even fewer lemonade cards in the deck, and you're now more likely to draw a That's Not Lemonade! card. The odds have changed! Trying to keep all the cards straight in your head keeps the game challenging, while the overall rules of the game are so easy, a four year old can play (trust us, we have nieces and nephews)!

We worked really hard to make this little game just perfect. It fits in a tiny box (about half the size of Two Rooms and a Boom or World Championship Russian Roulette) with a nice plastic insert tray to hold the six mini-cups, the character reference tiles, and the cards. It really is gorgeous and we can't wait for you to see it.

We've got two easy pledge levels to make things convenient for you.

  • That's Not Lemonade! ($10): For only $10 you get the game and everything that comes with it! If you want additional copies, you'll have a chance to add those on with our pledge manager after the kickstarter has ended.
  • TKG Bundle ($45): For only $45 you get one of each of our games! You'll get Two Rooms and a Boom, World Championship Russian Roulette, and That's Not Lemonade! That's $15 in savings (not to mention the shipping!).

Stay tuned! We've got a couple more pledge levels coming your way shortly.

Nope! Not this time. That's Not Lemonade! is perfect as is and we don't want to clutter it up with a bunch of useless junk. The game is light and tight and the product is too. We promise when we make a heavier minis game (Two Armies and a Boom?) we'll have *like* a bajillion stretch goals.

Risks and challenges

Every Kickstarter is not without it's own risks and challenges. This is our fifth Kickstarter and we've seen our fare share of roadblocks, stumbles, and pitfalls. However, we always do right by our backers no matter what. Usually, our biggest issues come during fulfillment, and we're switching things up by picking our fulfillment partners better and keeping a closer eye on them. However, our art and design have all been finished and we've looked at digital proofs from our manufacturer. No matter what, we will get you the best product we possibly can (even if Sean has to go to China. Again.).

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    Pledge US$ 10 or more About US$ 10

    That's Not Lemonade!

    A copy of the base game That's Not Lemonade!

    • x6 Character Reference Tiles
    • x8 Lemonade Cards
    • x2 Double Lemonade Cards
    • x4 Ice Cards
    • x4 That's Not Lemonade! Cards
    • x6 Mini Cups
    • Rulebook
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    Pledge US$ 45 or more About US$ 45

    TKG Bundle!

    Get a copy of all of our games!

    • x1 Copy of That's Not Lemonade!
    • x1 Copy of Two Rooms and a Boom
    • x1 Copy of World Championship Russian Roulette
    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    67 backers
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