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Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to
its purest form.
Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to its purest form.
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Survey Update!

Posted by Sean McCoy (Collaborator)

What the heck is goin' on with the Surveys?

Great question! So here's the long story, as we've mentioned before, we've never used BackerKit before. No big deal, seems like a decent service, and we've figured it out for the most part. The first big hurdle was making sure our Gen Con pickup people wouldn't receive a duplicate survey (solved!) but the second part has to do with inventory.

Shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ended we shipped copies of Two Rooms and a Boom, World Championship Russian Roulette, and Necroboomicon from our warehouse at Amazon to our fulfillment company (Quartermaster Logistics, they've been great). WCRR and Necroboomicon arrived just fine - however, the copies of Two Rooms got lost somewhere in the shuffle on Amazon's end (only some of our order arrived). In the meantime, we ran out of stock of Two Rooms and a Boom on Amazon. I've had a ticket open with Amazon Support for a few weeks, and we've escalated a few times, but it looks like right now we can't count on Amazon finding our lost inventory, or at least not doing it on a timeline that suits us.

So, here's the thing: we're going to wait until next week to see if the inventory arrives as planned, and if it does, awesome, we can correctly populate Backerkit with the right inventory numbers and ya'll can order to your heart's content. If it doesn't, we'll send the surveys out with the caveat that if you ordered the TKG Bundle or want to add a copy of Two Rooms and a Boom onto your pledge, there will be a slight delay in shipment for your games. 

How long a delay? We've already re-ordered Two Rooms and a Boom from our manufacturer and it's on schedule to land in November (the proof arrives tomorrow actually). If the games from Amazon show up between now and then, we'll ship out to TKG Bundle customers first, and then the rest as the games arrive.

We're sorry about the weird delay hiccup here but otherwise things are looking good. The copies of That's Not Lemonade! should be arriving in the next couple of weeks at our fulfillment company and we're excited to start shipping those out.

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    1. Smokey DeBear

      Thanks for the info!

    2. Greg B

      Behold a rare sight!
      An update for a Kickstarter campaign that's actually quite thorough and informative!

      Not the worst problem to have; demand greater than supply.