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Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to
its purest form.
Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to
its purest form.
Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block? Press-your-luck distilled down to its purest form.
776 backers pledged $16,481 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alan Gerding 5-time creator

      @Greg - We will keep making games as long as people like you still want them.
      @Jill, Ned, Yoav - We will do our best so that you can customize your orders through BackerKit for the best possible deal on shipping. We don't get the money you spend on shipping, the shipment companies do. So it is to all of our benefit to find the most affordable options.
      @GrandKhan44 and everyone - Thank you so much for a great and smooth campaign! We hope you really enjoy your games...coming to you soon!

    2. GrandKhan44 on


    3. Missing avatar

      Yoav Shai on

      Will I be able to upgrade my pledge level to a bundle via BackerKit?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ned Davis

      Can I just add 2R1B in the pledge manager (in addition to TNL)?

    5. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Can I pledge for 2x of the $45 Bundle at the $20 shipping to Australia for a total of $110 and get two of everything?

    6. Greg B

      Pledge upgraded to bundle!
      After this, I'll have three copies of 2R1B, two of WCRR and two of TNL, all for good reasons of course :D

      Sean and Alan, you guys just need to produce more games so I can stop buying extra copies of your current ones.

    7. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Charles Glad to have you sir *salute*

    8. Charles Wright on

      #1 Fan Emeritus™ checking in!

    9. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Ruben Great idea! Done and done. If a bunch of people change their pledge because of this I will owe you a commission.*


    10. Missing avatar

      Ruben Dorpmans on

      Yes! The bundle is great! I was about to drop my pledge but since I can get the other games for only 2$ extra in shipping I've changed my mind :) I would put out an update about this new bundle though; if I didn't check this comment section I wouldn't even have known about it and just dropped my pledge.

    11. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Yoav - Unfortunately, that's the case. We've passed on the best shipping we possibly can with the bundled products, but sometimes it's not cost effective for our fulfillment company.

    12. Rotting Goat Corpse

      Least played because of the required number of players?

    13. Thomas Mulvany on

      @Rotting Goat Corpse

      2 Rooms is my least played yet most favourite game in my collection of nearly 100!

    14. Rotting Goat Corpse

      Also.. both very easy to convert to drinking games. ;-)

    15. Rotting Goat Corpse

      I am very excited. I have never played 2 rooms and a boom, but I own World championship Russian Roulette and love it. Thanks TKG!

    16. Missing avatar

      Yoav Shai on

      I was hoping that the bundle will come with shipping costs similar to ordering multiple copies of TNL, but it bumps shipping to Israel from $25 to $62, which is a tough pricepoint. Is this the shipping price with all of these sent together?

    17. Clarisse

      Super! That makes more sense. Thank you for explaining, Alan! :) I was thinking that we'd need to pour drinks in them, and they'd need to be replaced at some point..

    18. Alan Gerding 5-time creator

      @Rod - If you add on a game (either through the TKG bundle or as a add-on at the end of the campaign through BackerKit), they will be shipped at the same time to save time and money. The good news is that shipping is going to be relatively soon! We sent the files to the manufacturer as soon as we funded and we are on track to have your games shipped to you as early as next month! Keep our fingers crossed that there are no union strikes, tropical thunderstorms, or custom pirates that delay the deliveries.

      @J.J. & Clarisse - The cups do have a function in the game! When you want to pass, you turn the cup upside down. When you want to "hit" (take a card) you pound your cup right-side-up. If you're eliminated, you either tip over your cup or put the That's Not Lemonade card on top of your cup. What this does (besides being fun) is adds a very visual indicator as to what a player did on their previous turn. This is important when considering the round ends the MOMENT that no cups are right-side-up.

      I hope this helps explain the cups. Trust me, during playtesting, cups were highly requested.

    19. Clarisse

      I've been wondering the same thing about the cups...

    20. J. J. Gunnell

      I see that the min solo cups are cool, but do they have any actual function in the game?

    21. Missing avatar

      Rod on

      So with the bundle will we get the other games before lemonade since they’re already out, or will we have to wait until lemonade is done and get them all together?

    22. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Saigunas All our shipping is currently EU friendly. No separate pledge level for just TNL+WCRR, but we'll be using BackerKit at the end of the campaign so that you can add-on whatever you want.

      @Alex Basically, yes. There were no KS exclusives for 2R1B or WCRR that I can think of.

    23. Alex

      @Creators - Hey! I got myself a bundle. Do they come with the original KS stretch goals as well for the 2 Rooms and Roulette? Thanks

    24. Missing avatar

      Saigunas Kasikauskas on

      Hey guys, any chance you will make this game EU friendly? 15€ for the shipping is quite a lot considering that game is only 10€
      Also could you make a separate lavel whete of pledge for TNL and Russian roulette?

    25. Thomas Mulvany on

      @Sean Got it! Night D: :D

    26. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Thomas GET SOME SLEEP!

      No the dealer rotates like in poker. So I deal around, then pass the deck, they deal a round, then pass the deck, etc.

    27. Thomas Mulvany on

      @Sean @Enthony

      I too, was waiting on a reply to the questions. So is the dealer the "6th" player, and whoever wins a round becomes the new dealer? Or (I think I'm confusing myself here) is the dealer a 7th player??!???!
      Because (correct me if I'm wrong) there's 10 lemon cards including the doubles. So that would equal for 2 wins for 5 players. But if the dealer is a 7th player you would use the ice breaker for 2 wins right?!?!?
      Actually, I think my brain has collapsed :/

      Okay the 6th player is the dealer. And because games are so short. You play another and swap dealers??

      Hmmm... I think I need some sleep

    28. Sean McCoy Collaborator on


      1) Passing isn't like folding - if you pass on your turn you can still hit on your next turn. If everyone passes the round ends.
      2) On a tie you go with who has the most ice (we call this an Ice Breaker) - if players are still tied, then the player closest to the left of the dealer (between the tied players) wins.
      3) When you run out of single lemon cards you use double lemon cards.

    29. Travis Drake on

      Any plans for an expansion called "That's Probably Limeade!"?

    30. Missing avatar

      Enthony Adams on

      I have 3 questions about the game(play)that aren't really clear to me.
      1) You can either pass or take a card when it is your turn, If you pass your turn. Is it possible to continue in that same round ? (if so what happens when everybody knows the last card is a 'that's not lemonade card' and nobody will take it?)

      2) What happens on a tie (do both players take a lemon or ? )

      3) The game can be played from 2-6 players. Does the amount of Lemons/rounds you need to win go down when you play with 6? If not , what happens when 2 players win 2 rounds each and the other 4 win 1 round. (There would be no more Lemon cards in the deck)

    31. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Xavier It's possible we'll have distribution overseas. But right now our current model is direct from us, or

    32. Xavier on

      Will this game go into distribution overseas or will it only be available directly from you guys?

    33. Thomas Mulvany on

      Like double sided character cards?

    34. Entrecruzado on

      Well in that case, the character reference cards should be modified to cover all player counts.

    35. Alan Gerding 5-time creator

      @GrandKhan44 - Great question! When playing with just 2 players, you removed 2 of the TNL cards. When playing with 3 players, you remove just 1 TNL card. When combining copies of the game:
      7 players: add 1 TNL card (so there are 5)
      8 players: add 2 TNL cards (so there are 6 total)
      9 players: add 3 TNL cards (so there are 7 total)
      10 players: add 4 TNL cards (so there are 8 total)
      11 and 12 players: use all 8 That's Not Lemonade Cards

    36. GrandKhan44 on

      I am trying to understand how the game plays a little better. If you play with 2, you still have 4 not lemonade cards in a deck of 18 at the start? So when you have only 2 cards in hand you are likely already drawing not lemonade? That seems super quick, can you make decisions at all or is it all random?

    37. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      @Ruben Stay tuned!

      @GrandKhan44 I wish we could do better on the shipping! We've met with a lot of fulfillment companies at Origins and right now we're offering the shipping almost completely at cost (and eating a couple bucks depending on where you live) - mostly to ensure that we get the games shipped from within the EU, AU, and Canada to save you guys on VAT, etc. But we'll keep looking!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ruben Dorpmans on

      Any chance to combine shipping with 2 Rooms and a Boom or WCS RR? Love the podcast BTW <3

    39. GrandKhan44 on

      +1 to Xavier. I love the podcast and would like to support you but the shipping keeps me thinking... but I guess I will go for it anyway, if it was 15 for the game and 10 for shipping I would not think twice, so much for how my mind works.

    40. Xavier on

      Will this ever hit retail across into Europe?

    41. Entrecruzado on

      Hey guys! So, 2 games it´s $27? I can´t find this game´s entry in BGG.

    42. Alan Gerding 5-time creator

      @Greg - $11 needs to be added to your pledge for each additional copy of TNL. Adding multiple copies to increase player count totally works. The only real negative game effect is that if a player draws a That's Not Lemonade card early in the round, that player will have to wait a bit longer for the next round compared to just a 6 player game. That's really the only difference: a longer game time.

      @Debbie - We WILL be demoing this at Origins! Booth 645! We hope to see you there, Debbie.

    43. Debbie Moynihan

      hiya! excited to see this game by Matt come to life. Will you have this at Origins to check out?

      btw, I think we've told Alan this before, Two Rooms and a Boom is a favorite at our house.

    44. Michael Paolini on

      Okay, @Alan, knowing that just doubled my order (and I suspect others orders as well). :)

    45. Greg B

      "We promise when we make a heavier minis game (Two Armies and a Boom?)..."
      Do it. I goddamn dare you! :D
      Has miniatures and social deduction ever been done? I think you're onto something!

      On a side note, as mentioned earlier in the comments regarding combining more than one copy, how do we add this to our pledge? Is it handled in the pledge manager? Can I just add USD$10 more to my pledge here and if so, what happens with shipping costs?

      Would you actually recommend expanding the game with multiple copies? Like, does it draw out the turns longer and make it less fun? Is there a limit to the number of copies you'd recommend combining?

      Also, will there be any scope to addon other TKG releases? Still trying to get my hands on a second copy of WCRR! Your games are impossible to come by in Australia. I'm currently looking at the only copy of WCRR on Amazon AU for USD$85, shipped.

      Congrats on funding!

    46. Sean McCoy Collaborator on

      Hey! We're funded! Thank you so much everyone! We're excited to get this little game into your hands!

    47. Jadean Leaft on

      @Christopher would they be the animated alan and sean in said video?

    48. Christopher Gerding on

      Alan remember that drive to NY in your new Camry and the Aquafina experience? Just saying THAT’S NOT LEMONADE!

    49. Alan Gerding 5-time creator

      @Michael - Yes, you absolutely can combine copies to have a larger game.
      @Chris Gerding - As of now, there aren't any stretch goals planned. However, there was a time in my youth when my older brother pinned me down and peed on me. You might recall such a thing because YOU ARE THAT BROTHER!!! You sicko.

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