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Help continue a toy line of community created mini figure characters like old M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket figures!
572 backers pledged $15,627 to help bring this project to life.

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Series 3 in a new color! Oozarian Slime Green!

Posted by George Gaspar (Creator)

The Mini Figure Militia's OMFG Exclusive Oozarian Edition, featuring Pugnacious, Barbarianuat, Fruit Punch, Doctor Decay, and Ten Can, along with OTMFG Zombie Pheyden available now at

Series 3 Oozarian Edition
Series 3 Oozarian Edition

Here's how it all came to be, lots of names so read along or just click the image and go right to the online shop and get some today, before they are gone for good!

The following is a message from The Mini Figure Militia founder Bill MacKay:

After many years of talking about it, we finally went and did it. The Mini Figure Militia is proud to present our first very own exclusive, The OMFG Series 3 Oozarian Edition! 

Featuring our mascot, Pugnacious (Bill MacKay) along with Barbarianuat (Charles Marsh), Fruit Punch (Scott Tolleson), Doctor Decay (Jonathan Wojcik), and Ten Can (Richard Brown, Nikolos Sardos, and Bryan Fulk) in that groovy translucent green that all those kooky Glyos kids dig!...but that's not all! This time they're rolling with Onell Design's Zombie Pheyden (Matt Doughty, L'Amour Supreme) OTMFG figure packed right in, making this a 6 figure set! We’re putting a pretty little bow on top with a header designed by Worst Toy Ever! 

Continuing the collaborative roots of October Toys Outlandish Mini Figure Guys which was founded by Ayleen Dority and George Gaspar, a team of MFM'ers consisting of Bill MacKay of Berserker Studios, Toy The Hutt of Worst Toy Ever, Eric Villanueva of 1 Shot Toys, William Wallace Harris III of Lacerta Photo, Joe Martis of Simian Cheese, Midas Wilder of Illuminatoys: Designer Figures and Toys, and George Gaspar of DoubleG Toys threw poop at the wall to see what stuuuuuhhhhh, I mean painstakingly brainstormed for 15 intense minutes, then decided to make some damn toys!

They’re only a measly twelve bucks per set plus shipping and junk, and go on sale 9PM Eastern Sunday, August 5th at The Mini Figure Militia Storenvy (

We really really really really really hope you all like these little slime balls as much as we do! This project has been a lot of fun to put together, and if we hit the number we need, we ain’t stopping here! Oh no, our next stop on The MFM Oozarian train? Oh, that’ll be OMFG Series 1! We know how much you like those guys. Us too. So, buy these up and we’ll get cracking on it! Deuces! - Bill

Poster designed by Worst Toy Ever
Poster designed by Worst Toy Ever

Toy Break coin campaign is almost over!

Posted by George Gaspar (Creator)

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OMFG! Series 4 has launched!!

Posted by George Gaspar (Creator)

We are excited to announce the launch of the OMFG Series 4 Kickstarter!!

Please help by taking a moment to check it out and consider backing early if you can, a big first day is best for the project! 

We'd also love any help in spreading the word!

We have opened the submissions up for Series 5 for the entire run of the series 4 Kickstarter, that way you can still get involved if you are interested in doing so!  Voting for series 5 will be done by backers of the Series 4 campaign, so if you want to vote, you have to back the project, everyone who backs, even at $1 level, gets a vote!

Thanks and see you for Series 4!!

New Project - Skeleton Warriors! Live now!

Posted by George Gaspar (Creator)
Skeleton Warriors Glyos Compatible Action Figures on Kickstarter
We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest project – Skeleton Warriors! We are redesigning and updating one of our favorite brands starting with the bad to the bone Baron Dark on Kickstarter now!

 These new, Glyos compatible action figures were designed with collectors in mind while drawing inspiration from both the 90′s Skeleton Warriors cartoon characters as well as original concept art provided by the awesome team at Goddard Film Group, LLC.

 This is designed to be 3 3/4″ scale line of articulated PVC action figures and since Baron Dark is the biggest of the main cast of characters, he clocks in at 5″ tall with 26 points of Glyos compatible articulation!

 The Glyos System, developed by the insanely talented Matt Doughty of Onell Design, is a system for making action figure parts interchangeable. These figures utilize Glybrid style joints, which allows for a combination of traditional insert molded articulation with the swivel based Glyos fit functions. That means you can break these figures apart, reassemble them, and even use the parts interchangeably with other Glyos System brands such as The Four Horsemen’s Power Lords, Outer Space Men, and even classic Onell Design Glyos figures! 

 There are three main figures you can pledge for on Kickstarter now including: 

 Baron Dark 

• 5″ fully painted PVC action figure • 17 modular official Glyos compatible pieces • 26 points of articulation • Comes with removable sword, cape, loin cloth, and arm guards (for a total of 21 pieces) • Packaged in full color collectors window box 


• 5″ fully articulated unpainted PVC action figure • 17 modular official Glyos compatible pieces • 26 points of articulation • Available in bone and glow-in-the-dark 

Traveler Skeleden 

• 2.75″ PVC official Glyos action figure • 13 interchangeable parts • 12 points of articulation • New axe accessory (first melee weapon for Pheyden) • Exclusive version available exclusively through this Kickstarter!

 For more details, incentives, and stretch goals, please check out the project on Kickstarter at

And we haven't forgotten about OMFG Series 4!!  Keep an eye out for that later this year!! :)  Thank you all for the support, we love you all!

Series 2 and 3 in Onell 550 Blue

Posted by George Gaspar (Creator)
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Just wanted to drop a quick update that Series 2 and 3 are available now in 550 blue straight from Onell Design.

550 Blue
550 Blue

You'll notice a very cool addition of the Armovor in the same color to match, I recommend grabbing one for fun, they are great figures, with a ton of articulation and play value!