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Help us produce a toy line of community created mini figure characters like old M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket figures!
Help us produce a toy line of community created mini figure characters like old M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket figures!
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A friend in need...

Hello all!

We are writing to let you know that one of the artists from Series 1 OMFG is in a time of need right now.  Dominic Campisi of Nemo's Factory, (The artist behind King Castor) lost almost all of his belongings in a house fire that also affected his housemates just a few days ago. Dominic's clothes, phone, computer and some of his original master sculpts for his new toy line were all casualties of the fire.

His friends have set up a funding page to help everyone in the house affected by the fire:

Or if you want, support his toyline you can go here:

His stock was in a different room in the house that was not destroyed, so now is a great time to help support Dominic's new line.

A/V Robot First Release 

Our best wishes go out to you and your roommates Dominic!

George and Ayleen

Have you checked out Series 4?


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OMFG Series 4 is up now!

We are excited to announce the launch of the OMFG Series 4 Kickstarter!! 

 Please take a moment to check it out and consider backing if you can! We'd also love any help in spreading the word! 

Let me introduce you to them!

 OMFG Series 4 consists of five figures including:

1. Fossil Freak designed by Michael Stearns from Washington and sculpted by George Gaspar from California

2. Wooly Wisp designed and sculpted by Billy Parker from South Carolina

3. Bullseye designed by (Raging Nerdgasm) Tom Khayos and Ana Bruja-Khayos from Florida sculpted by George Gaspar from California

4. Tree Witched designed by MudMarox and sculpted by GormTransMonster from Italy

5. The Siren designed by Corwin Webb from California and sculpted by George Gaspar from California

 Also, we have opened the submissions up for Series 5 for the entire run of the series 4 Kickstarter, that way you can still get involved if you are interested in doing so!

 Voting for series 5 will be done by backers of the Series 4 campaign, so if you want to vote, you have to back the project, everyone who backs, even at $1 level, gets a vote! 

 Thanks and see you at the Series 4 page!!

Series 1 in Translucent Purple from BAIT

Hey Series 1 backers!  Just wanted to give you a heads up that Series 1 will now be available in a sweet translucent Purple color, released from BAIT!

They will first be available in BAIT-exclusive colors at their WonderCon Anaheim booth (#1153) for $10 per pack this weekend, then any remaining stock will be available from their online store:

They will also have Series 2 in a Translucent Yellow to compliment this set, if you are interested!

And finally, just in case you didn't hear yet, we have started another Kickstarter for Series 3, and you can check it out and support it here if you are interested!

Thanks so much!


NYCC Exclusive Stealth OMFG Series 1

Stealth OMFG Series 1 figures are invading NYCC!

Available exclusively during New York Comic Con October 11 – 14, 2012

Grab these limited edition, color changing OMFG while we crash the Onell Design booth 3216 and at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff booth 3261. If you won’t be at the convention, you can get yours in our online shop, but only during the hours of the convention! For convention dates and times, please check the NYCC site at

When the convention ends, that's it.  These will not be sold again.  They are EXCLUSIVE to the NYCC event!

See you there!