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Krampus coat-of-arms heraldic shield embroidered patches.
Krampus coat-of-arms heraldic shield embroidered patches.
Krampus coat-of-arms heraldic shield embroidered patches.
160 backers pledged $4,477 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 11

      @Stephen: so great to hear and thank you so much!

    2. Professor Stephen Candy
      on April 11

      The Order of Krampus reached England today!
      I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these items. Frankly the pledge price would be good value if the patches were simply lobbed in an envelope, but delivered as they are on mounted cards, with brilliant extra touches like the seals done with such flair they're both hugely impressive AND a bargain.
      Many thanks George - and I'll message you about the stickers... :o)

    3. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 7

      I just submitted the BackerKit setup for review. Sometimes that happens in a few hours, but as soon as they give me the OK I will be sending out surveys so we can get these patches into production.

      And don't forget to check out the recent backer updates for info and links on the patch and pin side campaigns (Mothman Squadron variant design, and Paranormal Forces patch & enamel pin).

    4. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 7

      @Stephen: aha, thanks for clarifying. I am behind on getting all the stickers up on the Etsy shop, but I can make that happen for you of course. Can ship with the CC2 rewards to ease that international shipping fee.

    5. Professor Stephen Candy
      on April 5

      Sorry I was just sort of riffing. I meant a sort of branded scrapbook I suppose, but in fact a vinyl sticker on the front of any nice scrapbook would do it.
      You've already got stickers? Hmm. I may have to place a backorder then. ;o)

    6. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 5

      @Stephen: not sure I understand about the custom album — you mean per-campaign or an album for all to date and future sets? I actually have vinyl stickers for almost all the patches. I've not yet ordered stickers for Hallows Angels or Order Of Krampus yet though. Soon! Thanks!!

    7. Professor Stephen Candy
      on April 5

      I've not got my rewards yet (in the UK) but I just wanted to say how much I agreed with what Shawn Partner said about the backing cards. They're too nice to just file away. I feel bad separating the patches from their backing! Great work. Maybe you could do a sort of custom album design for keeping them in. Or a nice vinyl sticker with < insert whatever company name you decide upon in the end > logo on it that could be attached to an album cover...

      In fact all your patches would work really well as both vinyl stickers or window clings. Just sayin'

    8. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 5

      @Don: thank you!! Glad to hear all the work put into the rewards was well-received. I must see this shirt once finished. I assume basket & switch will be added?

    9. Don Carpenter on April 4

      All I can say is brilliant! All the patches look fantastic.. The amount of detail that went into every bit was stunning. The backing cardboard itself is truly a work of art. I am thrilled to have something very unique, and now the task at hand. Looking for a black shirt with epalets to attach the patches to. I told my wife I would wear to all holiday functions.

    10. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 4

      @Teri: thanks so much! Very cool on the pin, yeah when I got those delivered I knew the pin people would be pleased :)

    11. Terri Connor
      on April 3

      Looks great! The pin is my favorite:) Thank you George, you are doing a fabulous job

    12. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 3

      @Maxime: awesome and thanks!!

    13. Maxime Bouquillion on April 3

      Received total, I'm happy It's really perfect, can't wait for the next project :)

    14. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 3

      @Joshua: great to hear, and thank you!

    15. Joshua Thomas Hart
      on April 1

      Received today in Michigan, excellent product.

    16. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 1

      @David: great to hear, and thanks!

    17. David Hesprich
      on April 1

      Got my pins and patches today, which are excellent. The packaging exceeded expectations as well!

    18. George Coghill 9-time creator on April 1

      @Shawn: thanks for the kind worlds and so great to hear the items were received with the level of enjoyment I was aiming for. Thanks again for backing and for the ongoing support!

    19. Shawn Partner
      on March 31

      It's always great to come home from a long day at work and find a package with your name on it from George. Once again, the rewards surpassed all expectations. The attention to detail put into both the patches and pins is outstanding and has delivered yet another great result in physical form. That doesn't even cover the amount of work put into the merchandising with the backer card artwork and special touches like the wax seals on the backs of the cards. I feel like I need to find a way to display the cards as well as the patches since they're an amazing accompaniment. For now, they're stowed safely away. Amazing job again, George.

    20. George Coghill 9-time creator on March 31

      @Steve: thanks for the compliments and glad you enjoyed all the details! Thanks for backing and making it possible.

    21. stephen andreski
      on March 31

      Received my loot today in Upstate continue to outdo yourself with bells & whistles like the card printing, the wax stamp, the metallic threading, etc...thanks for another fantastic campaign, George!

    22. George Coghill 9-time creator on March 31

      @Brandon: thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad to hear all the extra work I put into everything was received well. I'm going to post a behind-the-scenes look at all the stuff I did for the limited edition sets. Thanks again, really happy to hear you're so pleased with everything.

    23. Brandon the Wut on March 31

      Received my pledge yesterday and I am stunned with how awesome everything looks. Even the detail of the cards the patches are on is awesome. I love the wax seal! I love the red envelope with the Krampus stamp on it. The metallic thread looks great. The pins and button look awesome. I love that the metal part of the pin is black on the back. I wish I could express how pleased I am. These items simply look gorgeous. I am extremely impressed with everything!

    24. George Coghill 9-time creator on March 29

      Just a quick update to let everyone know rewards have begun to ship! All the limited edition backer rewards should be heading out in today's mail pickup, and I'll be working through the remaining reward shipments the rest of the week. I plan on having them all in the mail no later than Sunday night.

    25. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 6

      Yes the items were priced lower during the Tilt campaigns. Your BackerKit credit should be a higher amount than your Tilt pledges, but should cover the same amount of items.

    26. deborah arndell
      on January 6

      George, the side campaign pins are showing up for $9 in BackerKit but they were only $7 on Tilt. Am I getting something wrong? Also, Sent you an email regarding my survey and pledge manager.

    27. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 6

      Great to hear Shawn, and thanks! The sooner I can get some item counts, the sooner I can place the production orders.

      In the meantime, I've got some design work to focus on for the display cards. And as suggested, I am aiming to create exclusive display cards for the Limited Edition patches. Still researching it, but I think it's likely.

    28. Shawn Partner
      on January 6

      Just received my email for the backerkit survey and filled it out. One step closer to completion! Can't wait, everything looks really great so far!

    29. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 5

      @Debi: Thanks! All the side-campaign patches will be available as add-ons in the BackerKit survey, but of course the pledge price was lower for all side-campaign backers.

    30. Debi Cole on January 4

      Just pledged for the Chain and Bell patch over at Tilt. Will also be adding the third patch on Backerkit. Can't not have the full set! :)

    31. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 3

      @Professor Candy: the existence of a shadowy elite within the ranks of the Order Of Krampus has been a rumor throughout the millennia… the rumored Cantenatus Tintinabulum.

      Of course, it's all just a big conspiracy theory. Right?

    32. Professor Stephen Candy
      on January 3

      So, that "Chain & Bell" is a secret society within the Order eh? Some sort of Krampus illuminati? Who can resist that? ;o)

    33. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 28, 2016

      The 4th Krampus patch, the "Chain & Bell" design, was just funded over on Tilt! I'll leave the campaign open for another week. After that, it will be available as an add-on, but at a higher price.

      Check the recent backer updates for links to the private campaign (available to Order Of Krampus backers only).

    34. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 27, 2016

      Tilt is a bit more casual than Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It offers me the option to make the campaign private (so only the backers have access, since the side-patches ship with the main rewards). I can also extend the campaign on the fly, and if we get really close I can collect the funds and pay for the rest myself if need be. A bit more flexible.

      As far as the reason to raise funds for the additional patch and pin — many backers expressed interest in having these made. I wanted to offer the opportunity. They are totally optional and will not affect your reward on Kickstarter at all.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nils hedglin on December 27, 2016

      How is tilt different than Kickstarter or indiegogo? And what is the reason for these additional patches having funds raised?

    36. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 21, 2016

      @Ragnar Hill: thanks!

      @Stephen: thank you!

      Have to say, I'm really liking the 2-week campaign timeframe. Of course, it's only ideal because of you awesome regular backers.

    37. Ragnar Hill
      on December 21, 2016

      Congratulations on another successful campaign!

    38. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 21, 2016

      Just wanted to say thank you to all the backers who helped make this yet another successful campaign! I'll be posting a backer update shortly with details.

      I really appreciate all the support, enthusiasm, encouragement and feedback as usual. You guys are the best! Now, on the getting some Krampus patches made!

    39. Professor Stephen Candy
      on December 21, 2016

      Congratulations! :o)

    40. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 20, 2016

      @Brandon: same here! I'll have that open for at least another week after the campaign ends, hopefully we see more backers on each.

    41. Brandon the Wut on December 20, 2016

      I hope the patch and pin in the side campaign gets funded. I want that patch and pin too!

    42. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 20, 2016

      The metallic thread was a big hit on an earlier campaign. These were a perfect opportunity to do it since the color and design worked out.

      The interest in patch or pin was too evenly split to just do one or the other. Hopefully it works out :)

      Thanks for supporting the side-campaign! And of course this one as well :)

    43. Debi Cole on December 20, 2016

      Super-excited to see these patches made with the metallc thread! Also, thank you George for giving us the option to choose patch or pin for our stretch goal (pin for me!) And I just contributed to the side campaign for a pin. Bwa-haha, Merry Krampus to me! :)

    44. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 19, 2016

      Thanks Soren!

    45. Soren Akqunaak-MacTavish on December 19, 2016

      Upgraded to the Limited Edition. :)

    46. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 18, 2016

      @Steve "Sedgewick Bellhop" Fennel: good to hear! The metallic thread is kind of pricey, but having an exclusive thread variant will really make it limited edition and worth the extra cost.

      The closer we get to all the Limited Edition slots being taken, the more breathing room I have with the funds.

      Offering the patch/pin stretch goals is also going to eat up a bit more of the limited campaign funds I have to work with. It all goes very fast :(

      The Limited Edition pledges not only get you the exclusive metallic threads, but it really helps me out as well.

      Big thanks to all who backed for the Limited Edition! Win-win for all of us.

    47. Steve "Sedgewick Bellhop" Fennel on December 18, 2016

      For that small price difference, who wouldn't want the shiny goodness of metallic (Christmas tinsel) thread?!?!

      @George: you are too good to us!

    48. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 18, 2016

      @Steve "Sedgewick Bellhop" Fennel: yep, all backers whose reward includes the Limited Edition patch set will be upgraded to the red metallic thread. Looks like you are all set!

    49. Steve "Sedgewick Bellhop" Fennel on December 18, 2016

      So, I upgraded to the Sublime Master....assuming I read the update right.....I get metallic thread?

    50. George Coghill 9-time creator on December 17, 2016

      @Hiram thanks and great to hear!

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