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Halloween-themed motorcycle club/biker gang style patches. Skull, jack-o-lantern, witch, black cat, scarecrow, owl, bat & spider.
Halloween-themed motorcycle club/biker gang style patches. Skull, jack-o-lantern, witch, black cat, scarecrow, owl, bat & spider.
Halloween-themed motorcycle club/biker gang style patches. Skull, jack-o-lantern, witch, black cat, scarecrow, owl, bat & spider.
130 backers pledged $5,821 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 20

      @Dom: you should have received a "Hallows Angels" bat temporary tattoo. Check the shipping envelope. If not there I'll mail you one.

    2. Dom Santoleri on January 20

      What was the first day backer item? Not sure that I got it.

    3. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 18

      @Steven: great to hear and thank you! Glad to hear on the display cards!

      @Stephen: thank you for the kind words! And great to hear on the upcoming patches! More to come after those :)

    4. Professor Stephen Candy
      on January 18

      Mine arrived with me in the UK today. Another stunning set of patches, many thanks! Great quality. You've done very well to find an embroiderer who really brings your designs to life and adds depth to them too. Bring on Krampus and Kraken and more!

    5. Steven Latour
      on January 18

      Got them in the mail yesterday. I love how you put these and Nazca on cards. Now to hang them up in my man cave. Looking forward to Krampus and the future patches.

    6. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 18

      @Debi: so great to hear, thank you! As far as the stitching, that is something the manufacturer does when they set up the art for embroidery. They do a great job and that's why I've stayed with the same manufacturer and production team for all my patches. They seem to really understand how to accentuate the artwork I provide.

    7. Debi Cole on January 18

      Hey George - got home from work today and found my patches waiting for me! These just look fantastic. It's interesting how the different types of stitches add a level of dimension to the patches by providing sheen which comes off as highlights. Do you specify that or is that something that's left up to the manufacturer?
      In any case, whoever produces your work does an excellent job in bringing your designs to life.

      Looking forward to the Krampus patches now more than ever!

    8. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 16

      @Greg: great to hear, thanks for taking the time to share your impressions!

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston
      on January 14

      Patches received. Running around a lot today, but I had to take time to at least open the package and give them a quick look. Very nice work again. Thanks.

    10. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 13

      So great to hear Shawn, thanks! My intention for the sizing was to have the central character "regular" size, and the rockers (top and bottom text bars) sized as if they were added separately.

      So yeah, that kind of increased the overall size, but I think it works well this way. And yeah, the bat patches could almost be full shoulder width back patches for some!

    11. Shawn Partner
      on January 13

      Wow George, you've really outdone yourself on this set. I just received mine today and they are amazing! I thought the Nazca patches were large, but these are absolutely massive. I love the use of the limited palette even more now that I have them in hand. My favorite has to be the Sons of Samhain, and the wingspan on the Hallows Angels is amazing. Outstanding job, as usual!

    12. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 13

      Mark, Hiram and Deborah — thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment with your impressions on the rewards! So great to hear everyone is pleased with the patches!

      And glad to hear my over-obsession with the details on the concept, gang names and artwork was all worth it. Backers over on Patreon can attest to the perfectionism I put into this set. Although I suppose it's typical for all my projects!

    13. Missing avatar

      deborah arndell
      on January 13

      Received them them...they are even cooler than your KS photos of them. Crisp. Thank you for doing such a tremendous job in getting these from an idea to a reality.

    14. Missing avatar

      Hiram G Wells
      on January 13

      Another fantastic job. The limited palette is used to effect and smacks you right in the eye. A great addition to my patch collection. Love that every project has a very different look to best serve the projects intent. I'm gonna stick around.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Knecht
      on January 12

      Wow George - these are incredible. They are much bigger than I had expected (guess I really didn't pay attention to the dimensions you showed in the campaign page. These are freakin' awesome. I'm so excited to give them to my kids next Halloween (i'll have to stifle my excitement until then). Or maybe I can meld them into my next April Fools joke somehow. Looking forward to the delivery of the Krampus. You ROCK!

    16. Brandon the Wut on January 12

      @George Coghill

      Neat! I forgot all about that! Thank you again!

    17. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 12

      @Brandon: backers who messaged me with the launch day secret code sent out in my email newsletter ( got a Hallows Angels temporary tattoo as their bonus item. Thanks for subscribing and backing on launch day!

      And thanks again for the compliments on the patches. Very pleased to hear you're happy with them! I do my best to exceed expectations as well as my prior work with each successive campaign.

    18. Brandon the Wut on January 12

      @George Coghill

      Thank you for your work in making these patches. I really do love them!

    19. Brandon the Wut on January 12

      @George Coghill

      Is this a rub on tattoo in my package?

    20. George Coghill 9-time creator on January 12

      @Brandon: so glad to hear, thanks again for backing!

    21. Brandon the Wut on January 12

      Just got my Hallows Angels patches in the mail today. I love them! They look great and I am quite happy. I look forward to future campaigns.

    22. Debi Cole on November 5

      Just pledged for a second "Hallows Angels" bat patch. I'll use this second one as an awesome Halloween decoration next year.

      C'mon peeps, we only need $27 more to Tilt the bat!

    23. George Coghill 9-time creator on November 4

      The "Creepy Crawlies" spider patch side-campaign has funded, and the "Hallows Angels" bat patch is nearly there. Thanks everyone for making these patches happen!

      Check out the recent backer updates for links to pledge and add these two additional patches to your reward shipment.

    24. George Coghill 9-time creator on November 1

      @ Debi Cole: thanks so much for the kind words! Glad I could add a little extra Hallows to this Halloween.

    25. Debi Cole on November 1

      Just wanted to say "thank you" again, George, for running this awesome campaign! What a perfect way to end Halloween night. Glad I found your work and looking forward to hearing about your upcoming projects via your newsletter. Cheers and Happy Halloween!

    26. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 31

      Just a quick thank you to everyone for another successful and fun campaign! I'll have a detailed backer update shortly.

      Happy Halloween! HFFH

    27. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 31

      Check the recent backer update for info on the side-campaigns to get the bat patch ("Hallows Angels") and the spider patch ("Creepy Crawlies") produced.

      I also added a link in the comments of the update about the full-sized back patches to the new "Sons Of Samhain" back pack side-campaign. Had a couple of backers interested in that one.

      I'm glad to set up back patch campaign for any/all of the designs that backers are interested in. Just let me know.

    28. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 30

      Great to hear on the spider and bat patches. I'm aiming on wrapping up the art today and will share in a backer update.

      Will soon be sharing the Krampus patch art with Patreon backers first (along with extensive development sketches), then in my email newsletter.

    29. Missing avatar

      Hiram G Wells
      on October 29

      I absolutely would pledge for the bat and spider, I feel a need for them. Wish I could get the spider as a back patch. My wife's arachnophobic and that would certainly keep her off my back. Sorry, that was bad. Looking forward to the Krampus patch. I'm already bundling switches in anticipation.

    30. Debi Cole on October 29

      @George: I will absolutely share pics of the final display! I'm all in for the final two patches of the bat and spider, too, so it will be an arrangement of eight patches plus (hopefully) the large Black Magic in the center. :)

    31. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 29

      @Debi: you know you are going to have to share some photos of the final patch display…

      Good question on Velcro backing on the back patches. I keep meaning to ask my manufacturer. I can't imagine why not, but also might cost more. Will find out.

    32. Debi Cole on October 29

      BTW, I just added on my $6 for Velcro backing. Will the Velcro backing be an option for the back patch as well, if that campaign is successful?

    33. Debi Cole on October 29

      Awesome! Love this latest Night Watch design! Can't wait to display all of these patches together. Hoping the Black Magic back patch tilts so that it becomes my centerpiece. :)

    34. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 29

      Stretch goal patch #2 unlocked! The "Night Watch" owl patch art was just shared in the recent backer update.

      Very cool, thanks everyone for making this campaign a big success!

    35. Therese Totten
      on October 28

      Oh thanks! Yeah I was just ruminating on this and just remembered than not only do I row (crew), but I also have a skull collection, so there you go! I may still add on for black magic, though!

    36. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 28

      @ Debi & @Stephen: great to hear! I hope we can get get both funded!

    37. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 28

      @Therese: you can add on any of the other single patches by pledging an additional $9 each. You can also do multiples this way. The BackerKit survey process (once the campaign ends) will let you choose your patches.

    38. Therese Totten
      on October 28

      One more question, George: is it possible to pledge say for 2 patches? Not sure I want all 4. Thanks.

    39. Debi Cole on October 28

      Just contributed for the Black Magic back patch. That makes three - need seven more! :)

    40. Professor Stephen Candy
      on October 27

      I will totally be Tilt-ing for a couple of Skeleton Crew back patches as soon as I get near my computer to do so!

    41. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 27

      @Therese: both designs are up as side-campaigns, so no need to choose if your wallet can sustain it :)

    42. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 27

      @Debi: and a "thank you" to you and everyone else for making these possible! Beistle decorations were of course a huge inspiration for these. It's tough to explain, but the limited palette Halloween colors have always held this hypnotic sway over me since I was a kid.

      I love your approach to displaying these as artwork rather than functional patches. I kind of see them that way myself — some artists have prints made of their art, I've been doing that only in the medium of thread.

      I just posted a backer update with details and links to the side-campaigns for the full back patches.

      And good to hear on Krampus — I just has a big "eureka" moment for the patch design, and have been hard at work on developing the concept.

    43. Therese Totten
      on October 27

      Yeah I love the art of the black cat with the crescent moon but like the words of Skeleton crew, haha. So torn. Cat crew? Hah. But anyway. Decisions!

    44. Debi Cole on October 26

      Hey there! Just wanted to chime in, first with a very large "thank you" for producing these patches. I love Vintage Halloween decorations, and your artwork, especially the Witch and the Black Cat, just scream classic Beistle-style decorations from my early childhood!

      Along those lines, I plan on displaying these as artwork, not sewing them on clothing, so I hadn't been interested in a backpatch UNTIL I saw that the Cat was in the running! If the Cat makes it as a backpatch, I'm in for one, for sure.

      Again, thank you for running this campaign oh, and I am also all-in for a Krampus campaign, as well. Cheers!

    45. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 25

      @Cody: thanks so much for the kind words on the NAZCA patches! There will definitely be side-campaigns to get the additional designs made if backers are interested.

      Noted on "Sons" and "Skeleton".

      I tried out the alternate colors, and they just didn't work (I tried purple and a few others). I obsessively designed these to work with the orange/white/black palette.

      @Cathy: Black Magic is running a close second for the full-sized back patch candidate. I'll set up a side-campaign for Skeleton Crew and Black Magic and let the pledges decide.

      @Therese: the stretch goals are intended to be an enticement to get you to up your pledge :) But considering them as add-ons, yes.

    46. Missing avatar

      Cody Fors
      on October 25

      Just wanted to say I love all the prior patch designs and the quality is top-notch. The depth relief on the NAZCA patches really makes them stand out.
      If there is a side-campaign for the remaining stretch goal patches I'm definitely in for it.
      I would most likely spring for a full size back patch as well, depending on the winning design.
      My first pick would be Sons of Samhain (love the name) followed by Skeleton Crew.
      I'd also like to add another supporting voice to Deborah's suggestion of alternate color sheme upgrades.

    47. Cathy Franchett
      on October 24

      Love the idea of a full size Black Cat one :) Might have to get 2 if you are making that one :)

    48. Therese Totten
      on October 24

      George: hehe ;) oh question: I'm seeing all these awesome add-on patches, but is it possible to say pay for them as add-ons if I don't want to buy all 4 patches to get to these stretch-goal patches? Thanks.

    49. George Coghill 9-time creator on October 24

      Therese: now you've got me thinking about cat skulls :)

      Full-sized back patches: there has been discussion that some backers would like to chip in and get full-sized back patches made. They are expensive, so it's looking like just one design will get made. I'll be running a side-campaign for backers only, and doing so at near cost for anyone interested.

      More details in the next backer update, which I'm about to post…

    50. Therese Totten
      on October 24

      Ahaha if it had been cat crew that would have been perfect, but given that I row, skeleton crew it is...for now!

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