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Mothman, Chupacabra & Kraken embroidered patch set expanding the Paranormal Forces military-inspired cryptozoological patch series.
Mothman, Chupacabra & Kraken, Dogman & Flatwoods Monster  embroidered patch set expanding the Paranormal Forces military-inspired cryptozoological patch series.
Mothman, Chupacabra & Kraken, Dogman & Flatwoods Monster  embroidered patch set expanding the Paranormal Forces military-inspired cryptozoological patch series.
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    1. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Dom: great to hear, and thanks!! Yep I have some more Mothman PP patches available. I'll message you to make that happen.

    2. Dom Santoleri on

      Got mine today... WOW! Love the Chupacabra. The Salt Fork side items are pretty cool also. Any chance there are any Point Pleasant variant Mothman patches available?

    3. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      After two marathon days of packing and postaging, the remaining rewards have been dropped off at the post office and should be making their way to your mailboxes very soon.

      Now, on to the next campaign!

    4. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @ Brandon: awesome, great to hear and thank you!

    5. Brandon the Wut on

      Got mine in NC this week too. Was just able to check the mail so not sure when it arrived. Everything looks as awesome as it always is! Great work as always!

    6. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Andrew: great to hear!

      Update shortly, but briefly: I shipped out the Limited Edition rewards last week. Working on the remaining reward this week while also working on the road at artist table events. The next batch should be shipping from Roswell, NM!

    7. Andrew Nagle

      Got mine in NC, they look great. Thanks

    8. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      Yes all is on track, I actually have a backer update drafted with lots of info. But in short: patches arrived this week, remaining shipments should be here next week. Will be sending out rewards shortly after that.

    9. Joe Bianco

      So, How's the project going so far, still on track since May?

    10. Professor Stephen Candy

      Congratulations! :o)

    11. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for making this campaign a big success! I'll have a backer update out shortly with details on side campaigns for some requested alternate patch and pin designs.

    12. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Steve "Sedgewick Bellhop" Fennel: I did the Paranormal Forces PVC emblem for the first Cryptid Command campaign, but get lots of requests for an embroidered version.

    13. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Brandon the Wut: yep, you called it!

    14. Brandon the Wut on

      Was I right about the Michigan Dogman? :P

    15. Steve Fennel on

      A Paranormal Forces have peaked my curiosity

    16. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      Was working all weekend at Wizard World Cleveland comic con, but saw the campaign unlocked stretch goal #2! I'll be updating the campaign page to reveal the art for the new patch: Dogman Division!

      And we are not too far away from #3 here in the final 18 hours…

    17. Robert Hazboun on

      I am going on a Twitter push today! Let's get to the third stretch goal. 24 hours left.

    18. Shawn Partner

      Looks like we hit the second stretch, assuming no one drops out last minute. I know George is busy with wizard world Cleveland, so we'll probably hear for sure late tomorrow or Monday. Can't wait...

    19. Steve Fennel on

      @Brandon: that would be cool. Maybe the 3rd is from my home state, though it doesn't really look like it

    20. Brandon the Wut on

      @Steve "Sedgewick Bellhop" Fennel

      Not sure. Could be the Michigan Dogman?

    21. Steve Fennel on

      Ok, someone fill me in on the next patch that will unlock.

    22. Steve Fennel on

      I think the material that George is talking about may be what I used. I got some that I stripped from military uniforms and used on my back packs. I didn't know what it was called

    23. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Brandon the Wut: first, thanks on the Flatwoods Monster patch!

      As far as the Paranormal Forces winged eye in the pyramid and the Cryptid Command insignia: yeah the winged pyramid was done as a PVC emblem for Cryptid Command 1, but lots of requests for that as an embroidered patch. And I was thinking it might also be a great enamel pin…

      The circular insignia as-is might be too detailed for a patch, but I'll work up a more simplified version and see what happens. Would love to see either/both as patches or more. Thanks!!

    24. Brandon the Wut on

      Oops! Looking at your website I see you already did the second one!

    25. Brandon the Wut on

      Or even the pyramid eyes in the background of the art. Those would look like great mini patches too.

    26. Brandon the Wut on

      @George Coghill

      QUick question. On the art at the top of this page there is a small logo between the Chupacabra Corps and the Mothman Squadron. It says Cryptid Command ,that looks like it would make a good patch. Any plans for something that looks like that? :D

    27. Brandon the Wut on

      The Flatwoods Monster! I love the look of that patch.

    28. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Kevin: here's a Dropbox link to the photo comparing the two thicknesses of Velcro and plastic-backed patches:…

      I've never tried sewing on a Velcro-backed patch. In fact, I pay the local dry cleaner to sew on all my patches! They use a machine.

      And speaking of Velcro-swapping, I found this Velcro-ready loop-side material called Veltex that feels like soft synthetic fleece, but has amazing grip for the Velcro patches. You could sew that on to an entire hat panel and nobody would even know it was Velcro-ready. Soft to the touch and smooth. Unfortunately, you have to buy it in big rolls of a single color. I've got one in black, if anyone wants a chunk along with their rewards, let me know.

      I use it on my vendor table at events, initially used to keep all my patches from blowing away in the wind!

    29. Steve Fennel on

      @kevin: the Velcro is worth it. I've ordered non-Velcro and Velcro. I've found that sewing a strip or two of Velcro backing to backpacks makes it easy to change patches on the fly

    30. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Kevin Cole: all the other patches from previous campaigns will be available as add-ons in the BackerKit fulfillment/survey process.

      This will include some patches not included in any campaign rewards (additional NAZCA patches, and some more "hairy hominid" shield patches -- Grassman, Skunk Ape and Yowie). And I should have the Order Of Krampus patches and pins ready by then too.

      The Velcro is thick, but not super thick. I'll post a photo to the main campaign page showing the difference.

    31. Kevin Cole on

      Any chance there will be add-ons for some of the older patches? Somehow I've missed your brilliant previous campaigns and there are a handful of other patches I'd like to add.

      And I'm debating on. The velcro thing. Really want to make some hats with these and am debating if it would be smarter to be able to swap them out with just one or two hats. If I wanted to sew one, with velcro, onto something, is the velcro...... obtrusive(?) Could one sew around it easily?

    32. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      Sorry hectic week, will get some details posted today about the stretch goal patches now that we have unlocked #1!

    33. Jessica "Busdjur" Rickardsson

      First stretch goal at $4000 is now reached. Please tell us more...

    34. Brandon the Wut on

      I'm excited about the teaser for patch 2 in the patch teasers. I recognize that creature!

    35. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Steve: I know we've discussed your interest in werewolves, hopefully this one is a worthy cryptid cousin.

      And I will reveal that werewolves are indeed coming to a future campaign…

    36. Steve Fennel on

      Ok, I don't know what the top teaser patch is in the update, but I'm interested.

    37. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Chucky: that alternate design would be considered an additional patch. Perhaps we can see about doing a side-campaign for those interested. I'd be glad to set that up if there's enough interest.

      And for those wondering what we are talking about: as I do with all the patch designs, I shared extensive and detailed progress of these patches over on my Patreon campaign. One of the candidate designs had bottom scrolls similar to the "Alien Air Force" patch.

      I was really torn between the scrolls-or-no-scrolls decision. In the end, I like the stark minimalism of the no-scrolls design to match the lean artwork in the main patch.

      I'll have to share the alternate design via backer update so you can all see what it looks like, and we can discuss a side-campaign for the design.

    38. Chucky May on

      Any possibility to get one of the Point Pleasant WV patches included.

    39. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Daniel: the $190 pledge only includes the patches, but I can add on the original art and the limited edition upgrade for you. I'll message you directly to discuss in detail.

      @Brandon: great to hear! Hope the wait was worth it :)

    40. Daniel Hamilton

      Does the 190 pledge also include the art and signatures ?

    41. Brandon the Wut on

      Woo! I've been looking forward to this campaign!

    42. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Stephen: thanks!

      @Jeannine: indeed, it's nice to be able to focus on stretch goals and pre-production. Thanks to everyone who made that possible!

      @Kevin: thank you! Will be sharing some stretch goal patch art very soon.

    43. Kevin Cole on

      Brilliant stuff! Can't wait to see what else is in store!

    44. JeannineRS on

      Great to see you were funded so quickly! I know how much that helps!

    45. Professor Stephen Candy

      Funded! Congratulations. :o)

    46. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      Many thanks to everyone who helped this campaign fund in just under 5 hours! Now let's get some stretch goals unlocked!

    47. George Coghill 11-time creator on

      @Shawn: yeah, can't thank everyone enough for making this one happen so quickly. As you and other Patreon backers know, I've got some more patches ready for stretch goals! Maybe it's time for some teaser images…

    48. Shawn Partner

      Wow. $29 from funding at 4 hours in. I like how quickly this one is going. Stretch goals, here we come!

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