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GeoGebra on tablets. With your help, it is possible. Dynamic mathematics meets touchscreen.
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Development started and more

Posted by geogebra (Creator)

We have reached our goal of $10,000, thank you for your support! More than 250 people have helped to make many more people's dream come true. GeoGebra is going to be available on the iPad. We hope to reach even more to include even more features in the app. Because we believed in the support of our community and all the new people joining our community through Kickstarter, we have already started the development of the GeoGebra iPad app.

And not just that! The iPad app is just the start. We are already working on an Android app in parallel as we found a way to build apps for both iPad & Android based on the same source code. So, if you would like to see GeoGebra on Android, please also support this Kickstarter project.

Please have a look at the first alpha version screenshot of our GeoGebra iPad App attached.

Thank you for your support.

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    1. Andrea Emanuele Falbo on

      Nanananananananananana, GeoGebra!

    2. geogebra Creator on

      We will do what all good open source programmers do: release the App when it is ready ;-) You can expect this in early 2013 (unless you are part of our beta tester group, of course, who will be able to play earlier ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Rudowicz Joël on

      Hello and Bonjour,

      Just un word to ask you if you have already a date for he release the iPad version of GeoGebra?

      Thanks a lot and COURAGE (french version!)

      Joël Rudowicz