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RAiN is a 16-Bit classic Action RPG given modern concepts and a player centered experience. You control how the storyline unfolds! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 31, 2012.

RAiN is a 16-Bit classic Action RPG given modern concepts and a player centered experience. You control how the storyline unfolds!

Joseph Nix
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New Update! (5-29-12):


At exactly 12:21 AM this morning, RAiN received enough donations to account for our entire production costs, RAiN is now a reality.  All of us here cannot state our gratitude enough, THANK YOU!  We look forward to working tirelessly over the coming months to make RAiN a game that goes beyond its concepts and exceeds all of your expectations.

We have a very special treat for everyone today!  We want to welcome Alexander of Studio Lexi to our family here at Gentlemen Studios.  Alexander will be composing a portion of the game's soundtrack, capturing the essence of RAiN to build polished immersion.Though the musical tracks are still in development, we would love to share with you a song inspired by the eternal bond shared by Edward and Elizabeth.

                                            Click here to listen!

From the bottom of all of our hearts, Gentlemen Studios would like to thank you all again for your endless support over this last month.  A website will be live within three weeks time and we'll be sure to post an update the moment it is up!  Until then, our current stretch goal is $10,000.  With these additional funds secured, we will be able to expand to Mac OS and have RAiN available in the app store!

We have additional updates planned throughout the week and look forward to sharing them with you all!

As a friendly reminder, only backers will be able to experience the first beta release!  After our backers have gotten a chance to give us some feedback, we will be releasing a public beta for everyone to enjoy!  You only have until the conclusion of this Kickstarter to reserve your beta access!  Do so by donating for the $5 reward or above.

RAiN marks the exciting rebirth of 32-bit action rpgs, re-imagined as a player centered experience!  Take control as you develop each of the three playable character's personalities and behavior!  Everything a character says and does changes they way they act and the pacing, direction, and message of the storyline.  Additionally, players will have to utilize quick, on-the-fly thinking and lightning fast reflexes to master the monstrous inhabitants of Ara.  Switch between characters and utilize their strengths to overcome complex and ever-changing enemy attack patterns in fast paced, real-time action combat!

                              Click here to check out a Gameplay Video!

Some features include:

  • Engaging storyline spanning 40+ hours of gameplay, with an additional 30+ hours of optional content expanding upon the lore and depth of the world.  Additional content is extremely challenging, and extremely rewarding!

  • Twenty (and growing) endings!  As well as a new game + mode (and ++, and +++).   Which ending you unlock is determined both by your interactions with the storyline as well as the way you shape your characters through their psychological development.

  • Psychological development unlocks new passive abilities as well as physical/psychic skills. Depending on which build you create for your character, their disposition and behavior will change!  This alters the way you experience the storyline, the enemies you fight, and the gear that becomes available to you.

  • Solve difficult puzzles that require knowledge of the world, reflexes, and creativity.  Utilize an expansive inventory of tools to forge your own way through the dungeons and hills of Ara.
  • Seek out and learn the hidden language of the Hydra, allowing you to speak and decipher hidden content and additional story elements.
  • Forge powerful weapons, armors and abilities through a crafting system that rewards creative hunting and gathering.
  • Harvest materials from the game's landscape and create useful potions, trinkets, and other consumables.
  • A unique equipment slot called "Memento", allows heroes to equip sentimental objects found throughout the storyline and optional areas.  Mementos grant a character unique, immensely powerful psychic or physical abilities.

  • A compelling soundtrack identifies each playable character with a unique instrument and theme, from guitar to violin and piano!

Three thousand years ago, the world of Ara was plagued by a great hundred year rainfall. As the flood grew more devastating, the great nations of Ara fell into chaos. War raged across the entire planet as its inhabitants fought for power and survival.

The eldest race on the planet, Celestians, were stricken with an incurable illness, one that propelled the infected from insomnia to madness and death. Though this disease granted them powerful psychic abilities, their frail forms eventually deteriorated, destroying most of the Celestian people.

Ara's flame of life was near extinguished as water almost completely engulfed the planet

Hope was not lost...

Few survivors witnessed the steady rejuvenation of Ara through the passing generations.

In this ravaged world recovering from catastrophe...

Full of bitterness and bigotry, cruelty and conflict...

You must struggle for survival, as the rain begins to fall again.

                Click here to check out our interview with Piki Geek!

Your contribution to our project will allow it to become a reality. Without you, the backers, we cannot fully express the depth of our creative image. Your donation will fund a comprehensive art partnership, allowing us to further push the game's graphics and presentation.  This ensures that we have the resources to create lush hand-painted environments, emotionally compelling character artwork and detailed objects to interact with.  You will also be helping us produce the complex and gripping soundtrack, an element of the game that is essential to the fulfillment of our creative vision and storyline expression. Additionally, we need funds for bandwidth to both distribute and patch our game, as we will be providing support and updates well after release.  Finally, the sound effect production will provide crisp and powerful additional immersion to the game's environment and combat.

Being funded by gamers, not shareholders, gives us a permanent responsibility to YOU!  As a sign of our commitment, we will include no DLC and no DRM in our software or subsequent future projects.

Gentlemen Studios is a small, tight knit and highly cohesive group of people that have worked together on various creative projects.  We believe that games should be made by gamers, for gamers.  We have been gaming for well over twenty years, and are both inspired and encouraged by our years working and playing in this industry.

Joseph Charles Nix – Lead programmer and developer.

Selina Oliver - Assistant developer.

Nobody Studios (Kirk and Amanda Nix) – Lead artists, character design, monster design, the works.

Wesley Birch – Web/graphic designer and sound engineer.

Adam Scott Borchert - Sound effect production.

Derek Diaz – Media/promotional materials production.

Alexander Panama (Studio Lexi) - Original Soundtrack production.

We are completely finished with the storyline development and dialog.  Programming is about 50% complete and we are on time for a 2Q 2013 release.  Graphics, art, music, and sound effects have begun, but need additional funding before they can be completed.  A playable beta is in the works and will be released to certain backers in the coming months.  After this beta phase, we will release another playable demo that will be freely distributed to everyone.  We want gamers to be in control of the content they purchase with their hard earned money, that is why we are letting you play it before you buy it!

The game will be sold for $10 USD, with a special edition that includes an art book, guide, digital soundtrack, and more for $20 USD.  As mentioned earlier, the game will be DRM free and not require any additional software to run.  RAiN's availability on platforms like Steam and XBOX Live will be assessed sometime shortly after release.  We are currently certain of a Windows release, with Linux and Mac releases considered after release, depending on fund availability.  All backers who give $150 or more get a RAiN shirt!

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are!  Now that you've seen the tip of the iceberg, check back daily to see the constant updates!

Reminder: Though the game's engine is complete, the graphical presentation of the game is currently in alpha stage.


  • We do not believe in asking our foreign fans to pay any additional shipping costs. We have factored international shipping into our budget and will not require you to pay any additional costs to ship internationally.

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  • A website is in the works and will be published while this Kickstarter is active. All backers, from $1 upward, will receive an email alerting them when this website is live.

    You will be able to download a demo and purchase the game via the website for digital download. Backers who pledge $35 or more will have their own physical copy of the game!

    Last updated:
  • We will be sending a post-kickstarter survey to get everyone's address, this way you have the most control over where your products go. We want to make sure that you receive the product where you want to receive it.

    Last updated:
  • We currently have no plans to implement multiplayer features. Like its SNES/ARPG roots, RAiN will be a purely single player experience. We want the immersion to remain focused and unbroken, enchaining the story's expression and the gameplay's consistency.

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  • If we exceed our goal, we will be able to expand to at least one other platform. If such a thing were to occur, we would be sure to poll all of our backers and others to find out which platform would be the best to release on. Either way, it is the first thing we are doing with our game sales upon release. Going over our funds in this Kickstarter would allow us to expand platforms faster.

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    What you get: An exclusive RAiN desktop wallpaper!

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    What you get: Previous reward and access to beta tests and alpha versions!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and a digital copy of the game!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and a digital soundtrack!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and a digital collectors edition of the game, including exclusive artwork, developer notes and photographs and a digital soundtrack!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and a physical soundtrack and copy of the game!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and physical strategy guide and art book in color! Also your name in the credits recognizing you as a backer of this project.

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    What you get: Previous rewards and a handwritten letter of gratitude. Also the ability to design an item in the game! Your name will also be added to special thanks section of the art book!

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    What you get: Previous rewards and the ability to design an NPC! You chose the name, way the characters meet and interact with it, as well as any side-quests the NPC might have.

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    What you get: Previous rewards, and a really cool RAiN shirt!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and the ability to design one of the three character's abilities and an enemy!

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    What you get: Previous rewards and the ability to design one of the many endings, also you decide what the player must do to unlock it!

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    2 backers Limited (1 left of 3)

    What you get: Previous rewards and a shrine and/or area of the game world dedicated to your honor! You can also chose to let us handle it, or design the game area/shrine yourself!

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