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A deck-building game where particle physics & chemistry collide! Use quarks to build subatomic particles & particles to build Atoms!
A deck-building game where particle physics & chemistry collide! Use quarks to build subatomic particles & particles to build Atoms!
A deck-building game where particle physics & chemistry collide! Use quarks to build subatomic particles & particles to build Atoms!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Nemerow 2 days ago

      Hello! I wanted to tell you guys that I have moved. How do I change the address for delivery?

    2. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on June 7

      @Mike B We will have a copy of Subatomic with us at Origins!

      @James V. Kohl Just checked! I did send that Kickstarter message to you on May 11. (If the message still isn't showing up for you - for the mobile app, click on the envelope symbol in the upper left corner to check messages, OR on a desktop, click your profile pic then click the messages line on the left. Hope that helps!)

    3. James V. Kohl on June 7

      John Coveyou wrote: @James V. Kohl Sent you a Kickstarter message!

      Thanks, but either I do not know how to retrieve it, or it isn't there.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike B on June 7

      @John Excited to see you again at Origins this year. Will you have any demos of Subatomic available?

    5. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on June 1

      @Stella That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! And, I heartily agree with your partner in the video... that is right, science is FUN :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Stella on May 26

      Hi @Alan, Thanks. @John, thanks for the tips, the new game board file in PDF works!
      I have printed them. We also have made instructional video for Subatomic, as we couldn't really find one with full rules out there, my partner especially is enthusiastic about it, as he is a chemical engineer, he even included a short science lesson to make the game more make sense :)
      Please find the link to our YouTube video below. Hope this is helpful, we are going to get our friends to watch before playing it with us!

    7. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on May 11

      @Iain In the end, Crowd Ox gave in... many thanks for filling out your survey :-)

      @James V. Kohl Sent you a Kickstarter message!

      @Lisa V Wohoo! Thanks!!

    8. Lisa V on May 10

      Yesterday was payday, so now my survey is completed at last. Upgraded to deluxe and added Peptide 😊 Woop!

    9. James V. Kohl on May 8

      Same problem as Iain who wrote: "go and shout at crowdox and try to get them to unjam my registered address (and good luck if you opt for that route). "

    10. Missing avatar

      on May 8

      Hi, backer #3367 here. For reasons best known to them, crowdox hates my email address and refuses to send me surveys or anything else. Please could you either send the survey to (not the address registered with KS) or go and shout at crowdox and try to get them to unjam my registered address (and good luck if you opt for that route).

    11. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on May 8

      @Chris Thanks :-)

      @Christopher Great to hear your initial thoughts!! Here's some answers to your questions...
      1. Discarding 1 of 3 identical cards in your hand is optional
      2. You may use a card (say the 2 Neutrons/ or 2 Energy) to gain energy tokens for future rounds
      3. You can use energy you gain on the same turn that you gain it
      4. The Energy Tokens are limited. If people want to house-rule this one and say they are unlimited, I'm totally fine with that :-)
      5. You can do the four Main Actions in any order and as many times as you are able
      6. The only limit to the number of times you may spend energy to swipe a row or draw an extra card is the amount of energy you have available!

    12. Missing avatar

      Christopher Wallace on May 8

      I finished printing out the game and played with my kids. My daughter is 11 and my son will be 9 next month. We read through the rules and started playing. We made a few mistakes and reread the rules for clarification, but we all had a great time and my daughter came away with a very convincing win! However, during play, we came up with a few questions:
      1. When you have 3 of the same card in your hand, is discarding 1 optional or mandatory?
      2. When you play a card where you get 2 Neutrons OR 2 Energy, is that energy only used to buy new cards, elements & scientists or can you play it and gain 2 energy for future rounds?
      3. If you gain energy by any means other than playing a card face down, can you use it during the same turn or is it unavailable until your next turn?
      4. Are the Energy Tokens limited? If there aren't any available, are you just out of luck?
      5. With the 4 Main Actions, can you do them in any order and as many times as you are able?
      6. When you spend 1 Energy to wipe a row or 2 Energy to draw and extra card, is there a limit to the number of times you can do them or is it based on the amount of energy you have available?
      I am looking forward to getting the official game!

    13. Chris M. on May 3

      @John thanks for the info. You are doing great job, so no worries, I can wait :) cheers!

    14. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on May 2

      @Michael We will be at Origins this year! We've got a 20x20 (booth #447), so they'll be plenty of space to sit and play. Love to meet you if you care to swing by the booth!

      @Chris M I got a bit swamped in emails over the weekend, but I'll respond to your email as soon as I can! Thanks for your patience!!

    15. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on May 2

      @Alan @Stella Sorry for the difficulties with printing the PnP! I talked to our graphic designer and she tried a few things with the PnP files and re-uploaded them to the PnP Dropbox folder. If the PnP PDF still won't print for you, she also included JPEGs!

    16. Missing avatar

      Alan Plant on May 2

      @Stella. Try opening and printing them with microsoft edge instead of adobe.. it worked for me. Thanks Elgaetano for giving me the idea to try printing them in different ways

    17. Missing avatar

      Alan Plant on May 2

      @ Elgaetano. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately when I print to pdf the new pdf is totally blank just like the actual prints!

    18. Mike F.
      on May 2

      Any chance Genius Games will be at Origins?

    19. Chris M. on May 1

      Hi @John, I've sent you an email 3 days ago, regarding, availability of science books for kids through the survey.
      Looking forward to your answer.
      Thanks, Chris

    20. Missing avatar

      Elgaetano on May 1

      @John. I'm puzzle (and still undecided) with the pricing of the game's bundles. They seem to be full retail price as in Europe you can still find Cytosis for $50 with free postage. Same for the others and Virulence is even a bit cheaper.
      So the question is: do I need to order all of them at the same time with subatomic or should I wait when I'll want them. I think they are great games for kids to enjoy and understand the basic of science they start to learn when they are 11-12.
      So why not a better deal here cheaper than retail?

    21. Missing avatar

      Elgaetano on May 1

      @Alan and Stella. Very common problem when people make pdf files from InDesign or AI. It is down to a few possible issues in the original file (which I can't tell since I don't have them).
      The best you can already try is to click Print, then "print as Pdf", make a new pdf. Open in Acrobat reader or Acrobat pro and clean up the file of transparencies, links and other hidden stuff. Then print again.
      The pdf sent as PnP should have been professionnaly cleaned up of any artefacts.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alan Plant on April 29

      Hi, I'm having the same problem as Stella. The cards, punchboard, and rules print ok, but the A3 size game board wont print (gives an error message), and the player mats and A4 version of the game board just come out blank???

    23. Missing avatar

      Stella on April 28

      Hi John, got the PnP files, thank you. I have printed everything but the common board, I have troubles printing it, it seems that it is just printing blank pages. I have tried 2 computers and 2 printers. Any tips how to print correctly please? Can't wait to play your game :)
      We are also thinking of doing how to play video for our channel on YouTube. I can send you a private message once it's done.
      Thank you.
      Stella (Meeple University)

    24. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 26

      @Stephen We do have teachers across the US using our games in classrooms... AND we're actually working on a curriculum for each of our games right now!

      We definitely try to help teachers out when we can - we're sometimes able to give teachers who are using the games in their classroom and paying out of their own pocket a price break. (I know how classroom supplies add up.... craziness.)

      I sent you a Kickstarter message about all this - I'd love to chat more and get your feedback if you're interested.

    25. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 26

      @James Yes! Wanted to make adding our other titles an option in Pledge Manager to give you all a pricing break. You backers take such good care of me and I like to say thanks however I can :-)

      @Najve We'll definitely sort it out! Email works well - thanks for sending an email our way!

      @All If you have pledge manager questions, email us at!

    26. James Duffy
      on April 26

      @Najve Maybe there was a miscommunication. In the Cytosis Kickstarter I believe John always said there would never be any more as they were uniquely numbered. And the campaign for this Kickstarter was clear in the description that only the standard Cytosis edition would be in the pledge manager. John has always been great at customer service so I'm sure he'll sort it out, but it's likely you won't be able to get a Collector's edition of Cytosis.

    27. Najve on April 26

      i have sell you an email.... about this problem!

    28. Najve on April 26

      excuse me... but... i tell you that i would buy subatomic collector and cytosis collector. You tell me that i had to pledge subatomic collector + 69$... but in pledge manager: nothing about collector of cytosis! how is it possible??????

    29. Stephen Berry on April 25

      @creator I have been trying to come up with a good way to incorporate your games into my wife’s and my classrooms (high school biology and chemistry teachers). Do you know of anyone who has implemented your games into the classroom and how it was done without having to break the bank to get enough sets for the whole class? Thanks for your amazing work and keep the science games coming!

    30. James Duffy
      on April 25

      Beautiful, I didn't realise I could pick up other titles in the pledge manager. This has been a massive cost saving over shopping from your store direct, as that would have cost me at least as much as the games themselves. Looks as though I may be going for the Genius Games collection at this rate. Can't wait to play with my children. Well, my 4.5 year old anyway, my 2 year is likely to just eat stuff and have a completely different scientific experience at A+E!

    31. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 25

      @Jen We'll be locking the pledge manager down a couple weeks before shipping. We'll be sure to give everyone plenty of warning via backer updates before we close it!!

    32. Jen the Solo Gamer on April 25

      How long is the pledge manager going to be open for?

    33. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 24

      @Meghan We just exhibited at the GHC Midwest homeschool convention and had a blast!! I just sent you a KS message to pick your brain on a thing or two :-)

      @Mark Thomas Our graphic designer fixed the couple PnP pages with the mirroring issue and re-uploaded it yesterday!

      @Mark MacVicar Yup! You got it :-)

    34. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 24

      @Rob We've nearly completed the set up and review process for the pledge manager. I'll send a backer update when we send it out just to double check that everyone received their initial pledge manager email!

      @Cristopher Yes! The pledge manager will allow you to switch from a PnP to a full copy of the game!

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark MacVicar on April 23

      derp, nevermind. I wrote that while sorting different piles and forgot this was a deck building game, where backsides should match.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark MacVicar on April 23

      I noticed in the PnP that Scientist Cards, Single Subatomic Cards, Larger Subatomic Cards, and
      Starter Cards cards all have the same backs. It would help keep them separate if they had different backs. Frequently It’s when I’m shuffling that I realize the cards aren’t sorted correctly.

    37. Mark Thomas on April 23

      I didn't get a response to my post on update #8 regarding the PnP, so I'm cross posting here.

      You haven't mirrored the layouts of the pages for card fronts Vs card backs. This will potentially result in cards with the wrong backs (on mixed pages) and cards with no backs on page that are not filled.

    38. Missing avatar

      Meghan on April 21

      @Creator You guys should seriously hit up the homeschool conventions with your games. All of those homeschool families would love them!

    39. Missing avatar

      Cristopher Alarcon on April 21

      Hello, I'm Backer of PnP mode, its possible access to the pledge manager to opt a full pledge of the game (29$)?

    40. Missing avatar

      Rob Parrish on April 19

      Is there an estimation on backerkit emails?

    41. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 18

      @James A solo mode could definitely be a possibility for several of our games! I don't know of any unofficial ones (feel free to chime in if someone else does!), but I have been mulling over some possible solo variants. Nothing concrete yet at this point.

    42. James Duffy
      on April 17

      Hi John. Can't wait to get my bundle, I've been really enjoying Cytosis. I wondered if you'd given any thought to solo modes, or if you knew of any unofficial ones which worked well? Working shifts and with young children our group often struggles to meet up and I play a lot of solo games. I'd love to be able to play yours more often but understand it's it always possible in all games, especially as yours seem to encourage group learning. Would still love to hear if you have any ideas though. Thanks.

    43. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 12

      @Stephen Apologies for the longer-than-hoped-for gap between updates! Things have been a whirlwind around here finalizing all the game specs and getting the files off to the manufacturer. I'll post an update pretty soon with more info and hopefully some pictures. Pretty excited about how things look.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stephen on April 12

      Any updates on your progress? Interested in seeing/ reading some of your progress you where hoping to reveal.

    45. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on April 2

      @Ron Our est. delivery month is Sept 2018!

    46. Missing avatar

      Ron H on April 2

      When will the order be shipped out?

    47. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 9-time creator
      on March 26

      @Marco Sure thing! Current card count is 130 and the size is 63x88mm (black jack size).

      @Ali Since we finished the campaign just under the $275K Stretch Goal, I didn't end up revealing that one :-)

    48. James V. Kohl on March 25

      This is too technical for comparison to game play, but some people may want to see slide #6 "Levels of Biological Organization." It starts with subatomic particles and links them to all biophysically constrained biodiversity via what now can be learned via game play of "Cytosis" and "Subatomic."

    49. Missing avatar

      Radikal9k on March 23

      Can I please know number and size of the cards?

    50. Missing avatar

      Ali AlZarouni on March 23

      @creator What was the $275K stretch goal?

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