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Children's books that inspire curiosity with true stories of women scientists and also teach basics of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Children's books that inspire curiosity with true stories of women scientists and also teach basics of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
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The Art Creation Process, Moonlite and Scientific Review!

Posted by John Coveyou (Genius Games) (Creator)

Hello Backers!

All sorts of things are happening behind-the-scenes with Science Wide Open...

Artwork Process

I am a big fan of process, so I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse at what Women in Physics in progress looked like. These pages have been through several revisions already, more revisions to come...

Here's a skeleton of our illustration process:

1) Research! We fill a google doc with historical images, scientific illustrations and images and a bunch of ideas on how we imagine certain illustrations. 

2) We send Danielle the google doc and complete text laid out page by page. After she's looked through it, we discuss some concepts and then she gets to work! 

3) Danielle works her artistic magic and sends us the complete book bit by bit in thumbnail sketches. 

4) We review and discuss each sketch, talk with Danielle about what we love and any changes we'd like her to incorporate, especially when it comes to how she illustrations the science concepts. 

5) repeat Step 4. Several times. 

5) Danielle once again works her magic and colors the sketches! 

6) Repeat Step 4

7) Send the sketches out to our panel for feedback

8) Repeat Step 4 :-)

Then, we launch into file prep... a whole other process for another time :-)

"Physics is the study of the whole universe and how everything in it works! We study physics because it answers questions like how birds can fly, or why water freezes when it’s cold and turns into steam when it’s hot."

 Can you guess who these two scientists are? :-)

I can't wait to show off the colored pages! 

Moonlite - A Bedtime Story Projector For Your Mobile Phone is Making a Science Wide Open Reel

I am VERY discerning when people reach out to me with proposals, and I usually turn down roughly 99% of them. But this one really caught my attention because it's something I want to have in my home!


Moonlite is a device that attaches to your mobile phone and allows you to project your bedtime stores onto the wall!!! So COOL!  Natalie, the creator of Moonlite, reached out to me wanting to make a SWO Reel for the Moonlite, and after learning more about it, I must say I am very excited about this!


The Moonlite team will create a Reel for the first book, Women in Biology and will be giving that Reel away to ALL of their backers if their Kickstarter campaign reaches $100K in funding. If this is something that interests you, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign here

Scientific Review Process

We had over 50 scientists and educators with impressive backgrounds offer to be part of our review panel! Your generosity in volunteering your time and expertise really blew us away.  

The task of culling the list down to 10 or so is proving incredibly difficult, like I said, you guys have impressive background, so what we might end up doing is sending Women in Chemistry to a panel of people, Women in Physics to another panel and Women in Biology to a third panel of people. Be on the lookout for an email in the next couple weeks! 

Overflowing with appreciation,



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    1. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 12-time creator

      @Rebecca The Moonlite team and their project is pretty incredible!! I love reading stories to my daughter and CAN'T WAIT to introduce Moonlite to her!

      Thanks for your kind words :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Daskalova on

      The Moonlite Team blew it out of the water! I'm so stoked about both of these campaigns (and your First Science Book campaign)!! Great stuff. Thank you!

    3. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 12-time creator

      @Shane I'm pretty excited to read my daughter the final version too. She's likes the prototype thus far :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Shane Carter on

      Too cool,
      I can't wait to show my daughters when it's finished.