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A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
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$250k Stretch Goal Announced!!! And New Award Tile Designs

Posted by John Coveyou (Genius Games) (Creator)

Hello Periodic Backers! 

Now that we have artwork for our new $250k stretch goal idea I wanted to show it off. 

Instead of placing colored cubes on the board to mark which elements are available, we could use custom shaped wooden bits to distiguish the cards. For those that are color blind, this will be very helpful! And it will also just look much nicer than standard cubes. Cubes are boring... just saying. 

The Goal cards would also match the shapes. But... making four new custom shaped pieces is not cheap, which is why we're putting this at the $250k stretch goal level.

Here's what they look like on the board. 


Please Share Periodic

Some of you are worried we won't come close to the $250k mark. But we have a few people with big channels that are supposed to post about us today (HOPEFULLY) and that will help a lot. I think we can get pretty close BUT if any of you have a friend or family member or group that you think would really enjoy this game, PLEASE SHARE! That would mean a lot to me :-) 

Upgraded Award Tiles

We are also upgrading the Award Tiles to be a more fun look than just the words on the tiles. 

I was going to make this the $225k Stretch Goal, but honestly, I like them so much more and just want to add them for free, and the cost difference is very minimal since it's a one time cost of Tomasz's makng the designs, verse adding additional cost to every copy we manufacture. So I wanted to annouce these since we don't have a $225k stretch goal.

As far as the suggestions for the back of the baord, I love that! The main concern though, is that we need to have all the files ready to send to the manufacturer in a few weeks if we want to stay on shedule. And there is a lot of work that still needs to get done to finalize the files. And I am not sure we would have enough time to identify what the additioanal baord should look like, and for Tomasz to create the entire thing while he's still trying to finish all the other files. 

Overflowing with Appreciation, 


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    1. Mitchell

      Speaking as a color-blind backer, I applaud this design choice. It will absolutely make my game play experience smoother.

    2. Gozer Games on

      Custom shaped wooden pieces should add only a few pennies per game. It's not like making a mold for plastic. I agree with @Kory that accessibility is important.

    3. Kory Dondzila

      Could the new pieces be the $225k goal instead, honestly accessibility is super important and it should be done regardless of the funding we reach. Unless you include pledge manager funds as well we might not reach $250k.

    4. Tasha Turner

      Love this idea.

    5. Karl Hedstrom

      I think the the new pieces look great and hope they can be added to the game.

    6. Brandan Borgos on

      I'm colorblind and love this idea! Everyone, order the science bundle so we can get the soon-to-be-defined $500k goal!!! :)

    7. Jonathan Ricks

      For me I would love the back of the board to be A version of the periodic table that has an old esthetic. It should have no functional difference from the front of the board but would look more the way when it was 1st published

    8. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Rohn on

      I love the wooden shape idea especially because 3 people in my house are colorblind! I can't wait to show this to my son, he is OBSESSED with elements!

    9. Missing avatar

      Eagle Loft on

      Those custom shapes look great! I really hope we make the stretch goal.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Appleton on

      This is such a great idea. Well done on coming up with a shape that's neutral but still feels on-theme!

    11. George Campbell

      Wow, those tokens are sharp.

    12. Queen Tara on

      This is looking more and more amazing! My family and I are fans of Genius Games. We use Ion and Cytosis (and soon Periodic) in our homeschooling.