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A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
4,539 backers pledged $236,208 to help bring this project to life.

$200k Stretch Goal - Microscopes for The Win!

Posted by John Coveyou (Genius Games) (Creator)

Hello Periodic backers! 

This update will be short and sweet. Just want to communicate some news and ask for some feedback. 

$200k Stretch Goal

So we took a survey and look like the overwhelming response was for the microscopes. A summary of the survey responses is below - 

Which means the $200k Stretch Goal is... 

$225k or $250k Stretch Goal

I have a REALLY fun idea for the $250k Stretch Goal, but that may be a bit optimistic. I want to talk to our manufacturer and see if the pricing may work anyway, but in the mean time, we'll keep it at $250k. Tomasz is making a graphic for it now. I'll show you all soon... 

For the next Stretch Goal, the main suggestions have been double sided board (but what would be put on the other side?) or thicker card stock (2.5mm rather than 2.0mm). Do any of you have a preference? (Let me know in the comments!)

I don't want the next Stretch Goal to be adding more Goal Cards, because I am already  adding as many Goals Cards as we can possibly by default. As long as we have card ideas, they fit the balance of the game, the science is right, and they will fit on the card sheet for manufacturing... well, then they are going into the game! 

That's it for now. More to come soon. 

Overflowing with appreciation!


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    1. TimeLordBob

      I'm ok with the microscope but maybe a beaker shape might be more universally accepted?

    2. Blaze1616

      I can't really argue with the community survey, but let me throw my voice into the pot as a Chemical Engineer who has used a microscope exactly 0 times in his career and 3 times in college. All 3 times were specifically for looking at nano particle strings of gold for an academic paper I'm coauthor on.

      I can't really complain about an improved quality game piece, but I am disappointed in the pick. Phallic as they are, I'd rather have the Bunsen burners over this. Too bad you can't make a wooden token of an IR machine, hah!

    3. Amospal on

      I vote for thicker card stock 

    4. Missing avatar

      nativesonx on

      Any thoughts of including a Lanthanide/Actinide mini board as the last stretch goal? The periodic table looks a bit incomplete without these f-block elements.

    5. Missing avatar

      borja on

      double sided and the directions are more complicated!

    6. Kory Dondzila

      I will add that there are already flasks for the game, so flasks might have been a bad choice i.e. redundancy. the burner didn't come off as phallic, but I understand people not liking it.

      Chemistry being such a large field, I can understand some never having to use a microscope and others using it more often. I mean it does depend on what it is you are doing or trying to do.

      I'm just a computer scientist, so none of my tools are represented (but you can bet they are used in chemistry).

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Thompson on

      I vote for the thicker cardstock for the next stretch goal. Another side to the board wouldn’t make sense.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Thompson on

      Given that microscopes are not the most popular tool in bench chemistry, I voted for it based on a somewhat more subjective opinion, that being the microscope was the least phallic of the three options. I suppose I could have suggested a different piece altogether...but as a homeschooling physician, I do bench chemistry as often as I use a microscope in my practice - not at all.

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin Boland on

      In fact - how do you 'unpledge'? I'm not sure I want to support a game that is so far out of touch with its own themes (discovery of new chemical elements)

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Boland on

      Um - I've been a research chemist for 20 years and I've used a hair drier for research more often than I've used a microscope
      Is it possible to pay for a different item so i can throw these way!?!?!

    11. Mélanie Tremblay on

      Why microscope? Strange... It a chemistry game. Good idea for the historic version!

      A prefers a bigger board than bonus in card.


    12. Missing avatar

      alan greenberg on

      First as an industrial research chemist, I probably used a microscope almost as often as any other tool. Being able to see an effect will often give you a lead on what went wrong and what direction to go in.

      Second, I'd vote for two sided board. There are periodic table versions that use many different themes for whimsy/visual interest. Periodic Table of Vegetables, Meats, Desserts, etc...

      It would be fun to have something like this as an alternative playing surface.

    13. Preston

      Microscopes, let this be an educating moment for those that don't believe they are used in chemistry and are stereotyping against them. Some chemists use them all day in their jobs especially in the 'hot' fields of nanotechnology (SEM, TEM, AFM) and biological chemistry (fluorescence), microscopy is a key technique.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christine Bradford on

      Yes. I don't really understand. Microscopes don't really fit the CHEMISTRY theme unless they are electron microscopes or you can connect them to chemical biology in a more concrete way.

    15. Constance Fuller on

      In regards to options for the next level, it sounds like the board thickness has already reached a high quality. So instead of upgrading that, what if award tiles and/or point tokens were upgraded to the shiny paper for all backers and to wood for deluxe backers. Other ideas are thematic containers for game elements (ex. plastic test tubes to hold tokens instead of plastic bags). In regards to ideas for the back, what about a few pioneers who discovered some of those important elements.

      And like the others, I voted for the microscope because it looked the best, but I don't really know my science well (ahem, empty nest mom here...what a shame that I don't know) which is why I backed the full science group. (Got some learnin' to do).

    16. Preston

      Thank you thank you thank for the survey and realizing most people wanted a microscope!

    17. Lefranc Hervé on

      Microscope... it's really not in the theme... I prefer phallic burners, flask, beaker but not that !

    18. pj_brady

      How about something like the Benfey spiral periodic table?

    19. Kory Dondzila

      I have to agree with Dan, I think most people probably went with the microscope because it looked the best and not if it fit the theme. (For that reason I don't think the microscope should have been included.)

    20. Efren Rodriguez

      Agreed Dan, on both points

    21. Missing avatar

      Seo Crosby

      I'm personally of the mind that unless you have another game element like a different method of playing a 2-sided board is well... useless. Coming up with a whole additional method of play sounds like a lot of extra work for so late in the game (ha!) though. Card stock seems much more feasible and I'm never going to complain at thicker, hardier cards.

      As for the results I admit I'm also a touch disappointed. I definitely voted for the microscopes but mainly because I felt the other designs were just that bad/boring. The burner looked like little candles which make no sense and the bulb flask looks like something I've seen in magic games and therefore throws me right out of immersion. I do agree though that microscopes for a chemistry based game doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense. Buuuut I would still buy it and just kind of go "huh" and move on. I would rather see a tiny atom shape or even a radiation symbol or the Erlenmeyers as previously suggested.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Severs

      Well, that's a bit disappointing. Microscopes would be more in place in a biology based game and not so much in a chemistry based game. I didn't even see the Erlenmeyers in the poll. Those would have been much more in line with the game theme.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Bennett on

      How about a historical version of the periodic table with historical-style art?

    24. Oglik Naes

      Thicker cardboard

      Looking forward to seeing what might come of the 250k goal

    25. Missing avatar

      Bruce G

      Thicker card stock unless you really have something worth putting on the other side.