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A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
4,539 backers pledged $236,208 to help bring this project to life.

$200k Stretch Goal Survey & Some Answers to Common Questions

Posted by John Coveyou (Genius Games) (Creator)

Hello Periodic Backers,

Down to the last few days of the campaign! 

200K Stretch Goal

I'm really optimistic that we'll hit this one - we're edging up on it now, AND the last 48 hours have historically been big for all our recent campaigns. 

Tomasz and I have still been playing around with the design for the markers though... once again, your feedback has been much appreciated. Please take this survey to give your feedback.

Please take the $200k Stretch Goal Survey to give us your feedback!

Science Behind Periodic

We've got quite a team of writers for Science Behind Periodic. Really excited to get the ball rolling on this one - more info to come in the next week! We haven't begun the writing process yet, so if you're at all interested in joining a team of academic peers for Science Behind, email 

Few Questions Answered

Will I be able to modify my pledge after the campaign is over?

Yes! We're getting the pledge manager together now - this platform should make it quite simple for you to add individual games to your pledge or upgrade your pledge. 

Is the project UK friendly as well as EU friendly?

Yes - we'll take care of customs and those VAT charges for you. 

How language independent is Periodic?

I would say it's very language independent. Icons clue a player in to all the main mechanics in the game. The main exception is the end game Agenda card that each player starts with, but even that has really clear icons that show what a player must achieve.

Latest book on Kickstarter from Timbuktu Labs!


Another Kickstarter I'm all excited about is from our friends at Timbuktu Labs - their project is "I Am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions", a full-color, illustrated activity book filled with 100 prompts that help you develop the tools to become an agent of change. "I Am a Rebel Girl" celebrates girls’ ambition, it teaches them to love their bodies without shame, organize rallies, plan businesses, and work out the details of their adventurous lives. Check it out HERE before the campaign ends tomorrow!

Overflowing with appreciation,



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    1. Robert Greathouse

      Damn, you had me until you showed you've bought into the contemporary Feminist myth. By every measure, girls are doing just fine. In fact, better then boys. Society has taken for granted that boots will succeed they've now been left behind. By all means, make the journal. But could you make an accompany one for boys? Or make it gender neutral so any child can use it.

    2. Xpistos Ekimogloy on

      I did as well Gozer Games. I like the idea of bunsen burners, but alas Microscopes it is.

    3. Gozer Games on

      I agree the bunsen burners look too phallic. I also voted for the microscopes because of this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Freude

      I do not have a Google Account, therefore I can not vote in the survey :-(

    5. Nic Matlage

      Thanks for the survey. Getting a bigger variety of thoughts vs just hearing whomever is louder :). Happy with whatever the hive mind chooses.

    6. Karl Hedstrom

      I logged into my gmail account to vote, but would have preferred a platform like Survey Monkey. The Bunson Burners are a little to phallic looking so I picked the microscope, but the flash would also be fine.

    7. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      Apparently we need a Google account for the surveys. Technically I have a Google account but I have no access because the group's admin account was compromised, we were all locked out, and Google's only solution is to talk to our admin. The fact that they seem to have no way to address a Google Groups takeover makes me not particularly interested in creating another account with them.