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A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
A Strategy Board Game Accurately Themed Around The Periodic Table! Use Periodic Trends, Discover Elements & Learn Actual Science!
4,539 backers pledged $236,208 to help bring this project to life.

Periodic Rulebook, Periodic in Spanish, and Ideas for the $200K Stretch Goal

Posted by John Coveyou (Genius Games) (Creator)

Hello Periodic Backers,

Only 1 week left, and so much to do :-) 

The Periodic Rulebook draft is now on the Kickstarter page! 

There are a couple minor issues in the rules but we wanted to get these up asap. Nothing that will hinder game play, just random edits that we need to make. But you've waited long enough.  

Offer us Rulebook feedback?

It would be INCREDIBLY helpful if you eagle-eyes out there would give the rulebook a read through and let us know any aspects of it that don't seem clear, complete or concise (OR if you find those random typos that we've missed...). 

If you want to help us find gaps in our rulebook, leave your feedback as comments on this specific copy of the Periodic Rulebook(Leave comments by 10/15/18)

We'll comb through every last comment and figure out what changes to make to our next rulebook iteration.   

Periodic en Español 

I am very proud to announce our partnership with Ediciones MasQueOca to release the Spanish version of Periodic. They are also going to be releasing Subatomic, Ion, Covalence, Virulence, and Peptide in Spansih! If you want a Spanish version of Periodic, you don't need to do anything now except become a backer at the reward level you want. Then after the campaign we will ask you if you want the English version, or the Spanish version (In the Pledge manager).  

About Ediciones MasQueOca: They are one of the most relevant publishers in Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian languages. They are based in Spain, and have published more than 80 games including Hannibal & Hamilcar 20thAniversary Edition, Camel Up, Study in Emerald, Conflict of Heroes, Concordia, Keyflower, etc.

Please note: MasQueOca editions is responsible for shipping Spanish language games. The estimated shipping cost is: 

  • España (Península y Baleares) o Portugal: 7$ por el juego PERIODIC Edición en Español y $7 por cada juego 
  • España (Canarias, Ceuta o Melilla): 13$ por el juego PERIODIC Edición en Español y $13 por cada juego 
  • Norteamérica (USA y Canada), Centroamérica y Sudamérica (incluyendo Brasil): $40 por el juego por el juego PERIODIC Edición en Español

New $175k and $200K Stretch Goals

Thanks again to everyone who pitched in their thoughts on the shape for the $200K stretch goal - we'll keep the microscope mock-up in our back pocket for some other game at some point and try something more chemistry specific. 

So, here's another mock-up our artist created - what do you think of these as replacements for the Track Markers??


Overflowing with appreciation,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Joel A Mann

      It looks like a Bunsen burner. Get your mind out of the gutter LOL.

    2. Missing avatar


      I dont really think they look like a penis but not really a fan either...

    3. Nic Matlage

      I didn't see anything phallic, but I definitely saw a candle lol. I'm sure you guys will come up with something good.

    4. UnstableVoltage on

      I'm amazed at how many people seem to see "phallic" shapes in innocent objects. Probably saying more about themselves to be honest. Bunsen burners are shaped like Bunsen burns. If you think they're sexually suggestive, seek professional help.

    5. Missing avatar

      Anthony Breen on

      The bunsen burner shape is excellent as it also has the elegant shape of a tepering tower, such as:
      - the Eiffel Tower in Paris (see e.g.; and;
      - the elegant temple Wat Arun on the riverside in Bangkok (

      The tapering tower of a bunsen burner is just a classic, elegant shape. And the wooden pieces will be stable.

    6. Missing avatar

      Anthony Breen on

      Actualy, I think the bunsen burners look quite elegant and classic! I don't think they are that "suggestive" in a naughty way. I would keep the bunsen burners, personally.

      As I think someone else said, if you made the flame slightly larger or longer (without making the pieces top-heavy & unstable, and without weakening the thin wood between the flame & the burner), the shape may be less "suggestive". That would be OK.

      However, overall, I think the shapes are perfect as they are. And bunsen burners are more exciting than beakers with a stirrer, aren't they? Bunsen burners capture the energy, the excitement and the explosive, spectacular spirit of chemistry better than a beaker.

      If I am outvoted and it is going to be a chemistry container of some sort, then would it be a beaker or a test tube? Overall, either a beaker or a test tube are both a bit too similar to the conical flasks which you already have as the playing pieces moving around on the Periodic Table.

      PS In your Science leaflet accompanying the Periodic game, and for more advanced & spectacular chemistry videos, can I suggest a link to Professor Poliakov's widely popular and visually amazing "Periodic Videos" (Prof. Poliakov is from Nottingham University, UK & is one of my chemistry degree teachers):, which, similar to your game, use the periodic table as a starting point to teach (mid & advanced school-level & university-level) chemistry via videos.

    7. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      other less-phalic ideas for the track marker:
      how about a Hydrogen atom (or H2 molecule)
      something related to beta decay

    8. Missing avatar

      Saleena Chiu

      Might be a bit plain, but what about science goggles?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jared Trisciuzzi on

      Great idea in concept but the bunsen burners really do look phallic in design even though I think they represent the equipment well. I like the idea of using a beaker with stir rod as a replacement.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Schutter

      You could also consider doing a separatory funnel, a stoppered bottle, or a beaker with stir rod,

    11. Missing avatar

      Aaron Endicott Reger on

      What about a rack filled with test tubes like shape?

    12. Todd Suesz

      The pieces are very phallic and do look like candles.

    13. Jenny Reed on

      I love the theory of the Bunsen burners, but the picture leaves a lot to be desired. Well, perhaps that wording was as off-color as the shaping :)

      Perhaps try the atom or the test tube rack ideas others have mentioned?

    14. Biomage on

      I like the Bunsen burners.

      I could also see using Florence flasks.

    15. Duncan McEwen on

      Whew, glad it was not just me that was a bit disturbed by the Bunsen burners...

      I am down with flasks like from Cytosis, they were good and science. I do like a atomic model, but it would probably have to be printed to look right.

      Microscopes are always good, but I understand wanting to save for something that actually involves more microscopes.

      How about a set of different markers, like the states of matter (a cloud, a water drop, and a rock.)? Something like that?


    16. Oglik Naes

      +3,695 bring back the microscope!

    17. SD

      Piling on to say that the microscopes were cool... cooler than... well, no offense, but everyone else has already said it. I really do not like these.

      What about an atom icon or something?

    18. Zach T.

      My vote would be a volumetric flask token or a graduated cylinder token.

    19. Zach T.

      I think it was Colonal Mustard, in the Library, with the candlestick!

    20. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the Spanish Edition... and very well chosen partner (MasQueOca)... my favourite shop here in Spain! Nevertheless I have a question. I would like to have the English version of the game (My children go to an English International School, and my home copy I would like it to be in english), is it going to be possible to get the english version with the Spanish costs. Usually MasQueOca has the english versions of the games, and I never had a problem when I wanted to buy one from them in english, but this time, with the kickstarter I do not know if it is going to be a problem or not. I will probably end up buying later some spanish copies as gifts or I will advise to purchase it to other ppl but, as stated, I would like to have my first copy in english.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Vicente

      Microscopes were cool

    22. Chris Blanchard

      I vote for the microscopes. These definitely look like candles to me, whereas the microscopes were obviously microscopes. Plus, they were unique. I've seen other games that have candles (I know these aren't, but again, they look like them), but none that have microscopes.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Vicente

      I would look for a less phalic shape.

      Thanks for the games in Spanish. Shame they didnt go for Cytosis too.

    24. Mickle_

      I also vote against the burners. Maybe a test tube stand with three test tubes coming out?

    25. Conor Davies on

      Apologies for double- (and now triple-) posting. First message got scrambled by mobile phone so re-typed it with extra suggestions. Then original message appeared. Oooops.

      Whoever suggested the swan-necked retort is on to something, though... Great idea.

    26. Conor Davies on

      Phallic pieces in a game designed for use by educators and school children - what could possibly go wrong?!!!

      A simple flask or beaker would be best (if you insist on 'chemistry' apparatus). A beaker shape, in profile, (a silhouette, if you will) is simple, 2-D and stable.

      How about a simple circle counter (like Dalton's model of the atom) or, if you can emboss or print on the wood, a circle with some orbits and a nucleus printed on it for the Rutherford model of the atom?

      My favourite would be a swan-necked retort as used by Lavoisier (when investigating phlogiston)? It has a nice, recognisable profile and the neck could swoop down to the same level as the bottom of the flask (in order to touch the board again), providing further stability, before curving up a little?

    27. Missing avatar

      Joel A Mann

      Go back to the microscope. It was much better!!

    28. John Coveyou (Genius Games) 12-time creator

      Well... Ahem...

      I guess it's back to the drawing baord... We could use Erlenhmeyer Flasks, but we already have those. Beakers won't work becuase the shape we use has to be 2D bc we can't make 3d cuts on the wood, We could do bulb flasks maybe? Or Micropscopes still? Or something else...

    29. Patrick

      I did like the microscopes, but I'm not a biologist or a chemist, so I cannot give an opinion about their appropriateness in this game.

      I will say that the Internet has ruined me, so as I was scrolling, I had to double-take because the markers were too phallic. I like the idea of Bunsen burners, but the design might need a bit more work in order to reduce adolescent mockery from the rest of the Internet.

    30. Conor Davies on

      Far too phallic. Did nobody point that out to you earlier?
      A conical flask or beaker (simple shape, no little bits sticking out to get broken, nice and stable) seems a more sensible choice.
      Please not the birthday candle- cum- flaming torch recently suggested.

    31. Missing avatar

      Wulf Corbett on

      The track markers look a little... erect...

    32. Missing avatar


      I prefer the microscopes. These just look like candles to me. I couldn't figure out what they were supposed to be until I read it.

      If you want to go more "chemistry", then how about some different types of glassware like beakers and flasks of various shapes?

    33. Lynn K. Patricia

      I only see p-nesses when i look at the markers. 😳 sorry.

    34. Missing avatar

      BlackerArtz on

      I like it but agree the flame needs rethinking as it looks more like a candle than a bunsen burner

    35. Vegard Farstad (Simplicatus Games)

      The microscopes were cooler in my opinion, but I'm a physicist...

      How about vials or flasks like the ones in Cytosis?

    36. Jason

      I might be going out on a limb here, but I'd prefer track markers that are a little less phallic.

    37. Missing avatar

      Christine Cade on

      I'm happy the Bunsen burner is more chemistry-related, but you might want to leave off the flame since it makes the whole thing look a bit phallic. Or maybe make a tall symmetrical cone, more like a real Bunsen burner flame. Could you do just a beaker (with a bit of lip at the top and a bit of rounding at the bottom so it's not just a rectangle)?

    38. Preston

      Seriously? Why did you drop the microscopes?