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Intensify your play with GEN i2: The Golf Simulator Embedded Golf Ball!
Intensify your play with GEN i2: The Golf Simulator Embedded Golf Ball!
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Issues With Locking Addresses

Posted by Coach Labs (Creator)

We had a lot of people experiencing issues with confirming their addresses, we have unlocked addresses, so they are now available to change. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US ABOUT ADDRESS CHANGES, FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW OR THE DIRECTIONS IN YOUR EMAIL!

We are getting ready for fulfillment! What this means is you will want to make sure we have the correct address on file so you get your rewards without issue! 

You should have received an email with instructions on how to update your address, but in case you missed it, or you don't have your original survey link, you can use the link below to recover your survey!

With this link feel free to make changes to your address, but please make sure this is done by 12/31/2018 as we will lock addresses so no further changes can be made.

We cannot begin shipping until all addresses are confirmed, and due to the holidays, we want to give everyone enough time to do so.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please us know at

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Barratt on

      When is this product arriving

    2. Missing avatar

      Grady Swick on

      You’re stalling. Ship the freaking golf balls, the mat, the net and the sensors or you’ll have a lot of financial trouble when everyone demands refunds and you get flagged on Kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Williams on

      How do we just get our money back? This is ridiculous...

    4. Matthew Barker on

      What’s the status now?

    5. Missing avatar

      Grady Swick on

      Have you guys solved the big shipping caper of 2018? How and why is this a problem? Seriously this a ploy to buy you guys time. If this behavior is any indication of how your company will run in the future, then please just refund our money and close your doors because you will fail anyway.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jorge Aragon on

      I got the email, but It took me to a thanks sharing tool (i dont want to thank o show happines about a delayed proyect) but I couldnt find where to lock my address

    7. Mike on

      Guys, it makes no sense to not be able to
      Ship until after you have all the addresses. Can you post a video of a working ball/system with some sort of real proof that this works?

      Delaying based on not having addresses is silly. Pretending to not be able to ship until after the holidays is silly. Lots of folks have shelled out lots of money and are just being dragged along week by week. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen when someday we get these products and the batteries die after 25 swings.

      Please, just be reasonable human beings. If this isn’t going to ever ship, just refund everyone their money.

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Chik on

      Many months late, delay after delay. I starting to feel like this is a scam.