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Intensify your play with GEN i2: The Golf Simulator Embedded Golf Ball!
Intensify your play with GEN i2: The Golf Simulator Embedded Golf Ball!
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Shipping Date!

Posted by Coach Labs (Creator)
We are working tirelessly to get you the best product that we can so we would like to thank you for your patience. Our CEO has been traveling between our Headquarters and our Production Facilities in Shenzhen China on a weekly basis. We are happy to inform you guys that production is in full force! Once completed, we will begin shipping. As of now, our app teams are working to finish up the game so you guys can download the app and familiarize yourselves with it before actually receiving the balls!  

 As promised there are copious amounts of training games and courses to practice on! Here are some photos of what the indoor simulation will look like:  

We will have an official ship date ready for you guys NEXT WEEK. So please stay tuned for that and again, feel free to reach out to us at  


The Coach Labs Team

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    1. Finn Oster on

      Has anyone gotten a hold of them tried calling, email, fb message nothing

    2. Matthew Barker on

      Where’s the update?

    3. Patrick Ames on

      Wtf. Where is my stuff?

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Kuo on

      Is it so hard to keep your backers updated?
      If you can't stick to your own timelines, then at least send us a revision or an update of sorts.
      Silence in this scenario is only going to hurt you and your brand.
      The success of your business is good reviews and repeat customers purchasing balls, and at this rate, and I highly doubt both of those will be achievable with this level of support.

    5. Patrick Ames on

      Where the hell is my stuff?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nathan Benn on

      If there is no definite shipping date within a week, why were we told this? Gets our hopes up....again! If there is no shipping date this week it might be time to ask for my few hundred dollars back.

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh Williams on

      I second that... When?! This is getting very frustrating

    8. Nathan E. Herschbach on

      November 15th you said you would have a shipping date “next week”. We’ve passed. Week, when is the shipping date?

    9. Nathan E. Herschbach on

      Asking again cause I hadn’t seen an answer. I ordered a few more balls, extra sensors, the hitting mat and net.

      All those things will be ready also correct?