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Pangaea: When The Continents Were One is a multi-media opera by Mikronesia.


Pangaea: When The Continents Were One is a multi-media opera presented by Philadelphia based label and music collective, earSnake. The music and story for the opera were written by composer and sound artist Mike McDermott (Mikronesia) over the past 15 years. 

Pangaea: When The Continents Were One will be premiered on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) at The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA. The multi-media opera will be presented by a 17 piece ensemble of strings, horns, flute, percussion, piano, electronics, guitars and voice. Sets, costumes, life sized puppets and masks are being designed by Liza Goodell of Spiral Q Puppet Theater and Tigre Bailando. In addition to the ensemble of musicians, singers and human puppets, Nico Dominguez (of Klip Collective) will be presenting images from the story that will be digitally projected and manipulated on stage. Pangaea's mix of world, chamber, electronic and rock music plus the blend of real life and digital visuals will make this premiere a truly modern spectacle of sight and sound. Plus the following musicians and vocalists:

Lillie Ruth Bussey (voice), Megan Cauley (voice), Jimmy Coleman (percussion), Maura Diberardinis (violin), Heather Fortune (flute), Adam Hershberger (trumpet), Steven Heitlinger (viola), Johnell Lawrence (viola), Christine Mello (cello), John Morrison (voice), Brian McDermott (voice), Steve Quaranta (voice), Christian Rabin (voice), Carlos Santiago (violin), Jalima Shani (voice) and Larry Toft (trombone)
Pangaea is a new mythology about the first humans who lived on the super continent Pangaea. On one giant continent the first tribes of man lived a simple life style. Over time the tribes began to embrace technology and turn away from their natural animal like ways. Recently the super continent of Pangaea is undergoing tumultuous environmental change as the continents begin to split into the continents we know today. Floods, volcanic eruptions, storms, changing seasons, wild fires and other ecological disasters begin to plague the simple people of Pangaea. The tribes begin to blame each other for displeasing the gods who have brought about these tumultuous changes. As tensions between the tribes increases the people of Pangaea are on the brink of an all out war.

This Kick Starter campaign is to pay for the premiere. The money will go directly to the musicians, designers, video artists and to pay for physical items like printing scores and renting the space. Like a public television pledge drive those who pledge certain amounts of money will get gifts from the opera in return!


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    A thank you in the program for your pledge.

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    A digital download of the studio recording of the 70 minute opera in MP3/FLAC/ACC format during the week of the premiere.

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    Beatifully designed full color CD digipak of the recording of the opera, signed by the composer.

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    A deluxe edition of the Pangaea studio recording. This deluxe edition comes with a 60 page book that contains the detailed epic poem of the Pangaea saga (written by Christian Rabin), linear notes for the recording, drawings and maps from the opera and of course the CD of the entire studio version of the opera, plus a signed Pangaea poster.

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    The deluxe book edition of the opera (see the $50 level for details) and two tickets to the premiere of Pangaea: When the Continents Were One on Friday November 11, 2011 at 8pm at The Rotunda (on UPENN's campus at 40th and Walnut Sts. Philadelphia, PA)

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    Pangaea behind the scenes! In addition to the deluxe CD/Book and tickets to the show. Receive a behind the scenes glimpse on what it took to create the Pangaea Opera. You'll get a several hour meeting and Q&A session with composer and producer Michael McDermott (Mikronesia) in his studio in Philadelphia. He'll show you how this massive 19 track story was created from song conception, to arranging the scores, to programming the beats and layering effects. Of course, you can ask any questions you may have about the Pangaea project or get insights on how to use Abelton Live, Pro Tools, Sebelius, synthesizers, effects pedals, guitars, percussion, and many other tools used to create and perform a modern multimedia opera.

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