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Pangaea: When The Continents Were One is a multi-media opera by Mikronesia.
Pangaea: When The Continents Were One is a multi-media opera by Mikronesia.
65 backers pledged $3,665 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You

The last 12 hours of the Kickstarter were very nerve-wracking but we made our Kickstarter goal! Thanks hugely to my wife Megan who really emailed, texted and called on the final day to help raise almost $1800 in 12 hours! Amazing.

To get this project funded by friends, family and patrons of the arts means so much to me. With such a huge group of dedicated people working to create this project, I wanted to make sure everyone was paid fairly for their efforts. Plus we have a lot of costs associated with producing an opera on our own. I simply could not afford to finance such a project on my own. Kickstarter has been such a great resource for funding all sorts of arts and music projects over the years and I’m glad I could be part of it.

I want to especially thank all the donors who funded this project. Special thanks to Dr. Pesha for his hugely generous donation towards the end of the day which catapulted us over the $3000 mark. To all the backers

  • Jason MacDonald
  • Meghan Haugh
  • Jonathan and Ellie Moniz
  • William and Hunter Clarke-Fields
  • Richard Baybutt and Jayashree Patel
  • Gene Coleman
  • Robin
  • Tom Gisondi
  • Steve Peltier
  • Kevin Brown
  • J. Makary
  • Brian Doyle
  • Steffan and Emily Shultz
  • Brian Wainwright
  • Carl Franke
  • Pearson Constantino
  • Joo Won Park
  • Michele and Brian Semple
  • Siobhan Lyons
  • Gary Dann
  • Deena Weisberg
  • Gina Renzi
  • Steven Bullack
  • Christine and Steve Farace
  • Duke and Bustock
  • Pat McDermott and Jack Malgeri
  • Thomas Fetterman
  • Bernadette and Chad Waters
  • Jan Shilling
  • Sheila Reynolds
  • Donald Silversmith
  • Karen Mauch and Diane Zilka
  • Frank Walter
  • Linda Marshall
  • Michael O’Brien
  • Lisa Stefanelli and Andrew Hawkes
  • Max Nomad
  • Nadia Botello
  • Steven Grise
  • John Colagioia
  • Dr. Lynn Rosenthal
  • Rebecca Klimowicz
  • Nick Karn
  • Gary Marshall
  • Kimberly Logan
  • Katie Goodrum
  • Jim Bear
  • Emily Sweeney and Bilwa
  • Johan
  • Brian McDermott
  • Melissa Franke
  • Meghann Waters
  • Jacob Troy
  • Susan and Ian Baybutt
  • Mary and Robert Niewood
  • Dr. Pesha
  • RuthieRoots
  • Greenwind
  • Patricia and Mike McDermott
  • Bobby and Michele Niewood
  • John King
  • Bill and Florence Niewood
  • Becky Soll and Karim Olechea
  • Jason Niewood

(I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did I'm sorry)

This project wouldn’t be happening without your love and support. Thank You!

We’ll be seeing many of you whose pledge gift included two tickets to the premiere on 11/11/11. For everyone else you can buy tickets to this limited seating engagement at the Rotunda on UPENN campus in Philadelphia. Tickets can be purchased here -


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