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1400 works of Artist Noel Rockmore discovered post Katrina in the NOLA storage of Shirley Marvin by Rich & Tee revives his legacy!
157 backers pledged $16,043 to help bring this project to life.

Kickstarter Update #2 - Almost half way there - living on a Prayer

Hi everyone,

At lot has happened since our 1st Update and we welcome you 50 new supporters to our “crowd.” We have learned a lot about the process from you, our followers and the Kickstarter folks. Things we have learned that make us stronger.

1)Just cause your Rabbi funds his Kickstarter Project in 1 night does not mean you will. No problem, he pledged us and has always believed in us and we love him.

2)The Kickstarter Sign Up Process has caused real consternation to over ½ our supporters who are terrified of the process and just want to send us a check for the book. Telling them they can’t hurts their feelings and is causing damage to us.

3)Yelling at the Kickstarter folks for not featuring you and being scary to your demographic (we suggested a Technically Terrified Sign Up Process) has the same affect as yelling at the casting director during your audition. Although Tee, my wife, did that to me and we have been married ever since.

4)Posting nice things on Facebook to your supporter’s pages leads to a lot of attention and small pledges from your kids and their friends. It does not lead to many/any of those 80 people that liked your comment getting a book.

5)People in our temple, Rotary, High School Class or students we taught will get a book as well as Rockmore supporters since Day 1. Strangers pledging us has been very few, maybe 3 out of the 70 folks. We LOVE YOU guys!

6)The pitch is too long, you have too many balls in the air, you started too late, your process is too hard, too many media approaches, and you just need to make it simple are things I have heard (and that is just from my family) - I am on it.

Plan of Action for the next 6 Days to make this Book happen

1)Kickstarter feels we need to work the crowd – “that is you” to work your people, that is your friends, to actually pledge. Reposting on Facebook has not been that successful except on branding. The bigger the crowd, the more attention we will get, except from these hipster Kickstarter honcho kids that built this concept to promote “Indie Books & Music.” All done – anger is gone – let it go Rich.

2)Plus the pitch from you needs to be direct and very short and stress the reward i.e.

“ I know the people doing this book about their adventures discovering a master artist with their 91 year old mom, I really think this will be a COLLECTIBLE entertaining book and you should get in on this, I did”

Please Help them if you can. Even a $1 Pledge counts. Just Click the Green Button

If I have done a nice post on your FB Page – now is the time to do that post in the comments of my post - after it’s life is over and everyone will see it again. If I just did or have not posted yet, then wait till a day goes by and all your likes are done.

3)I will be doing a direct email with that short pitch to about 400 potential folks today, then I will individually pitch my 400 Facebook friends on Friday in a message. That should be interesting – a friend check if you will.

4)There are at least 6 Big Time Rockmore Collectors we would like in at the $1000 level – I will phone call them this weekend to assess their temperature.

5)Monday I will check back with you and let you know where we are and how it looks for the Final 3 days - and then we can go into the “Panic Desperation Pass Plan B” or “The, hey, we are funded, now you really don’t want to miss this last chance opportunity for a collectible book.”


If you have a suggestion or idea or even a critique – please send it – we have 5 kids – we can take it. If you just want to sit tight and just be in our crowd, please do, you have done enough. If you want to go Pro Active – then you go! We got your back!

We love you guys any way you go and with you at our backs – we got this all day!


Shirley, Rich & Tee Marvin


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