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$1,456 pledged of $20,000 goal
$1,456 pledged of $20,000 goal

It's not over!

Hello Everyone!

The final hours of this project is coming, and the sad news is the goal will not be reached. But that's ok! The good news is that this first attempt has shown me that there's quite a bit of interest in Escape from Pandemonium, and I'm very excited and grateful for that. Thank you for your support!

For a little insight on some of what has happened:

The $20,000 needed for this project was to cover the manufacturing, and other costs of 1k units of EfP from a specific manufacturer . Unfortunately, midway through the project, that manufacturer(who quoted me for the 1k units) let me know that 5k units is their minimum unless under special circumstances. Needless to say, the 20k was no longer accurate for the kickstarter and once you have set the goal, you cannot change it.

So what does this all mean? This means there are things I will work on improving as well as looking for more artists and a new manufacturer with a low, reasonable minimum.

Most importantly, this is not the last you have seen of Escape from Pandemonium. GeekyGizmoGames will try the next attempt in the near future and be better than ever! I plan on redesigning the website as well as begin building a community that will be able to be an important part of the development of Escape from Pandemonium and future projects of GeekyGizmoGames. After all, these games are made for your enjoyment and I feel that you are an important part of the process and should be involved.

So for all of you interested in keeping up with the development of this newborn studio, "like" the GeekyGizmoGames facebook page if you haven't already. It will be the surest way to keep in contact until GGG rises again like a fiery phoenix! 

You will get to experience the chaotic fun of Escape from Pandemonium, even if I have to hand craft them myself! If you have any suggestions, or feel you may like to aid me in this quest, please send me a message!

Again, thank you for your support and WE WILL RETURN! So please,  "like" the facebook page, tell your friends and family, and stay tuned!

A special thank you goes out to Ami Clayton who pledged at the $377 tier to be able to name one of the servant souls. For being the first(and only) to be so generous, you will still have your chance to name one of the 6 servant souls! THANK YOU!


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