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A 12-week long Ultima themed tabletop adventure delivered to your door via postcard. Lots of extra, officially branded tools included.
A 12-week long Ultima themed tabletop adventure delivered to your door via postcard. Lots of extra, officially branded tools included.
327 backers pledged $10,093 to help bring this project to life.

We owe you our thanks!

Posted by Shawn Michael Hescock (Creator)


Let us start off with a nice quote:

“Not one person can afford your dream; the execution of it is too expensive.”
    ― Johnnie Dent Jr. 

Mr. Dent is correct. Not one person CAN afford your dream. However, 327 backers on Kickstarter can and did! Thank you all so much and congratulations on unlocking all that free stuff. We managed to break $10k in the last few minutes and hit a total funding goal of 373%. We are honored, privileged, shocked, and ever so thankful... We are delighted to have the opportunity to deliver adventure direct to your door (or inbox).


This is a preliminary timeline at this point so these are not promises.

  • February 13th - Receive Kickstarter funds
  • February 18th - Send out BackerKit surveys which will include add-on items
  • Fabruary 19th - Open pre-order store
  • March 8th - Charge cards on BackerKit
  • March 13th - Place orders for all purchased add-on items after BackerKit funds have cleared
  • April 1st - Send out our Welcome Packages and first digital adventures
  • April 2nd - Start developing Adrift... that timeline is still TBD.


To celebrate our success, we have launched our Patreon page!

Please Note:

"We will not be posted any "paid creations" until after A Path of Self-Learning has been fully distributed to all Kickstarter backers; the estimated date for this is June 17th. However, we will be posting teasers and freebies along the way. So, sign up, enjoy free things, and check out A Path of Self-Learning and Adrift to join the adventure in the meantime."

Please, check it out and let us know what you think. We are happy to make adjustments so that more patrons are happy. 

Funding Stats and Research

I am not sure if you all like to see things like this or not, but I sure do! I'm a math guy and I like numbers. :)

Here is a slightly consolidated version of the Kickstarter dashboard with all final funding statistics.

The funding line graph, to me, was one of the most fun things to watch. There were slow days but never a single day where we went lower than the day before and even more impressive, only one single day of no growth at all. 

Next to the pledge pie graph, you see the avg. pledge value. That is really reassuring to us because our (over) estimated cost per backer, assuming 300 physical tier backers, was a little over $34. That includes the artwork and maps for Adrift, the free shipping for A Path of Self-Learning, and all of the stretch goal items, etc. Essentially, we practically nailed it.

Under the referrers, I was quite surprised that the external referrers was so low. Almost all of the traffic came from within Kickstarter. Did any of you see the post somewhere on social media and go to Kickstarter to find it, rather than click on the link there?

I am quite annoyed with Facebook. I paid to promote the campaign with Facebook Ads and I am almost positive that the majority of those 15 people came from one source, where I manually posted a few times. So, I feel that my investment there was definitely lost. I am curious if any of you did see the ad and decide to join?

That 19% conversion rate is awesome! Out of the 735 followers 140 of you decided to cross the line. I don't remember hearing anyone talk about a conversion rate that high, so thank you!

The last one is the bar graph for the popularity of rewards. The two tallest ones (as expected) are the Adventurer tier and the PnP tier. Although, if we were to stack all of the Dice Hoarder tiers into one bar, they would be the 2nd highest on the graph. That was only because we had three different dice hoarder tiers, each with two levels, and had to limit their sizes. 

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    1. Michael Lee on

      I never saw an ad on Facebook. I found the project while just browsing KS.

    2. Collaborator on

      Thanks for joining us Francesco, it was good to see you involved in this :)

    3. Shawn Michael Hescock 2-time creator on

      @Francesco, Stile definitely has you covered with those dice! :)

      @The Hobby Humanist, I didn't realize you could advertise on BGG... that is definitely something to look into for next time. Thanks for that info!

    4. John C

      @Francesco -

    5. The Hobby Humanist on

      A lot of KS traffic comes from board game geek dot com. I'm wondering if your ad revenue might not have been spent better over there. Video game geek and rpg geek are linked and they have a good idea what their users like (Ultima, for example).

    6. Francesco Peeters on

      PS: Dicehoarder 2 here... :P
      Because there is no such thing as too many dice!

    7. Francesco Peeters on

      I came here because of the personal invite and the facebook group... I did post on my timeline, but never saw an add from FB!