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A 12-week long Ultima themed tabletop adventure delivered to your door via postcard. Lots of extra, officially branded tools included.
A 12-week long Ultima themed tabletop adventure delivered to your door via postcard. Lots of extra, officially branded tools included.
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43 hours to go! Small Surprise, Stretch Goal and Add-On Store Reminder

Posted by Shawn Michael Hescock (Creator)


We are down to less than two days and are 330% funded. We are so appreciative of all of you, thank you so much. Without you, Adventure Post would not be happening. Without the help and advice from you, our backers, this would not have been as successful. We are in your debt (literally and figuratively).


It sounds like we are fully on track to getting everything done before mid-March, allowing us to start sending these out first thing in April. But honestly, the best part of this is about to begin. The part where all of our collective creativity starts assembling itself into a full, complete story. Indi's beautiful artwork, Toby's killer maps, Caitlin's creative writing. This part is the most work but it is by far the most fun. I hope to share some more artwork updates tomorrow but we will see how things go.


So... it's not much... but it is something. Being a Patron of Dark Realm Maps (Toby), I was gifted a personalized crypt map and we have decided to put it into the game as an additional, free, side quest sort of thing. We are not entirely sure if it will be a postcard, jumbo-postcard, or a print & play but I do know that the rewards for embarking on this little side-step will have quite the reward. Essentially, A Path of Self-Learning is now 13 maps, rather than twelve.


Unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • Custom engraved dice which have a dragon on the six-side.
  • Glow-in-the-dark custom dice bag
  • Adventure Post Scribes Tool - custom mechanical pencil
  • Adventure Post "oops" Tool - custom eraser
  • Avatar Miniature - laser cut and engraved miniature by Galaxy Gaming Gear
  • FREE SHIPPING on all tiers - This does not include the Adrift physical postcards or any add-on items
  • An Additional Sci-Fi Adventure, Adrift! - Print & Play files included, physical postcards added as an add-on item
  • Adrift Miniatures - Now available at a discounted price on the add-on store, also laser cut, also by Galaxy Gaming Gear
  • Tike's Dungeon Print & Play Beta Files - see update #18

Add-on Store

  • Dice, dice, and more dice! Stile with is a dice engraving fiend
  • Shirts - custom printed with Indi's (Tortoise & Hare Create) full-color artwork, Toby's (Dark Realm Maps) full, consolidated map, and the Adventure Post logo
  • Physical postcards for Adrift
  • Full cloth maps for A Path of Self-Learning and Adrift
  • All stretch goal items as independent items
  • The Language of Magic

Thank you!

Honestly, I don't think I can say it enough. Thank you all so much for being here with us on this experience. We are so glad that you joined us and we look forward to supplying fun and adventure directly to your postbox (or inbox).


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    1. Shawn Michael Hescock 2-time creator on

      Thanks! And thank you all for the additional help and advice. It is great to see support from Superbackers who have seen successes and failures. It is great to learn from your experiences.

    2. John C

      Great update! I pulled the trigger and did a final share on FB and Twitter; today will be some clicking, some liking of things on BGG, and a bit of word of mouth.

    3. Russonc

      Nice update!

    4. Collaborator on

      Thanks for another Great update Shawn! I was blown away by how many backers we got yesterday, wow!

      Good news on that extra reward as well! Dice engraving indeed! In addition to the Adventure post dice, I have been getting a lot of orders coming in and I dont think I have had a dice-free work day in weeks! Which is ok, I love dice :)