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Become a Kung Fu master without breaking a sweat: be a part of making this kick ass martial arts comedy!
113 backers pledged $11,213 to help bring this project to life.

That's a wrap!

Posted by Gedaly Guberek (Creator)

High fives all around! We did it!!

30 full days of craziness... and it happened.

Here's where we ended up:

Can you believe it?

 You betta believe it.

113 friends, relatives, acquantainces, and total freakin strangers believed enough in this project to open up their hearts and wallets to this project... and SO MANY MORE were, sharing, encouraging, tuning into my silly facebook live broadcasts, and making all this happen!

I'm so grateful to everyone for your support, no matter what that support looked like. I am inspired by you.

I learned so much about producing, campaigning, and myself in this process.

Tomorrow I will get some rest... but after that it's time to coordinate, prepare, plan, and get ready to make a kick ass film with my incredible collaborators. 

I can't wait to finish it and show you the movie you made possible.

Onwards and upwards!

More Thank Yous

To the final backers who made this amazing project the success that you saw above... you rock. Thank you Jeff Manabat, Ruben Rojas, Stephan Goldbach, Fern Lim, Dane Bingenheimer.

I'll continue to do updates here, but I'll also send you more links where you can follow the progress of Burgled. Coming soon. But right now... bed time. Thanks again! Talk to you soon. :)

With love & gratitude,



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