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Become a Kung Fu master without breaking a sweat: be a part of making this kick ass martial arts comedy!
113 backers pledged $11,213 to help bring this project to life.

You did it! 100% FUNDED!!!

Posted by Gedaly Guberek (Creator)

This is the best valentines present ever, from my 108 valentines!

Wow. Just wow. I'm in awe. And amazingly grateful. And exhausted.

Not long ago I refreshed the kickstarter page and suddenly... there it was... 100% funded. I squealed. And jumped for joy. And then got onto Facebook Live to share the amazing news!!

A few years ago I had this silly idea for a short film. Last year I finally wrote it down. This year, I firmly resolved to make it. This month, you believed in me enough to back this campaign. And today... it is 100% funded!

I cannot express how grateful I am... but I'll do my best in the coming days and weeks to tell you. But most importantly, I will SHOW you by making a FREAKING AWESOME KUNG FU MOVIE.

You have not only contributed your dollars, but your time, your talents, your social shares, and moral support & encouragement.

I could not have done this without you and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


Thank you to the following amazing people who have jumped on the Burgled backer team since last update:

Chase Popko Fowler, Peter Bauman, Helenna Santos, Anish Raguraman, Christopher Gray, Mike Navarre, Faraaz Jamal, Nathan Venzara, Kiran Gowda, Carrie Daniel, Raymond Hernandez, Ari Breziner, David Aaron Fendley, Catherine Andrews, David Warhol, Christopher Williams, Michael Bauman, Grace Ingland, Tracy Elliott, Andy Hnilo, Alex Arrick, Lee Roy Lahey, Joy Fox, Josh Perrault, Rob Wolter

You are amazing.


As of writing this, there is still 24 hours to go! Cutoff for the campaign is 11:59 Wednesday night

So I'll still be asking for backers. The project page includes some stretch goals at the bottom. 10K was the goal, but the more we raise, the more production value the movie will have.

Pease continue to share with your friends!

Send your peeps to:

Thank you once again for your support. Happy Valentines Day!

Now go celebrate yourself with a dance party... that's what I'm doing now.


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