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Become a Kung Fu master without breaking a sweat: be a part of making this kick ass martial arts comedy!
113 backers pledged $11,213 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Gedaly Guberek (Creator)

Kickstarter switched from days left to hours left! And wednesday at 11:59PM PST is the last minute of the campaign!

Things are going really well (79% at the time I'm writing this, $7,962 out of $10,000 ) !!!!

But I still need your support! 

Can you share the campaign with everyone you you know? Facebook friends?

Please share with your friends / family / audience / random social media followers:

Or copy and paste this into facebook:

This amazing and hilarious kung fu movie could use your help. I'd really like to make sure the campaign is successful, so I became a backer... you should too! Go to

And tweet:

Help @gedaly on his project, @BurgledFilm! I became a backer, you should too!

Pretty please?

I'll wait.


Thanks!! It means a lot that you share with your network as well. :)


Here are the awesome amazing backers since last update. You are amazing!!!

Alyssa Dazet, Sergio Lara, Mallory Leone, Gail Shatsky, Stan Schatt, Luc Février-Silberman, Ann Pattison, Jose Ortega, Nina Sugasawa, Lisa Giasi, Erica Bretall, Cameron Benton, Wes Calimer, Andy Reyes, Debbie Jaffe, Mark Horne, Pearson Nibley, Susan Lyon, Samuel Guberek, Katie Palmer, Daniel DiPiazza, Irma Salehian, Zak Garcia, Kelly Kula, Donald Costabile, Elpidia Lopez, Gregory Crafts, Justin Dudek, Jerry Alexander III, Gloria Khoury, Jordan Bowditch, Meghan, Peggy Asprey, Maria Lopez, Brock Armstrong, Krister Dobbins, Chris Hawker, Bela Breziner, George Duryea, Yoni Breziner, Derek Kravitz, William Beaumont, Benjamin Johnson, Michael Morrise, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Jen Levin, Barbara marrs, Marcia Kern, Stuart Neaverson, Kourtnie Good, Danielle Closs, AJ Meijer, Jenn Page, Yas & Maude, Matthew Ivan, Kathleen Raftery, The Legharts

I am blown away by your generosity and grateful for your support. This project is made possible (and made awesome) by you.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. :)



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