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Become a Kung Fu master without breaking a sweat: be a part of making this kick ass martial arts comedy!
113 backers pledged $11,213 to help bring this project to life.

As Keanu Reeves would say... "Whoa"

Posted by Gedaly Guberek (Creator)

Day 1 ended with an amazing $2,252 raised!

You all blew me away with your generosity, willingness to be awesome early donors, and support in sharing the campaign as well.

Time for a happy dance!

That's pretty much how I'm feeling. :)


Ben Whitehair, Ryan Basham, Reuben Guberek, Adam Dashe, Tara Wright, Trevor Algatt, Katherine Grant-Suttie, Michael Guberek, Patty Jean Robinson, Deborah Smith, Rebecca Forsythe, Kaytra Parkman, Kevin Young, Jasmin Bristow, Miguel Amodio, Taylor Moore, Asa Puckette, Sarah Jane-Dalby, Charles Osborne, Luis Beires, Tessie Tracy, Emily Toriello, Rebecca Regnier, Mark Vashro, Barrett Perlman, Allison Bretall, Ryan Adams

You're all amazing wonderful people. I'm so excited that you'll be joining me on this movie making journey.

And I'm looking forward to adding more people to the list!

I'd love your support in sharing this project with your friends, too! Even if we have friends in common, seeing multiple people share is much more motivating than just me banging this kickstarter drum all by myself. And you probably know other cool people who would love to get their face on a kung fu movie poster, or a kung fu lesson, or any of  the other cool perks...

Please share!

Go to facebook and copy & paste or edit...

My friend Gedaly is making a hilarious Kung Fu movie and could use your support to make it a reality! I just backed this project, and you should too! Go to 

And tweet:

My friend @gedaly is #crowdfunding on @kickstarter for his project, @BurgledFilm! I just became a backer at

And if you're reading this and haven't yet backed this project... it's scientifically proven that your awesomeness will increase 3000% just by contributing! Can't argue with science.


A million billion thank yous and keep up the awesomeness. More updates coming soon! :)


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