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We are shipping kickstarter rewards, and have an official preorder up for those not able to participate. Preorder now on our site!
We are shipping kickstarter rewards, and have an official preorder up for those not able to participate. Preorder now on our site!
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Kickstarter Production Update #10

Posted by Gear Supply Co. (Creator)

Wow. Sorry for the delayed update here. And sorry for the delay on the pedals. 

The company has been through a lot in the past few months, especially the past month. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you’d like to read about it, you can see this Facebook post here: 

I wanted to give you guys an update as to what’s going on with pedals, when to expect them, etc. 


The R&D phase took a lot longer than we expected. We have never built pedals before, and underestimated the amount of time it would take tweaking, iterating, and getting our circuits locked in 100%. 

We also underestimated the amount of bugs and issues that would come up in the process of letting trusted guitarists and friends try them out. They found all sorts of issues we didn’t know existed. 

We had to make sure that we were shipping a product that we are absolutely confident in, and I’m proud to say, we’re now, finally at that point. We have completed circuits and are ready to build them. 


We’re now entering the production phase. This means, we’ve bulk ordered all of our parts needed to fulfill our Kickstarter backers orders, as well as a few extra for demo units to send to pedal reviewers, and show off in person. 

We’ve already received a lot of these parts, and are waiting on just the last few bits. Once they come in, our manufacture will go head down building and testing over 200 units. 

We’re estimating to begin shipping the first of these units by September 12th, and most of the remaining units by September 22nd. This is a window, and not a guarantee. But we’re going to do everything in our power to hit it. 

Now, there are some details: 

• There will be one pedal manufactured per day 

• The preamp pedals will be later in this window 

• Those that ordered multiple pedals will have to wait until all pedals on their order have cycled through their production day. 

• We’re banking on some custom things arriving and being 100% what we need. There may be a delay if there are any manufacturing problems on the parts we ordered. 


We will be posting a preorder for a 2nd batch of pedals soon. We’re super excited about opening up sales to everyone. 

These pedals will not ship with the Kickstarter batch, but at a later date that will be announced when the preorder goes live. 

These will ship to International customers, and PayPal checkout will be available as well. 

We have not yet finalized the retail price for these pedals, however we think you’ll be delighted. 

I think that covers it. We’ll have a better idea of exact dates the week of 9/11 as they start shipping. 

Messages to support regarding pedal timeline will be linked back to the blog post for the time being, as this is the most up to date information we have. Appreciate each and everyone of you. 

- Josh Koterba // Owner // Gear Supply Co.

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