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Gear Supply Co. is launching a new line of affordable, hand wired guitar pedals
We are shipping kickstarter rewards, and have an official preorder up for those not able to participate. Preorder now on our site!
We are shipping kickstarter rewards, and have an official preorder up for those not able to participate. Preorder now on our site!
154 backers pledged $21,538 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph De La Cruz on

      I'm still waiting on my shirt and hat.

    2. Steven Jordan on

      I got burned for the 5 Pedals Package, for the tune of $690!!!

      I put my faith in your company, bought your supplies while waiting for my pedals. My wife bought stuff.
      You let me down. Only cowards run with no notice. Really bummed.😲

    3. Emily Harris on

      Their website is down, and has been for a few weeks.

      If you didn't get a pedal ... it ain't happening. That's my assumption and has been since January.

    4. Ben Wattenphul on

      Guys! be honest. You messed up. You are not treating your costumers right and your business is suffering. Will you muster enough courage to tell us what is up? Are you focusing on the shipments or are you closing? Don't sweet talk us, don't give false hope just be honest! If anyone was like me, they sold off some gear and spent all the loose change we had to help back the project. respond to us please.

    5. Steven Jordan on there anybody out there?
      This is painful. My board is 5 pedals shy, with no means to connect, with no patch kits. Speak to us.
      Your customers...

    6. Missing avatar

      Nick Hopper on

      Still no response to emails. Disappointing. On the occasions I have had a response they have said that they will be shipping my pedal out this week. That was months ago.

    7. Emily Harris on

      Has anyone even gotten a response to an email in weeks?

    8. Missing avatar

      Shawn Brown on

      Hey! I’ve sent a couple of messages and emails with no response. What’s the status on the pedals shipping out? Any updates?

    9. Ben Wattenphul on

      Any chance for an update? I am excited to get my gear but excitement is fading to longing.... is there a chance that my box is on its way with four pedals inside?

    10. Steven Jordan on

      Hello? Come on guys. I'm jonzing for my 5 Pedals and extras.

    11. Steven Jordan on

      I still haven't received my 690$ package. Steven Jordan

    12. Missing avatar

      Elliot Mitchell on

      When will $25 dollar shirts come? I moved recently as well...

    13. Gear Supply Co. Creator on

      @Matt -- shoot us an e-mail to

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Presnal on

      So I recently moved. Is there a way I can change my shipping address?

    15. Gear Supply Co. Creator on

      @issac — we’ve begun shipping pedals! See our recent post on Instagram or Facebook for more details!

    16. Missing avatar

      Issac Trujillo on

      So you have my money, when do I get my pedal?

    17. Steven Jordan on

      Update would be cool...

    18. Steven Jordan on

      Time for a update Gear Supply

    19. Missing avatar

      Zachary Saucier on

      well this is long>_<

    20. Steven Jordan on

      Thanks for the update.

    21. Steven Jordan on

      I dropped them a message on their website...update coming

    22. Steven Jordan on

      Updates are better through their website.

    23. Missing avatar

      Almog pines on

      Any news? Appreciate what you guys are doing!

    24. Steven Jordan on

      Thanks for the weekly updates.

    25. Steven Jordan on

      Great update, great pedal video!
      Friggin' Awesome

    26. Steven Jordan on

      Shout out to Isaiah for all his help!

    27. Steven Jordan on

      Thank you to the Backer who put us over!

    28. Steven Jordan on

      Congratulations Gear Supply Team!

    29. Steven Jordan on

      Woo hoo! (Clapping) ...and, there was much rejoicing.

    30. Steven Jordan on more...almost there...

    31. Gear Supply Co. Creator on

      Woo! So close!

    32. Steven Jordan on


    33. Steven Jordan on

      Awesome update!

    34. Steven Jordan on

      These guys deserve some sharing on Social Media. Guitar groups etc.

    35. Steven Jordan on

      Even told me about some future plans...
      More cool stuff coming after the campaign.

    36. Steven Jordan on

      I've chatted with the company here, and on their website, and they're a great crew. They're totally legit. Een dropped me a email thanking me for my big perk. They rock!

    37. Steven Jordan on

      Hope that helps Zachery.
      Your mileage may vary...

    38. Steven Jordan on

      Talked with the Team, they know by the amount of your pledge, that you've ordered the Preamp. When they close the campaign, they'll send a Survey/BackerKit link.

    39. Missing avatar

      Zachary Saucier on

      Upped by $90. Obviously does not change the amount of backers for the pre-amp since I added the 90 to my tremolo pledge. How can we be assured the pre-amp will get added to our pledge order? :) asking for all who may end up curious

    40. Steven Jordan on

      Folks, if you change your pledge, it
      will cancel your previous perk. You can only change the amount of your perk on a computer. I couldn't edit the amount on a cell. I only mention this because I see the goal dropped, like when I switched perks by accident. Hope this helps...
      Your mileage may vary.

    41. Steven Jordan on

      Ok, logged in on a computer, and was able to edit the amount of my big perk.
      690$ now, thank you

    42. Steven Jordan on

      When I try to hit edit, to increase the 600 to 690, it just takes me to perks again.

    43. Steven Jordan on

      Tried that too, cancels out the big perk too. Could it be I'm on a cell?

    44. Gear Supply Co. Creator on

      Steven, you need to just add an extra $90 to your $600 pledge. You aren't able to add perks that way, since through KS you're only allowed to have 1 pledge per campaign.

    45. Steven Jordan on

      When I added the pedal perk, it to away my 600$ perk. Huh?

    46. Gear Supply Co. Creator on

      Thanks for your support! We appreciate you a tremendous amount!

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