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Status Update July 6th, 2014

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

Hey guys, after shipping out most of the "final 14" confirmed units this week before the post office closed for the holiday, we're now headed into our final projected week in which we expect all shipping to be completed.

All appears on track to meet this date, give or take a couple of days if absolutely necessary as we're still finishing the vetting of confirmation emails.

On that note, I can't stress enough that no one, absolutely no one need worry about being forgotten, ignored or "slipping between the cracks". A number of you have asked for personal confirmation of being (rightfully) listed among the remaining Backers with console shipment pending.

We'd love to do that but for the greater good have chosen to maintain our focus on the ongoing shipping process as the matter of greatest importance. Please bear with us on this decision, at the end of the day your console's delivery ASAP trumps all other expenditures of effort and productivity. We've poured enough resources into making this happen and resolving unforeseen crisis at the expense of reduced profits. That's a sacrifice we're willing to make to fulfill all your pledges with the utmost commitment.

I can assure all who have sent us their address confirmation submissions to the email account we created for that sole purpose that you are present and accounted for on our fulfillment list. Unless your email submission is returned to you as "undelivered" immediately after being sent, then we have received it and that means we've got you covered. Guaranteed. We haven't provided individual response emails due to the extra time that would require, resulting in delayed shipping.

I think we can all agree that getting your Zero into your hands as quickly as possible is the highest priority. It certainly is on our end. You've waited long enough to enjoy the console you pledged to receive and we'd hate to make you wait even longer for the sake of individual confirmations! If you haven't received your shipping notification yet, it's not because you slipped off any list or spreadsheet. It just means your console's shipment is still pending.

As mentioned in prior updates and comments, through the address confirmation emails we received, we unexpectedly discovered more units remained to be shipped in addition to the previously stated "confirmed" numbers. These additional consoles are being checked, processed and shipped while we go through the emails so we can't precisely state their numbers until all emails are reviewed.

That's why we're refraining from adding them to the "final confirmed" count. It can change by a unit or two on any given day depending on the emails reviewed so posting the additional numbers would be more confusing than helpful. That said, fulfilling all pledges right around our target-timeframe is on track because these additional numbers are low enough, so no worries!

Whether you're among the "final" confirmed pledges tallied in Updates or among the pledges we're now confirming were falsely declared "shipped" by the fulfillment company we fired for misconduct, your GCW Zero will be mailed out to you well before July draws to a close. Crossing that finish line will be a great moment for everyone who supported and believed in this project, enduring the stumbles, delays, frustrations and many, many months of waiting to finally reach this goal. Backers, you guys have displayed the patience of a saint and we humbly thank you with all our hearts. You guys are awesome.

There will be no Backer left behind, that's a promise.

Really looking forward to sharing the next Update! It will announce full completion of console shipment within the next 7-10 days (again, I've added a few extra days for wiggle-room just to keep the bases covered while we finish reviewing emails). I've been confidently assured of this and am comfortable in officially confirming it. I really want to see you all enjoying the Zeros you pledged for so long ago- you deserve it.

Thanks to all for enduring the imperfections and we're truly happy knowing all KS Zeros will be on their way to our remaining Backers in a matter of days.

Best wishes as always,

Craig Strother

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    1. John Lawlor on

      My GCW has arrived! Only 10 days after receiving tracking info. Hope everyone waiting get theirs soon. �

    2. John Lawlor on

      Received my tracking code yesterday, so hopefully won't be too long now. �

    3. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      To all others who still wait for nothing:
      On my "pledge status" screen here on KS it says "Collected!". Apparently he just marked me (and probably you, too) off as completed. I haven't heard from them in over a year and never received anything. It seems like we simply got effed.

    4. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      Best wishes as always!

    5. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      I want my money back. I already reported you to KS, but they don't give a sh** either.

    6. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      HEY CRAIG!
      WHAT THE F***?

      A Con-Victim

    7. Electric Adventures on

      Still waiting, no communication at all!

    8. Juan García on

      My unit is still missing, do you have any news regarding new deliveries ?

    9. LuiB on


      who is missing everything still "GCW-Zero"?

      So to me it is still missing.

      or I have the right verstanen above and after the holidays which are still verschieckt only when the to end?

      With best regards


    10. Missing avatar

      thunderkingdom on

      Can I please just get my money back? I have asked for weeks but on one contact me and help me?

    11. Yuri Alexey Privolsky Álvarez on

      Just got my shipping code. I hope everyone else is getting theirs soon ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      thunderkingdom on

      Can I please just get my money back?

    13. Missing avatar

      Brendan Caruana on

      Yep same here. No shipping number or order confirmation, sorta given up hope. Forgot all about it.

    14. Agrajag on

      Never mind surprised, I will be completely and utterly astonished if I ever receive mine and even more so if it is actually worth the wait. For goodness' sake, give us another update please!

    15. Pascougnou on

      September the 11th still nothing.
      If one day this package arrive I will be happily surprised.

    16. Emmanuel on

      Still NOTHING, just like in the 20 last months....

    17. Missing avatar

      Paul Hettinga on

      Finally! Today I received my GCW from my local postman. I still cant believe it. My friend who lives a few blocks away from me received his GCW over a year ago and today it was my turn :) I monitored the USPS status page every day and after a month when nothing happened suddenly everything went rly quick as in a matter of days. When I unpacked the GCW I saw a lot of scratches on my screen. Thank god there was a screen protector on it which was almost impossible to see, so after removing the protector the screen looked great. Also I got the color that I wanted so im happy after all :)

      For all you other backers who are still waiting: I know exactly how frustrating it can be, having to wait for such a long time and yes, this KS project went far from smooth but Im 100% convinced that eventually every backer will receive his GCW. To be honest, at some point I even gave up my hopes and considered my money to be lost.
      Bottom line: The GCW is a brilliant machine which every backer agrees on otherwise you wouldnt have backed this project. Just keep an eye on your KS messages untill you get your USPS tracking number and from that moment it will all go rly fast. Even though I already received my GCW I will continue to log into KS to see how fast you guys will have your GCWs. As soon as I read that everyone got his GCW I will drink a few beers to celebrate for you all!

      @ Justin: Good luck finishing the project and thanks for all the work you did.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dominik Segl on

      Still waiting for mine. Did not receive a shipping number or a confirmation or anything like that. Please give me an update.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander Moon on

      Nothing here either. Be respectful to your backers and give us an update.

    20. Missing avatar

      Martin Hehl on

      Yeah, I would take that deal as well. I'd even prefer to get my money back.

    21. Megan on

      Can I please just get my money back?

    22. Missing avatar

      Timor Shams on

      And still nothing.... no tracking #, no console, not even an answer to my emails.....
      Why did the weekly newsletter stop? Why is it so hard to answer emails, at least once?
      If there would be any kind of contact effort...

      I am (We are) waiting...

    23. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      wow what a fast.
      I found my GCW in post box now.
      sorry guys coz. I got my GCW before you but finally I'm leaving from the dark from now.

    24. Espen Nilssen on

      I'm looking forward to the "early shot at an awesome gaming console".

    25. Laurent d'Havé on

      "You get an early shot at an awesome gaming console. This level of support or above guarantees you one of our first round of consoles shipped"

      seeing how i could have ordered one from dragonbox months ago ... and i would be able to play it instead of still waiting for it ...

    26. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      No tracking number. No unit. No comment.

    27. Missing avatar

      Maenggu on

      "It will announce full completion of console shipment within the next 7-10 days"

      Overdue by 45 days. Just tell us what's going on. Is there a problem? Have you lost shipping addresses? Have you lost consoles? Has your local post office burnt down? Don't leave people in the dark - keep us updated!

    28. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      Finally my GCW-ZERO leaving from post office.
      It took very long time since I got tracking number #
      August 28, 2014 , 5:06 pm Departed Post Office PLATTE CITY, MO 64079
      August 28, 2014 , 4:20 pm Arrived at USPS Origin Facility KANSAS CITY, MO 64121
      August 28, 2014 , 1:27 pm Acceptance PLATTE CITY, MO 64079
      July 18, 2014 Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS

      Might be other guys will get progress as well.

    29. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      bit mistake not 1/2month -> one and a half months

      Anyway I got reply from Justin
      >Issue we had with customs paperwork not being input which caused packages to be held should be resolved.
      >Your package should show acceptance and movement if not please let me know.
      So finally I decided to wait within next week.

    30. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      What really going on?
      Actually you didn't ship my ZERO aren't you?
      Coz. my ZERO is still not give to USPS yet.
      Now nearly 1/2 month since I got tracking# from you.
      Even first class mail also already reach to Japan.
      Is this another kind of fraud?
      Which is means do I have to some kind action for this?
      It looks like more than 14 people still waiting ZERO(some user not # yet also)
      We need explanation about this situation immediately

    31. Missing avatar

      Javier De Cozar on

      What is going on with this?

    32. Missing avatar

      Javier De Cozar on

      I still haven't received my Zero :(((((

    33. Missing avatar

      Jacob Simpson on

      I still haven't even received an email about shipping

    34. Nico Erfurth on

      I don't know whats happening here, but I'm also still waiting for my GCW Zero. There are also a lot more than just 14 people complaining about missing consoles. It's more than 9 months now since Justin sent an eMail saying "I'm about ready to mail off consoles ...." In that timeframe I could have designed and produced it on my own. So, what the hell is up? I don't think that you're trying to scam us, but PLEASE be honest about the current status.

    35. Andreas Galauner on

      I didn't say a word for over a year now and always listened to your excuses why I still not have any console I paid for in good faith. I'm slowly getting more and more pissed. Even your guy that is supposed to calm us down now with an update every week stopped telling us what's going on for almost a month now.

      Don't you even have a guilty conscience? We gave you our money so that you can go on with the project. We trusted you. Now you leave us standing here in the rain.

      How about you tell us finally that you don't intend so send out any more consoles? We can stop reading your shitty excuses then... "Be respectful and considerate." my ass!

    36. stylefish on

      i also waited since the beginning of this project very patiently. since nearly 2 months no "official update" and no shipping information. would be nice if you give us some details why its taking so long to get the shipping information even though the last consoles were shipped almost 2 months ago. :/

    37. George Gaspari

      So I may or may be not slipping through the cracks here, thing is, no console, no shipping information, nothing.

    38. Mika on

      Dear Justin,
      I am trying really hard to stay "respectful and considerate" but your complete disdain for your backers makes it very difficult.
      For the past 16 months, I have been extremely patient and as understanding as I could, I have read all your silly emails full of nonsensical excuses and even tried to defend your project on various forums. I have never complained, never sent an email to let you know how frustrated I was, just patiently waiting for you to sort out this mess. I have been told nearly two months ago that I shouldn't worry, that my console is coming and that I should not add to the delay by asking a status report. But today, still nothing and I've had enough. It is beyond ridiculous.
      Your lack of respect for the very people who decided to trust you almost two years ago and to back you up on this project is baffling.
      If you finally get your sh*t together and send me the "one of your first round" of "awesome gaming console" I was supposed to "get an early shot" at, rest assured that I will get rid of it in a heartbeat. Gaming is a passion, hence why I was willing to back up your project with my hard earned money, and I refuse to see the sense of wonder I have every time I turn on on a system spoiled by you.
      Feel free to remove my name from the list of people who were suppose to receive credit showing they funded this project on your website (another of your broken promises, isn't it?).
      In the meantime, I want to send my sympathy to the 1558 other backers who have also been insulted by your appalling way of treating what could have been an amazing community of people sharing the same passion for retro & independent video games.

    39. Lairgag on

      Any news ?
      I haven't got my tracking number or any shippement informations...
      And I see I am not alone, please tell us what is going on and where are our Zeros.

    40. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      Respectfully and considerate: Zero is what we ordered, Zero is what we get.

    41. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      and seriously: even if I get that thing now, I really don't know if I want to keep it. This is just so over.

    42. Missing avatar

      W. S. on

      Excuse me guys... those "last 14 units" that were allegedly shipped with a year delay in July did not happen to include my unit? I'm more and more convinced that this is all just a scam and all you show on those pictures are empty boxes. Well, be it as it may. It cost me 150 bugs, I'll get over it.

    43. Electric Adventures on

      Still waiting for shipping confirmation, zero communication!

    44. Airhawk on

      Add me to the list of people twiddling there thumbs waiting for an update as to where our GCW Zeros are.

      No Updates, No Tracking Info, No Email

    45. Tom van de Sande on

      Ok so Craig or Justin or who ever can tell me what the hell is going on.
      I recieved some sort of usps number i can track it but it doesnt say when it arrives?
      Just tell me when can i expect the package.

    46. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      No update no reply no info ....etc
      @Craig Strother
      What really going on right now!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jerome Fajardo

      Also still waiting on a Tracking number.

    48. LuiB on

      I'm Curious if you get it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Miroslav Yasko on

      still dont get tracking #
      Still waiting...

    50. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      Almost 3weeks now since I got tracking #.
      But seems still not shipped out yet.
      I really want to know what reason of this delay was.
      Pls explain a.s.a.p.

      July 18, 2014
      Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS
      The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified on July 18, 2014 to expect this package for mailing. This message does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Please be advised tracking is not available for this product. Status updates beyond the United States are only available for select countries. For more information, review the list of eligible countries at . Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.