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An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

Status Update February 10th, 2014

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

After dealing with a family emergency during the last few weeks, it has come to my attention that quite a few of you backers have been rather worried about the current status of the project.

I understand your anger and frustration, as this also weighs heavily upon me as the project creator and I want nothing more but to ensure everyone gets their console in their hands. I will start slowly with each question, as I think they were presented. Some of the topics I’m going to talk about might be understandable only for those of you who were following the project, however it is time to address them regardless.

Q. Why don't you talk more about the arcade located in Platte City?

A. I owned the arcade cabinets before the Kickstarter project and decided to move them there after my wife wanted to reclaim space in the garage. I had an empty spacious showroom for the GCW, where units are flashed and packaged, and agreed it was a great idea. I had always planned to do something like this eventually, so why not now as I had the space. All arcade cabinets were bought using personal funds I get from my daily job income.

Q. What is this about a page for the GCW Zero?

A. The page was intended to attract corporate funding to buy Atari when it was headed for bankruptcy. The campaign itself was canceled, but the page still remains.

Q. Where are the consoles? Are you doing this for the money?

A. It has been brought up that GCW LLC has been having money issues and that the consoles did not exist. The consoles do exist. I hope the included pictures put some of that anger to rest. From the pictures you can see some units are packed and ready to ship.

If this venture was just about money I would have started taking pre-orders right after the Kickstarter was funded for consoles next to the money we had already raised via Kickstarter (as seen with other Kickstarter projects). I decided to go the other route and try to ensure you guys got your pledges first.

That plan did not work as intended. Shipments to resellers were delayed, even though they had ordered units before the Kickstarter project started, and the ThinkGeek order which had to be filled once the contract date came of date. The ThinkGeek order was a separate production run paid for by them and not derived from Kickstarter funds.

Now, with these questions answered, the shipping of consoles will resume tonight and an effort will be made to communicate on a regular basis (this will include shipment information).

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    1. Missing avatar

      George Falana on

      Hello Justin,
      I am one of the backers of your project, the GCW Zero, on kickstarter and I have waited for quite a while( and long enough ), for the delivery of my console, which was promised as part of the backing agreement. Unfortunately, I have not received the said console, as of 08 August, 2014.
      Would you be kind enough as to fulfill your end of the agreement, by sending to my address, the console as promised. If it is a case of the console having been sent, could you simply, send an email to my registered address, stating when it was sent, along with any tracking number, so that I can contact the postal agent about the issue.
      Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Welch on

      Making a stink about where the units were has paid off. I actually have two units and a t-shirt in my hands...

    3. Martin Hinchliffe on

      Hi Justin,

      I've been quiet and not left any messages on any updates before, but now I feel I have to.In hindsight I imagine you underestimated the challenge, work and costs involved with regards to making an open source console to be shipped globally. I'm glad there are people like you, out there with the vision and motivation to create an open sourced console, by gamers, for gamers... However I think the majority of backers have been patient enough, we were told:

      "A realistic deadline for getting the remaining units out the door (and we're all knocking on wood trying to keep the jinxes at bay) would be the first week of February. It seems far off, another month, but considering the delays to date, it would be foolish not to factor in last minute, and hopefully minor, final step problems."

      Is it not fair to just post what numbers of units have been shipped? I live in the UK and from the looks of things few have been shipped to Europe, at least not in a mass scale.

      I understand there was an issue with the CE Stickers late December. But in early Jan you posted:

      "As stated earlier, pro-visionary shipping to EU and Asia resumed last week. We're now waiting to see if any of them get pinged by customs for problems. Once we're certain that we meet all shipping requirements, we will choke our local carrier with the remaining units. :)"

      It is now the 17th Feb (here in the UK) and I, like most people, want to know when we will receive our units? I believe there's a lot going on behind the scenes most of us are unaware of... But after reading delay after delay you can understand why people are getting frustrated since the original estimated delivery date was March 2013.

    4. Peter Thomas on

      I am just happy its on its way back.

    5. Peter Thomas on

      @ David Welch

      My replacement unit was "found stacked on top of a pile of packages" almost 4 weeks after being told it had shipped.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Welch on

      Justin, I did try tracking the number for two days. It does now work. Since you brought it up, when I was told that all US had shipped. that was not true. When you claim to have discovered my units were in the wrong pile and they would be in the mail that week, well that turned out to be a lie as well. As mentioned the USPS tracking number is now working, and it is from Kansas City no less. So we will see what arrives and if it is working units I will gladly, finally report that someone has units in their hands.

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      Could you really blame him for not believing you when he was told it was shipping over a month ago? You deceived him back then, before the snowstorm, before the family emergency but I'm sure there is some other great excuse. You are shady and there are few that will attest to that.

    8. Justin Barwick Creator on

      @Justin Baze you would actually be wrong as I sent him a tracking number a couple days ago as many others.

      They were all wondering why it did not work and I and many others informed them it can take 48 to 72 hours to actually start working.

      I also gave another website that would confirm it was a valid tracking number and also provide tracking.

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      @ Justin Barwick - I think what David Welch was referring to as bogus was that Beaux Hemmer told him that his units would be shipping on Jan. 2nd. Here is the message here unless your power was out or whatever,

      "David, a quick buzz through the records found that your unit was somehow placed with the EU orders... We found it and will be putting it in the mail for you this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience."

      That was pretty bogus. Good try for pretending though....

    10. Peter Thomas on

      @ Justin Barwick

      Thanks for the link. I can see my tracking number.

    11. Justin Barwick Creator on

      @David Welch Nothing is bogus about it you can goto or to track package tracking can take 48 to 72 hours to show up. I have found the way is better. Once you get the package you will see nothing was bogus after all.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Welch on

      Understood we are investing in something and that something may fail, etc. And that is fair, we rolled the dice. But it is one thing to roll the dice and fail but another to deceive people. Dont say you did something unless you did it, dont say you are doing something unless you are doing it. This bad experience is going to affect my decision to back anyone else on kickstarter...

    13. Missing avatar

      David Welch on

      I have had my USPS tracking number now long enough to know that it was bogus.

    14. Peter Thomas on

      @ Dan Lockwood

      "People really have to start reading what Kickstarter is really about"

      I think it is you who doesn't understand. As a backer I was expecting delays, but I don't appreciate being misled. Had Justin provided timely, open & honest communication we could have avoided most of this.

    15. Dan Lockwood on

      Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the family emergency. I do have to give you a great deal of credit. Many many things went wrong that were beyond your control but you have always persevered no matter what. I don't think I am taking a giant leap that you are more likely losing a whole lot of money with all of this. But still you continue on. Despite the fact that some people will never be happy you still manage to be polite and do everything you can to fulfill the pledges as soon as humanly possible. It is unfortunate how many people do not seem to realize exactly how much goes into such a venture. I am and have been happy about how this project went. For a project to come exactly on time is extremely rare and months of extra time I expect at this point. Not because the creators are horrible but because one supplier, one customs person who happens to be in a foul mood, one backer who starts a rumor avalanche, there are so so many things that go into these projects that I feel you should really give yourself a pat on the back. I love my zero and would have waited for it longer if need be. I have quite a few projects that have been delayed this long. People really have to start reading what Kickstarter is really about. Go to Gamestop or Think Geek if you want the retail experience. Sorry, I did go a bit on a rant there...I just don't like to see a creator who I see working extremely hard only getting negative feedback as if you plotted all these delays lol. Thanks for all you put into it, your communication, and that even though funds became tight that you followed through all the same. Best to you!

    16. Gary Riches on

      I'm from England and received a UPS tracking number from Justin 7 hours ago. It's still too early to track it but I'll keep you updated.

    17. Alberto Lorente Rico on

      Justin, we need an update...have you sent any Zero in these days?

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      The Fundable page has been taken down now but before it was taken down, my buddy filled out the form information and requested GCW's Business Plan. He didn't hear anything until today, here is what he had to say about what happened,

      "Just got a call this morning from a funding consultant with ties to and he had some bizarrely prying questions for me. I think Mr. Barwick is getting a bit spooked."

    19. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      I have a buddy of mine that was a Special Edition backer and went through all this same BS a year ago waiting for the units. He really wishes that he would've backed this project too just so he could post how he felt because he sees through the BS. I just wanted to share a few things he said to me:
      That last update of his was the final straw for me - the guy just blows smoke endlessly and it really reeks to high heaven. I can't even look at my Zero now without getting steamed - the whole thing just leaves a bad taste...

      After dealing with a family emergency during the last few weeks, it has come to my attention that quite a few of you backers have been rather worried about the current status of the project.

      OH PLEASE!!! Why didn't he mention this so called emergency to Craig Strother then? Why was it originally just a lame power outage excuse? Funny how after a bunch of people poke holes in the power outage excuse he finds a new one instead! This is just more of the same tired old tricks he always used to buy time.

      Check out this thread on Dingoonity from back when he was COO of Dingoo USA:

      (The second post in the thread is spot on and an absolute classic! )

      See a similar experience in the second comment on his short lived blog as well:

      Another bad buyer experience with DDU, this one was resolved, but only once Q*Bert intervened after the buyer created a public stink:

      (I think all the various gmail accounts he creates regarding GCW-Zero service, etc are just more delaying actions, designed to wear people down through attrition until they either just give up or time runs out on any options for recourse...)

      Mr. Barwick seems to completely lack any follow through whatsoever - he starts something and suddenly quits - preferring to make up juvenile excuses rather than accepting any accountabilty for anything to anyone...apparently including even himself!

      Here's his 1 star seller rating from his short lived Amazon storefront:…

      "Q. What is this about a page for the GCW Zero?

      A. The page was intended to attract corporate funding to buy Atari when it was headed for bankruptcy. The campaign itself was canceled, but the page still remains."

      An OUTRIGHT LIE!!! You can link to the dead "Reset-Atari" Fundable page from him own updates on the KS page! The NEW page doesn't even mention Atari, and is still active. As a store owner I filled out the info Fundable requires for potential investors and requested GCW to send me their business plan. My request is still pending after a week or so, and I don't expect an answer as Barwick is probably well aware of who I am since I've confronted him on several matters via email before. Still, it proves the GCW-Zero Fundable campaign is definitely active and ongoing...

      ...and his latest batch of pictures again proves NOTHING...just like when he finally produced pictures of boxes of "SE" units after months of ridiculous excuses and foot dragging...and only AFTER the KS units had finally arrived!

      Finally, I still think its a GIANT coincidence that he opens up the arcade when he did. Add another big coincidence that shipping (except to retailers, minus the long suffering Justin McDonald of course!) has basically dried up since he opened it. If you run a Google search for GCW Retro-Cade you'll find a slew of recent and ongoing promotions through Groupon, etc - for having a big family emergency he sure is putting a helluva lot of time, money, and energy into it!

      The Zero deserved better than this - a real shame if that is to be the fate of something that had so much potential AND so much support behind it. Nothing less than a kick in the teeth to the entire hobbyist community...

    20. Terry Douglas on

      With no details about shipping and just the smallest of mentions at the end of the post, you'll forgive me if I don't believe that shipping in general has recommenced. I don't know what I'm looking forward to more - finally getting my hot-little hands on what is surely a great emulation handheld, or another limp shipping update that'll allow me to indulge in our collective misery

    21. Missing avatar

      David Welch on

      I am one of the $500 backers as well and have not received my units. I live in the US so should have seen the units 5 or 6 months ago something like that. The only answers I have been given were all US shipped, no response to the where is the tracking numbers, etc. Pictures of boxes mean nothing, any one of is could make some pictures of boxes. Backers should have received units before any other purchase path, not understanding that part of the update. if you are simply not keeping up and the units are just delayed, then be up front about that, dont say you have shipped stuff you have not say you just have not shipped it yet and try to put a real answer as to why. If you did all of this to pocket some cash, then just disappear all together. the longer you hang around the worse it is for you...

    22. KevinSensei on


      I am guessing from your name you are in Japan, if so I'm sorry. It seems we are the lowest priority. Europe at least gets excuses, we are just ignored. I asked questions 3 times, still no answer as to why the Japanese units weren't shipped.

    23. Missing avatar

      Masayuki Komori on

      Justin, I'm a backer and still haven't received my unit. Should I be worried?

    24. Missing avatar

      Macarthur Inbody on

      He needs to get his face kicked in, the damn idiot. Scamming people the world over. KS needs to take _every_ penny from the idiot.

    25. Brendan Murphy on

      Was getting a bit worried. All the best! Can't wait for my handheld!

    26. Missing avatar

      Erick Brown on

      Justin, will you PLEASE get a competent business professional to organize this company and the project before more damage is done? You've done a great job creating the product, but it's clear that you need help managing this. Or are you intentionally sabotaging your own business?

    27. Peter Thomas on

      @ Loic Avenel

      I was at disappointed months ago. I have since progressed to the torch and pitchfork stage. To quote another backer

      "This project is a complete dumpster fire"

    28. Justin McDonald on

      2 of those boxes 20 in each ::maximum::, plus another 6 units, are mine, I'd also like my SE and KS bonuses too please, I'm finding black ones sell faster, so more black, less white please :-D
      I await your shipping notification, it's been a very long wait.. a lot of drama.... hope all is ok over there too BTW!

    29. Gary Riches on

      Likewise, had to change address twice, never a confirmation and seriously, every photo out of focus? People would think you were trying to hide some details.

    30. Loic Avenel on

      Hi, I hope you did get my new address, you never replied to my email.. very disappointing project here.

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      First off, surely your family emergency didn't take up every second of every day for the last several weeks. If you couldn't have made a post, you could've had one of your volunteers make a post since they've made the last several posts.

      Did you forget that you gave a shipping deadline of the first week of February? By not apologizing for missing another deadline, it shows that you aren't sorry.

      Once again you say you are going to "make an effort" at better communication. You have told us that COUNTLESS times and it NEVER happens.

    32. Missing avatar

      Florian on

      As much as I want to believe that the remaining Zeroes are about to be shipped, these pictures don't proof anything. And guys, get decent cameras, why is nothing of interest in focus on these shots?

      And as Corey pointed out, yes, do updates like, shipped to #X - #Y. That would be something the community could "verify", we would see that there IS progress. From this update we don't know anything as fact.

    33. Missing avatar

      Juho on

      Thanks for the update Justin and please do keep us posted on the progress.

    34. Corey M on


      I received my GCW last December so everything is square between us. It is a very cool piece of hardware. But before I received it, I could not understand why you can't just once a week say... "I just shipped units for backers #1021 through #1038. Those people have have received an email that it is on the way". Many people like me want to see you are making forward progress.

      But you don't. You still never talk about how many units have shipped and how many are left. You should not be surprised that people think something is fishy. I actually don't believe that but I understand their frustration.

      By the way, don't spend any time answering this comment. Instead just ship 5 more devices.

    35. Missing avatar

      Javier De Cozar on

      Hi! I'm also a backer from Spain and still don't have it :(

    36. Missing avatar

      Gilles Pecqueux on

      It's been almost one year, you says the same thing.
      I don't care thinkgeek's devices came from another batch, I do care I should have mine before anyone else could buy it from them, I would have known, I would have wait to bought it from them.
      You can say what you want, you're wrong, you have deceived a lot of people, you have discredited Kickstarter projects.
      I'm so angry of me, to have beleived in something like this, so angry of you, I should have made better use of my money.

    37. Paulo Munoz Pizarro on

      Hi Justin i'm a backer, and i haven't received my gcw zero :(

    38. Peter Thomas on

      Hi Justin,

      Justin McDonald's order not derived from Kickstarter funds, why has it taken so long to ship his units?

    39. Peter Thomas on

      Hi Justin,

      Does update 75 mean that my replacement unit didn't ship on Jan 16, 2014 as indicated via PM? It's been 3 weeks since that statement, and 12 weeks since I shipped my unit back for dpad repair / replacement.

    40. Missing avatar

      frwololo on

      Justin, I'm a backer and still haven't received my unit. Should I be worried?

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gagnon on

      Are we due soon for a new system update?

      I don't want to rush the devs at all but the last update was back in October so it'd be cool to have a newer snapshot of their work.

    42. KevinSensei on

      That was a good update Justin. Keep them coming and a lot of the frustration will go away.

    43. Missing avatar

      Derrick Granowski on

      @Martinez: Hater got to stop hatin'. Go talk to the devs (aka a guy like me...) this project has some serious code behind it for a unique platform. I never got my units, I backed $500. I'm still waiting patiently. I also had talked to the people through chats, emails, and phone. They're good intentioned people.

    44. Marc Sanchez on

      "Tonight" means tonight or its another lie like the other updates ?